News From the Brownsville Bailiwick & Beyond - January 15, 2020

Welcome to the new decade – 2020. What changes will affect us? Let's meet the new year with confidence, we can handle the challenges. Hang in there.


            The Yuba Feather Community Services is up and running, trying to keep heads above water, financially. There is a membership meeting at the end of January (not sure of the date), so consider joining or keeping your membership up as part of your community commitment. This group manages the community center, amphitheater, park and ball fields for the benefit of our communities, so getting involved is important. Several groups use the facilities regularly: Stone Soup on Thursday at noon, Hill Top Gang for monthly breakfast, Historical Association for quarterly meetings, the Quilt Guild every Wednesday and probably others. At other times the facilities are rented for special occasions. All of this gives us a great place to come together, so let's work to keep it running.


            Look Back in time - In 1898 Julie Kumic sold one-tenth interest in the Red Ravine Mine at Indiana Ranch to L. T. William Crane of Sharen Valley (wonder where Red Ravine is).


            See you in Brownsville soon.             

                Christine and Yvonne