by Lou Binninger


            Frequently those seeking political office portray themselves as they want people to see them rather than who they really are. It’s called hypocrisy.

Candidates are often successful with this scheme since voters rarely have time to vet them and if candidates are liberal the media is complicit in the scam. Such is the case lately with Kamala Harris and her desire to be President of the United States.

Harris, an attorney, was appointed to two paid state commissions by her boyfriend and Speaker of the State Assembly Willie Brown while Brown was married to Blanche Vitero. Harris then served as San Francisco District Attorney, California Secretary of State and now U.S. Senator.

In 2014, she married white Jewish attorney Douglas Emhoff and they raise two children from his previous marriage. It is assumed they are heterosexual since we must know how popular people are having sex nowadays -- hetero, homo, bi, or fluid. It’s way more important than character.

Recently, at the first debate of democrats hoping to be president, Harris sought to discredit Joe Biden on his “friendship” with segregationists and pick apart his record on busing. She said she was personally hurt by his stances in the past. Crying yet? Of course, his votes and positions were cherry-picked and taken out of context by Harris.

The persona Harris displays in her support of reparations, civil rights, and the busing fiasco is that she is an African-American, she suffered some kind of busing trauma and that she is one of “her people.” That is a stretch.

She comes from wealth and privilege, the daughter of a Jamaican father Donald Harris, once a leftist economics professor at Stanford University and an Indian mother, Shyamala Gopalan, a breast cancer researcher with a Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley.

White folks would call this a blessing. Leftist blacks would call these people if white, 1%’ers and the elite, maybe even racist. “Blacks or browns,” like the Harris family, get a pass being perceived as “serving in the struggle” though basking in luxury.

Harris wants to have it both ways. Pretend she’s been harmed by racism and the slavery’s horrors, but far from it while enjoying extreme wealth.

In fact, the Harris family paternal ancestors were slave owners in Jamaica. Donald Harris revealed in 2018 that his grandmother was a descendant of Hamilton Brown, the namesake of Brown's Town in northern Jamaica.

"My roots go back, within my lifetime, to my paternal grandmother Miss Chrishy (née Christiana Brown, descendant of Hamilton Brown who is on record as plantation and slave owner and founder of Brown’s Town)," he wrote in a post for “Jamaica Global.”

Hamilton Brown was not only a slave owner, but also an engineer of mass Irish migration to Jamaica after the British Empire abolished slavery in 1834.

A Jamaican Family Search recorded: “Hamilton Brown owned several plantations over the years 1817 to about 1845. According to the 1818 Almanac which can be found on this site, (Jamaican Family Search), he was the owner of Minard (128 slaves) which he must have acquired from its previous owner (John Bailie) in 1815 or later. The other register (86 slaves) cannot be assigned to any estate, although he is listed in Almanacs for subsequent years as owning several, (Antrim, Grier Park, Colliston, Little River, Retirement and Unity Valley).”

“Hamilton Brown was instrumental in the importing of several hundred labourers and their families from Ireland to Jamaica between 1835 and 1840,” according to University College London’s project “Legacies of British Slave-ownership.” The project describes Hamilton Brown as a “Major attorney and resident slave-owner in Jamaica.”

However, this is where liberals like Kamala spin and twist rather than be honest and transparent and quit playing the race card tune. Slavery back then was a nasty part of the world and all kinds of ethnic and religious sorts owned slaves. In fact, black and brown Muslims still have slaves today.

American white Christians were mostly abolitionists and tens of thousands gave their lives to stop the dastardly practice of owning humans. Blacks can gold-brick on history-lite because the government schools quit telling the truth a long time ago. Democrats supported slavery just like they manage the abortion holocaust today.

Kamala claims to be anti-slavery now but she hails from a wealthy elite slave owning family. She should come clean, own up to it and for once get real.

by Lou Binninger


Under President “we don’t have a strategy yet” Obama Isis was allowed to burn and destroy historic landmarks, museums pieces, artifacts and anything else of the past. Isis wanted to eradicate all that was not Islamic. The evil crusade was extreme, deranged and nonsensical, like liberals.

            In America, the left has been sparing statues of Lenin, not John and Marx, not Groucho while feeling demonically troubled by anything Confederate, the South or anyone believed to have owned slaves. In Oregon even statues of frontiers people must go.

            Liberals like to purge and rewrite history and lie about the present. Whites are racist even if they weren’t and must pay reparations. If liberals get their facts wrong to punish people, the justification is their motives are right. Remember the Duke Lacrosse team members that didn’t rape the black stripper but were declared guilty, lost their good name, school and freedom while the entire affair was a lie perpetrated by the “victim” and the media?

            Duke University purged the Lacrosse coach and the entire athletic program before the trial began. How about the Tawana Brawley hoax in Wappingers Falls, New York?  A black teen girl falsely accused four white men of raping her in November 1987. An innocent accused cop killed himself. A prosecuting attorney lost his marriage and his employment. The pack of national black hucksters boosted their media face time exploiting these pitiful black women.

            Reports of black students being harassed on campus and such are usually hoaxes created by blacks. The black homosexual actor Jussie Smollett case may be the most recent staged racist attack. After Smollett’s breaking of numerous laws the case was dropped due to his color, sexual preference, acting career and being a liberal. Rules apply to normal people. Smollett is an untouchable.

            For decades, liberals have taken cheap shots at the founding fathers - not Christian, liars, slave owners, screwed ponies in a pinch. Writer of the Declaration of Independence and President of the United State Thomas Jefferson was said to have routinely mated with his slave Sally Hemings. It was a done deal.  People must have witnessed the intercourse or Sally was a real talker.

            The charge was first made in 1802 by muckraking, racist, alcoholic journalist, James Callender, who had served prison time for his writing broadsides. Callender tried to blackmail Jefferson into appointing him postmaster at Richmond after Callendar worked for Jefferson. When that failed, seeking revenge he publicly accused Jefferson of fathering the first-born son of Sally Hemings. The writer referred to Hemings as "a slut as common as the pavement."

            No respected historian believed this accusation. This was the 1862 version of 2016 Mitt Romney sucking-up to Trump for an cabinet appointment, being declined, then spasmodically trashing the President ever since.

            Experts who have taken issue with books and articles falsely accusing Jefferson have been called “racists” which silence them.

            In 1998, retired pathologist Dr. Eugene Foster performed a DNA test on the Y-chromosomes of living male descendants of Sally Hemings, as well as those from Jefferson's paternal uncle. The Y-chromosome is passed from male to male, so, if the story were true, Hemings' male descendants ought to have the Y-chromosome of the Jefferson male bloodline.

Hemings' firstborn son, Tom -- the Tom whose birth was the basis for Callender's accusation -- was not related to any Jefferson male. Foster's study did establish that Hemings' last-born son, Eston, was the son of some Jefferson male, but could not say whether that was Thomas Jefferson or any of the other 25 adult male Jeffersons living in Virginia at the time, eight of them at or near Monticello.

For Eston to be Thomas Jefferson's son, five years after being falsely accused of fathering Hemings’ firstborn Tom, Jefferson would have decided to have a child with her. Eston’s father is more likely to be the President’s younger brother Randolf who frequently visited Monticello and the slaves’ quarters, off-limits to the President.

In response to DNA proof that only one of Hemings' children was related to any Jefferson male -- and her firstborn son was definitely not fathered by any Jefferson -- the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, the Monticello Association and the National Genealogical Society announced their official positions: Thomas Jefferson fathered all six of Hemings' children! Guided tours of Monticello today include the provably false information that Jefferson fathered all of Hemings' children.

Are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on the non-profit boards of these organizations? In spite of DNA proof the lie lives on in the liberal media and schools. This is reason enough to remove your offspring from government mis-education.


by Lou Binninger


The newest lawless territory in Marysville is Camp Popeye behind the abandoned Popeye’s Restaurant on Tenth. Anything goes -- drug deals,  ‘tweakers’ screaming at one another all night as their dog joins in, garbage everywhere, a guy sits in an upholstered chair like a throne in the parking lot surrounded by stray mattresses.

Two weeks ago, squatters started a fire along the fence adjacent to a line of houses to the north. Smoke drifted through the formerly tame neighborhood prior to Marysville Fire’s arrival.

Last week, four humans were draped across the asphalt lot like sea lions laid out on the pier in San Francisco. Anything goes here.  A single mother arose for work in a nearby residence to find someone removed all four wheels and the battery from her VW. Where there is no fear of consequences, people take what they want and do what they will.

This city management philosophy is the polar opposite of the ‘Fixing Broken Windows’ theory of taming the lawless. This is called ‘Look the Other Way’ theory. The only thing missing in the Popeye’s alley is a homicide. ‘Fixing Broken Windows’  says if you ignore the stripped car, the petty law breaking etc. you will eventually get a home invasion, sexual assault or homicide. Address the petty issues to prevent the more gnarly deviance.

No surprises here except for government paralysis. Today’s ‘liberal brilliance’ is to ignore problems and make excuses. Thank God for Elite Security keeping a lid on it where they are hired. One of their security guards was even confronted by a miscreant last week.

A nineteen-year-old woman from the house with the stripped car says she’s afraid of being assaulted at night walking to shop at Walgreens. You must pay a price or withstand a hustle to visit nearby Panda Express, CVS, Starbucks, Tri Counties Bank etc. Vagrants go behind the bushes at Walgreens to do their business unhindered.

A federal judge ruled that forbidding vagrants, the homeless, whomever, to squat on public properties is ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ while they wallow in their addiction, behave like animals and die in their misery. This is the liberal’s 21st Century version of compassion.

This judge is a socialist kook. This is the same spirit of stupid that traps single mothers in welfare and believes that the government can be the father to their children.

Has the judge been tested for syphilis? The disease affects the brain in advanced stages.

Arresting and booking people under the influence and for petty crimes gives the judicial system, probation and drug counselors the opportunity to address the arrestee’s issues and get them to a drug program. This approach is successful in other states where recovered addicts are grateful that someone cared enough to detain them and stop their insanity.

Funding addicts until they are mindless and feces covered is not compassion or freedom. It is lawless, barbaric and ignorant. If a judge declared the sun circles the earth would we teach it?

Former Sutter County Sheriff Parker said we could not arrest our way out of this (homeless) problem. Can anyone name a deviant behavior that we have eradicated by arrests? Is that the mission?

Murder, rape, molestation, robbery, spousal abuse etc. have never stopped but we are still arresting people for these crimes. Arrests have not eradicated criminal behavior going all the way back to Cain and Abel (first family and first murder).

The judge’s directive to add one more facility in each community before trespassing laws can be enforced proves that he is an idiot. Has anyone drug tested him lately? Most cities have options locally or nearby that these people have refused.

The government created this problem by funding deviant behavior for decades. Economist Walter Williams says if you want more of something then subsidize it. If you want less, tax it. Hundreds of millions of tax dollars along with church charity are causing the problem to increase, but it sure makes the donors and politicians feel like they are saving the world.

by Lou Binninger


In 1836, Noah Webster, often considered “The Father of American Education,” believed that the purpose of schools was to advance the Christian faith. “In my view, the Christian religion is the most important and one of the first things in which all children, under a free government ought to be instructed…No truth is more evident to my mind than that the Christian religion must be the basis of any government intended to secure the rights and privileges of a free people.”

Tragically, the Biblical values upon which the nation was founded and thrived have come under continual assault and it continues today. John Dewey, a philosopher and psychologist born October 20, 1859, is known as “The Architect of Modern Education.” He said, “There is no God, and there is no soul. Hence, there are no needs for the props of traditional religion.”

Is it any wonder that America, the richest country in the world now falls behind even some Third World nations in student performance today? American schools now are considered a Jesus-free zone while poor village children in Communist Vietnam can wear backpacks declaring ‘Jesus Loves Me’ on them?

Abortions and deviant sexual lifestyles can be obtained at school here and a student has a shot at being molested or engaging in a sexual encounter with a teacher.  Meanwhile, the union controlled schools protect the perverts and even knowing hire them.

It is no surprise that our founding history has been dumbed-down, revised, and attacked in schools today. Much has even been hidden or discarded.  However, any serious look at the original writings, personal correspondence, biographies and public statements of the founders will reveal lives directed by a Christian worldview.

Not every founder was a Christian convert, but even the few that were not were influenced by Biblical principles that shaped their political ideals. This Biblical thinking can be noted in our founding documents. The Declaration of Independence identified the source of all authority and rights as “The Creator” and not government. They were God-given, not man-made rights.

There would be no king or established religion to stand in the path of human liberty or dignity – both uniquely Judeo – Christian ideals. An oft-repeated phrase in the colonies was “No King but Jesus.”

While the term “Founding Fathers” could describe a larger group, the 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention included 28 Episcopalians, 8 Presbyterians, 7 Congregationalists, 2 Lutherans, 2 Dutch Reformed, 2 Methodists, 2 Roman Catholics, 1 unknown, and 3 deists (belief in an impersonal God who started the world but left it to itself). So, 93% of this body were church members or were deeply influenced by a biblical view of man and government.”

The last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence Charles Carroll said, “Without morals a republic cannot subsist any length of time; they therefore who are decrying the Christian religion, whose morality is so sublime and pure…are undermining the solid foundation of morals, the best security of the duration of free governments.”

The churches were the primary source of revolutionary activism telling colonists that the British government was usurping their God-given rights, and the King and Parliament were violating the laws of God. Founders believed that it was their sacred duty to uphold the law of God against the unjust and oppressive laws of man.

In 1775, the Lutheran pastor John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg spoke from Ecclesiastes 3:1, “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven. Concluding he said, “In the language of the Holy Writ, there is a time for all things. There is a time to preach and a time to fight. And now is the time to fight.”

He then removed his clerical robes to reveal a uniform of a Revolutionary Army officer. That same afternoon, leading 300 men, he marched off to join General Washington’s troops and became Colonel of the 8th Virginia Regiment.

Ministers turned the colonial resistance into a righteous cause and served at every level of the conflict, from military chaplains to members of the state legislatures to taking up arms to leading troops to battle.

Patrick Henry’s words were true, “Three million people, armed with the holy cause of liberty, and in such a country as that which we possess, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us.”

Tragically, John Dewey, Barack the Narcissist and others who come in the same socialist and Godless spirit have replaced a God-given liberty with a Satanic lawlessness and rebellion. It’s working very well and the sooner ministers and church people wake-up the better.

by Lou Binninger

How humans have survived and thrived is amazing when you have the curiosity to look closely. It’s a shame the teaching of history comes off so boring.

Mark Twain wrote, “Many public-school children seem to know only two dates--1492 and 4th of July; and as a rule they don't know what happened on either occasion.”  Today, Americans’ understanding of their history is often seriously lacking or revised.

We just passed the 75-year commemoration of the World War II D-Day attack to liberate Europe and many realized that at the next 5-year ceremony there will be no surviving veterans still with us. In the same fashion Americans noted the passing of those 56 brave signers of the world-changing Declaration of Independence and particularly when there were just three remaining.

On July 4, 1826, on the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence the only three signers still alive were John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Charles Carroll. In a strange coincidence in American history, Adams and Jefferson both died that day, so Carroll became the lone surviving signer.

Carroll died in 1832 at age 95. He was a patriot, a public servant and far brighter than political leaders today. The signers risked their lives, families and assets. Carroll had much to lose as he was known as the wealthiest American at that time. He uniquely signed the Declaration as “Charles Carroll of Carrollton” to not bring persecution on other family members with the same name elsewhere. His wealth was used for the revolution.

Some thought John Hancock, another signer and Boston’s leading merchant, was the wealthiest, but Charles Carroll the father of the signer, and his son were one and two. Charles Carroll the Founding Father was an only child and inherited his father’s wealth to add to his own.

Richard Stockton, a lawyer from Princeton, New Jersey, became the only signer of the Declaration of Independence to recant his support of the revolution. On November 30, 1776, the delegate was captured by the British. After months of harsh treatment and meager rations, Stockton renounced his signature on the Declaration of Independence and swore his allegiance to King George III. A broken man when he regained his freedom, he took a new oath of loyalty to the state of New Jersey in December 1777.

Carroll represented Maryland at the gathering to draft and confirm the Declaration. He was also a devout Catholic which limited his political aspirations due to colonial intolerance of certain faith movements. He was the only Catholic signer.

Most students learn only of the Boston Tea Party, but there were a number of "tea party” uprisings. On October 15, 1774, the ship Peggy Stewart owned by the Annapolis mercantile company of Dick and Stewart sailed into the harbor of Annapolis, Maryland, carrying tea. On arriving, the ship’s owner paid the tax applied by Britain to importations of tea to its American colonies in compliance with the Tea Act of May 1773.

Charles Carroll led the Tea Party movement in Maryland. On October 19, 1774, Charles Carroll helped set fire to the British ship Peggy Stewart.

Charles Carroll wrote to Rev. John Stanford on October, 9, 1827: "To obtain religious as well as civil liberty I entered jealously into the Revolution, and observing the Christian religion divided into many sects, I founded the hope that no one would be so predominant as to become the religion of the State....That hope was thus early entertained because all of them joined in the same cause, with few exceptions of individuals.”

“God grant that this religious liberty may be preserved in these States, to the end of time, and that all believing in the religion of Christ may practice the leading principle of charity, the basis of every virtue."

After John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died the City of New York sent a committee to Carroll to get his final thoughts on the Declaration.  He wrote on August 2, 1826: "Grateful to Almighty God for the blessings which, through Jesus Christ Our Lord, He had conferred on my beloved country in her emancipation and on myself in permitting me, under circumstances of mercy, to live to the age of 89 years…..  do hereby recommend to the present and future generations the principles of that important document as the best earthly inheritance their ancestors could bequeath to them, and pray that the civil and religious liberties they have secured to my country may be perpetuated to remotest posterity and extended to the whole family of man."

by Lou Binninger

Who do you believe in government?  Officials tout how transparent they are and then it takes months to answer a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and years to investigate wrongdoing. Getting the facts is like extracting an impacted wisdom tooth.

Our local assemblyman and senator in Sacramento said there were ample funds in the budget to upgrade our highways and bridges. However, our Yuba County officials repeated the lies from the legislature saying we needed more taxes for roads, so the gas tax repeal(Prop 6) lost and here we are, the highest gas prices in the nation while legislators, the highest paid nationally, get a raise.

            The fraud and waste are epidemic. How about the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) official John Beale not showing-up for work for years, ordered to repay nearly $900,000 in salary and benefits and do 32 months in prison? A Caltrans employee got a job in Sacramento, but never moved there. Instead, she flew to work and had taxpayers pick-up her tab.

According to the state auditor, this state employee treated herself to the travel budget, charging thousands of dollars in airfare. She also secured rental cars, charged the state for mileage during her time in Sacramento, and was reimbursed for meals and incidentals.

The state audit shows Caltrans approved the receipts she submitted totaling more than $40,000 for her commute to work from February 2016 to March 2018.

A longtime administrator in the Valley State Prison (VSP) used his state-issued computer during work hours to access thousands of YouTube videos (from Sept. 2017 through June 2018 2,256 videos) unrelated to his work.

 It’s unclear exactly how much time the administrator spent viewing videos, but the allegation stated, “He watched YouTube videos ‘every day, all day long, five days per week.'” On one particular day, investigators found he accessed 55 videos that did not appear related to his duties. Most of the videos were about recreational vehicles, crimes, and political or religious commentary. He now is retired with no consequences.

In 2015, a state audit found a Caltrans engineer golfing instead of working on 55 of his scheduled work days. In 2016, another state audit found Caltrans reckless spending protocols were vulnerable to fraud along with identifying 3,500 excess workers.

Now, auditors found California State University (CSU) system hiding $1.5 billion in discretionary reserves while raising tuition and lobbying for more funding according to a report from state Auditor Elaine Howle.

“CSU put the money, which primarily came from student tuition, in outside accounts rather than in the state Treasury,” according to Sacramento Bee’s Sawsan Morrar.

“At the same time, the CSU Board of Trustees increased pay for the top administrators, including those in the Chancellor’s Office and CSU president,” said union legislative director David Balla-Hawkins.

In addition, Howle’s audit “criticized CSU for building costly parking facilities at four of its 23 campuses: Sacramento, San Diego, Fullerton and Channel Islands.  CSU raised student parking permit fees as high as $236 per semester to pay for the new structures, but added no new parking capacity.”

Being a criminal is contagious in California. In 2017, Auditor Howle’s office exposed the University of California Chancellor’s Office for hiding a $175 million slush fund from public view while also increasing tuition.

In 2012, California State Parks Director Ruth Coleman was forced to step down when it became public that the Parks Department was shielding $54 million in “hidden assets” from the state Department of Finance.

You remember those days when money was so tight that the state only funded “essential services.” State parks had to close due to ‘no funding.’ That was the hold-people- hostage strategy by closing the parks while stashing money already taken. These deep state people are jerks.

The auditor said there were more than 800 whistleblower claims in 6 months in 2018. And, that’s only the courageous ones trying to do the right thing while being considered a snitch.

Locally, watch for an August 2019 decision on the legality of the Yuba County’s Measure K sales tax increase. Judge Berrier will support the tax and it will be appealed. There will be a 2020 ballot measure to gut Proposition 13 along with other tax increases. Also, expect Yuba Water Agency directors to continue increasing their pay. They have more money than they can count.

It’s all a great gig if you can tap into the Deep State. 


by Lou Binninger

California liberal legislators want to create citizen committees to rule over and supervise sheriffs elected in the state’s 58 counties. The ultimate goal is to see sheriffs appointed like Chiefs of Police, rather than elected.

            Sacramento democrat Kevin McCarty’s Assembly Bill 1185 would establish citizen oversight boards for elected sheriffs in each county and even an Inspector General to investigate complaints involving law enforcement. The oversight panel and the Inspector General could come to be by a decision of the Board of Supervisors or by an election if AB 1185 becomes law.

 The bill narrowly passed the Assembly. If it is approved by the Senate and signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom the Constitutional independence of the elected sheriff would be undermined.

The bill’s introduction states, “Existing law establishes the office of the sheriff in each county to preserve peace, and authorizes the sheriff to sponsor, supervise, or participate in any project of crime prevention, rehabilitation of persons previously convicted of crime, or the suppression of delinquency. Existing law requires a Board of Supervisors (BOS) to supervise the official conduct of all county officers and ensure that they faithfully perform their duties.”

AB 1185 would add a new level of governance over the sheriff.

The current requirement of the BOS to “supervise the official conduct of elected officials” etc. is a puzzler. Exactly what would the BOS do to address ethical, moral or legal failure by an elected official?

 The Sutter County BOS claimed they could do nothing after former District Attorney (DA) Carl Adams had a moral failure with an escort whom he granted immunity in a murder trial and then lied to a Yuba City Police Investigator about it. The DA’s office was said to be a sexually charged environment where one employee sued for sexual harassment and prevailed.

The Sutter County BOS then sided with troubled District Attorney Amanda Hopper in her mission to slander and fire investigator Jason Parker even after a Sacramento Administrative Law Judge agreed with Parker that he should get his job back.

The Sutter County BOS has also done nothing publically to address the Yuba City Unified School District’s dismissal of long-time teacher Jim Whiteaker for repeated improper contact with female students. Whiteaker is on the BOS and now is employed at Yuba County Office of Education teaching students.

The Sacramento Bee editorial board came out strongly in favor of curbing the independence of sheriffs and notes numerous abuses by sheriffs in various counties. The Bee cites trouble with sheriffs in Sacramento (Scott Jones), Fresno (Margaret Mims), LA (Lee Baca and Alex Villanueva) and even Trinity County (Bruce Haney).

The Bee says, “The power of the county sheriff is so unusual and prone to abuse that some sheriffs don’t even do the job once they’re elected. An investigation by The Sacramento Bee in 2018 found that Trinity County Sheriff Bruce Haney didn’t even reside in his own county, let alone California. He lived on 53 acres in Lebanon, Oregon. On ‘medical leave,’ Haney collected $9,000 per month in salary while feuding with that county’s board of supervisors, who had no way to hold Haney accountable.”

No normal person wants a corrupt or lawless sheriff. However, others believe that an elected strongly independent sheriff is needed to defend the Constitution when boards, councils and committees have been politicized or proven impotent.  And, if intolerable problems arise, then there is an election every four years or even a recall election option in extreme cases.

Many sheriffs rebuffed the Obama – Biden gun control moves by reaffirming their oath to defend the Constitution for their county. This is a current issue in California as many jurisdictions are declaring to be a ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ city or county to uphold the Constitution regarding gun rights. And other sheriffs are rejecting the state’s ideas about protecting illegal aliens and not cooperating with federal authorities.

Sadly, the elected sheriff of Clark County, Nevada sided with the federal authorities in a land grab from the Bundy Family that nearly ended in armed conflict. The sheriff could have ordered the feds to stand-down. The media and the government made the Bundy’s out to be backward rebels but the feds lost in court and were reprimanded for abuse of power.

We need honest law enforcement leaders with a back bone to withstand state and federal authorities that make-up rules to suit their agenda. The deep state and corruption throughout our government are resistant to a myriad of inspectors and commissions.  Keep the elected sheriff with no citizens committee. 



by Lou Binninger

            When certain black-Americans blame their unemployment, lack of success, educational underachievement and incarceration on events happening to Africans in the 18th and 19th centuries, can anyone think of other ethnic groups suffering injustice and then later generations getting a free pass by society?

            How about the children of Israel or Jews that have suffered worldwide with more than 6 million of their people killed during WWII. Furthermore, for thousands of years they were enslaved, persecuted and exterminated.

            They asked to return to their homeland of Israel following WWII, it was granted them, and the place was a disaster. Though they were and are regularly threatened with annihilation they complain not, but have caused their desert home to bloom and thrive.

            African slaves were bought to the 13 Colonies and throughout the Americas for farm labor and held “against their will.” Land in Liberia was purchased by the U.S. and an offer made to freed slaves to return to Africa. Very few did.  Today, Africans want to move to America.

            In 1975 and thereafter millions of democracy-loving Vietnamese were killed, put in re-education camps or drowned trying to float their way to freedom. Most of the tens of thousands of refugees in Hong Kong were forcefully repatriated to Vietnam to be treated as traitors by the communists.

            A quick review of the hundreds of millions of dead representing hundreds of ethnic groups suffering persecution ( in Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Africa and elsewhere) may offer perspective to American blacks wanting reparations, entitlements etc.

            There is no evidence that slavery, 150 plus years ago, is still affecting blacks today. The true culprit is the modern welfare state and the War of Poverty launched in the 1960’s by Democrat President Lyndon Johnson. Welfare, not slavery caused the black family to fail quickly. Economists have known this all along but the slavery excuse must live – on.

            Black economist Walter Williams says, “The No. 1 problem among blacks is the effects stemming from a very weak family structure. Children from fatherless homes are likelier to drop out of high school, die by suicide, have behavioral disorders, join gangs, commit crimes and end up in prison. They are also likelier to live in poverty-stricken households. But is the weak black family a legacy of slavery?”


            In 1960, only 22 percent of black children were raised in single-parent families. Fifty years later, more than 70 percent of black children were raised in single-parent families. Did slavery cause the increase in single-parent black families after 1960?

According to the 1938 Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, that year 11 percent of black children were born to unwed mothers. Today about 75 percent of black children are born to unwed mothers. Is that a delayed response to slavery? The black family was stronger the first 100 years after slavery than during what will be the second 100 years according to Economics Professor Williams.

At one time, almost all black families were poor, regardless of whether one or both parents were present. Today, around 30 percent of blacks are poor. However, two-parent black families are rarely poor. Only 8 percent of black married-couple families live in poverty. Among black families in which both the husband and wife work full time, the poverty rate is under 5 percent. Poverty in black families headed by single women is 37 percent. The welfare state, not slavery or racism has doomed black families.

Are blacks lazy? In every census from 1890 to 1954, blacks were either just as active as or more so than whites in the labor market. During that earlier period, black teen unemployment was equal to or less than white teen unemployment. As early as 1900, the duration of black unemployment was 15 percent shorter than that of whites; today it's about 30 percent longer.  Labor laws and regulations promoted by liberals and their unions that cut off the bottom rungs of the economic ladder and encourage racial discrimination are the problem.

Labor unions have a long history of discrimination against blacks. Frederick Douglass described this in his 1874 essay titled "The Folly, Tyranny, and Wickedness of Labor Unions," and Booker T. Washington did so in his 1913 essay titled "The Negro and the Labor Unions." However, today's black politicians and hucksters blindly give support to labor laws pushed by unions and white liberal organizations.

Many black 12th-graders’ science skills are at the level of whites in the sixth grade. They write and do math about as well as white seventh and eighth-graders. So, an employer hiring or a college admitting the typical black high school graduate is in effect hiring or admitting an eighth-grader. Don’t be surprised by the deficient outcomes from lousy union schools.

Liberal politicians, civil rights leaders and academics who assert that every problem confronting blacks is a result of slavery and discrimination perpetuate the lie and the delusion.  The truth sets people free.


By Don Rae

  • The only reason not to require voter ID is to cheat in the election. Every Democrat opposes voter ID. Get the connection?
  • Nadler had John Dean as his star witness in the Mueller fiasco. How stupid can one get? How about it Garamendi?
  • With so many debt relief outfits advertising amazing results on TV, why are we still concerned over student loan debt?
  • Brainless Newsom signed off on giving our tax dollars to pay for illegal invaders medical care. Why should we be required to pay any taxes to the State if this is how they are used?
  • And he never stops. Newsom recently said we’ve got one house for one people in California. Really? Has he opened his own house to all his new friends? No. He is a miserable hypocrite.
  • Environmentalists and their ilk are hypocrites of the first order. Take Santa Barbara as a prime example. The residents of that city hate gas, oil, lower gasoline prices and prefer people unemployed rather than be happy they have jobs in the oil industry.  They demand no more coal and nuclear power.  Now they are also opposed to wind turbines.  Santa Barbarans are hypocrites and loonies.  If they oppose these sources of energy, why do they use cars, trains, buses, and charge up their cellphones and computers?  Why do they have all electric homes and cars—energized by the sources they hate? Do they plan to tear down their houses and live in mud huts?
  • It has taken years, which is ridiculous. But the courts finally came down on the IRS and Lois Lerner who were found guilty of numerous charges.  They finally will pay for their corrupt behavior. Did you happen to see this decision in the mainstream media? Bet not. This was the silent court decision. Keep a happy thought – this is just the start of things to come.
  • The “True the Vote” v. IRS lawsuit has come to a close with a common sense ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Reggie Walton penalizing the IRS with maximum attorneys fees due to their unconstitutional discrimination against the group and their unethical behavior in the case. Hopefully the fine is paid for out of the agents’ pocket, not by taxpayer money.
  • Now we are to be taxed for buying ammunition. Each time we make a purchase we will be charged $1 for an instant background check. The 2nd Amendment means nothing to the politicians we send to the State House or to Washington..
  • This is how government education operates. You know, your local school where you send your children to be educated.   When there is a bad teacher the school transfers them to another school or allows them to teach in another district.  Instead of firing them and taking their teaching credential away, the powers that be send them elsewhere—so other students can be harmed.  This is called “The Dance of the Lemons”. Do you do that with your incorrigible employees?
  • AB 18 was referred last week to the Assembly appropriations committee. The bill would continue funding the California Violence Intervention and Prevention program, which issues grants of up to $500,000 to gun violence reduction programs. Gun violence reduction programs?  That is “Democrat speak” for tax dollars used to “educate the public” against protecting themselves.  Corruption? 
  • The faculty senate at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo voted to outlaw Chick fil A on campus.  One professor likened the chicken sandwich to pornography. Keep in mind the professors, who are teaching our children, don’t like this company because its’ president supports the traditional definition of marriage. When the Vatican’s new pronouncement on there being only two sexes hits this hot-bed of a progressivism campus, will the professors’ brains simply explode?
  • David Coleman is the man behind Common Core.  Now that he has destroyed a generation of students with dumbed down education, he is the head of the College Board, the agency that runs the SAT tests.  Under Coleman, the SAT’s are moving from an education standard to a society standard. In other words your personal life, money, race, nationality, parents divorced, alternate lifestyle, all count more than studying to achieve a high SAT score. Are we going to put up with this leftist crap? Billions have been spent to harm children. When is Coleman and his lemmings going to admit they failed and apologize to a generation of students lost to mediocre, at best, government education?

Californians have the highest taxes, energy prices, and water prices, in the nation.  Now, you can have the most expensive fish dinner in the history of mankind, thanks to the policies of Democrats. Cost estimates to restore the 153 miles of the river from Friant Dam to the confluence of the Merced River range from $890 million to $2 billion.

Between 250,000 and 360,000 acre-feet of water are specifically dedicated to fish habitat on the San Joaquin. Recently 5 fish were caught in the subject area. A conservative cost estimate reveals each of the five fish caught cost taxpayers and water users $178,000,000. And each of those fish needed 50,000 acre-feet of water per year.

  • Sacramento does not enough police officers. Parks need refurbishing, streets have lots of potholes, the city is running a deficit and has to raise taxes.  But, the Democrats running the city have enough money to provide legal assistance to CRIMINAL illegal aliens.

The Sacramento City Council voted “to set aside up to $300,000 for a network of legal, educational and faith-based nonprofit groups that will help residents with immediate immigration problems and advise them how to protect children and assets if parents are deported.” 

Councilman Steve Hansen called the situation an “emergency” and targeted the money for “legal guardianships.” Mayor Steinberg went on record that “we are not a city that will exchange people’s civil rights for money.” The mayor, an attorney, did not indicate which civil right was in play in the spending of taxpayer funds on illegal immigrants present in the United States illegally.

  • We now know that the Assemblyman Ting effort to outlaw cash receipts and mandate ONLY digital receipts is the brain child of a firm that creates digital receipts—that is called corruption.


by Lou Binninger

“Oh, how the mighty have fallen.”  Out of the Second Great Awakening when more than 600 colleges were founded in the Midwest, Oberlin College was established in 1833 by Presbyterian ministers John Jay Sipherd and Philo P. Stewart to promote Christian values.

In 1835, Oberlin became the first white collegiate institution to admit African American male students and two years later it welcomed all women as well, becoming the first co-ed college in the country. 

Oberlin continued to be a premier institution for blacks for the next century.  By 1900, one third of all black professionals in the U.S. had undergraduate degrees from Oberlin.

In 1858, more than 30 Oberlin students and townspeople invaded a city nearby and freed a male slave held in captivity to be returned to his owners in Kentucky.

Oberlin’s commitment to the abolition of slavery made it a welcoming and safe environment for 19th Century black students.  As part of the Underground Railroad, Oberlin’s intricate network of back road routes and safe houses, the college and town provided refuge for fugitive slaves bound for Canada with Lake Erie being just 15 miles away.

To this end, the school appointed one of its faculty Charles Finney, America’s greatest revivalist and also a fervent abolitionist, to be their second President. Finney routinely denounced slavery from the pulpit and advocated the end to servitude through all means possible.

However, intolerance, “politically correct” group think and racism have consumed and now shamed this once amazing institution. The college is full off anti-frackers, socialists, gender activists, and social justice warriors touting government hand-outs. Oberlin College’s unofficial slogan is clear: “We put the liberal in liberal arts.”

The day after the 2016 election victory of Donald Trump, a black male Oberlin College student was caught shoplifting wine at Gibson’s Bakery and Market in downtown Oberlin, OH. Shoplifting by college students is a big problem in the town. You know, the poor take from the rich.

Gibson’s had been in existence since 1885, was frequented by students, and also provided baked goods to the college dining halls. A scuffle ensued that day and was joined by two black female Oberlin College students accompanying and assisting the male shoplifter. All three eventually would plead guilty to shoplifting and aggravated trespassing, and would avow that Gibson’s was not engaged in racial profiling.

However, prior to the guilty pleas, students at the college declared that Gibson’s was guilty of racial profiling, and large protests were organized outside the bakery. Flyers were circulated saying the Gibsons were “racist” and had “a long account of racial profiling and discrimination.”

Oberlin’s Dean of Students Meredith Raimondo allegedly participated in handing out the flyers in front of the bakery. Oberlin College Student Senate passed a resolution claiming Gibson’s “has a long history of racial profiling and discriminatory treatment of students and residents alike.” The college administration allegedly helped circulate the student senate resolution.

Students launched a boycott of the bakery, initially joined in by the college. The college eventually resumed business with the bakery, but then terminated that business once the bakery owners filed a lawsuit.

Gibson’s owners sued the college and Raimondo for libel, tortious interference with business relationships and contracts, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and trespass. Gibson’s alleged long-term damage to its business and reputation for the allegedly defamatory accusations and other torts. The plaintiffs in closing argument asked the jury to award $12.8 million in compensatory damages.

Last week, the jury awarded $11 million to the Gibson family. Allyn W. Gibson was awarded $3 million, David Gibson $5.8 million, Gibson Bros. $2,274,500. Next, there will be a separate punitive damages which could be a double award (meaning tripling the $11 million to $33 million).

Lee Plakas, who handled much of the month-long trial and who gave the closing argument, said this case “is a national tipping point.”

“What the jury saw is that teaching students and having them learn how to be upstanding members of the community is what colleges are supposed to do, not appease some students who they are afraid of,” Plakas said. “People around the country should learn from this that you can use the legal system to right the wrongs, even if the one doing the wrong is some huge institution who thinks they can do anything they want.”

Oberlin started-out shining brightly as a city on a hill, but like most all colleges today has descended to a place of philosophical and moral darkness.


by Lou Binninger

While the narcissist Barack Obama insists his administration had no scandals, the True the Vote vs IRS harassment case may be coming to a close. You remember, when asked by the media about the “IRS Scandal,” Obama replied that reading the newspaper was the first he heard about it. That’s right all our Presidents seem to be the last to the party.

Prior to Obama’s second election campaign he sought to stomp-out the conservative opposition by eliminating its organizers. He commissioned IRS leadership to slow down or not approve 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 nonprofit organization applications. Illegal probing and questioning were done of the organizations and their members.  Tea Party chapters, religious organizations and voter integrity and get-out-the-vote applications were all targeted.   

When the Obama administration was questioned about the bias and harassment it was completely denied, but then “We will investigate and punish those responsible.” Such a liar that Obama.  

While most Americans today are passive, lacking much they are willing to have a street-fight over, Lois Lerner of the IRS and her alphabet soup of enforcement agencies picked the wrong lady in Texas to jack slap.

According to True the Vote it was in 2010 that the IRS, the Department of Justice (DOJ), the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), began targeting Bryan and Catherine Engelbrecht and True the Vote. The battle lasted years and sought to bury Englebrecht and her organization in government bureaucracy. A “barrage of attacks,” including 23 separate audits, investigations, and inquiries, were used to stop True the Vote from its work.      

The weight of the federal government coming down on the Engelbrechts, their business and True the Vote was so intense and far-reaching that it was obvious the federal government targeted them. Some agencies went after them twice.     

 At its core, it’s about control through fear,” Catherine Engelbrecht said. “They wanted to silence us so they overwhelmed us on all sides. It was a multi-front war we were facing. It was designed to make us go away, to scare us, to break us, to try to turn public opinion against us. The coordination was through all facets. It was just mind-blowing. But ten years later, on the other side of it, the lesson for True the Vote and all citizens is that as citizens, we are called to stand up, and we are called to engage. The lesson, I think, that is so engrained in my mind is: ‘Speak out. We are the government. We are not subjects to whatever it is they want to push down our throats.’ There are things that are constitutional and can be protected. Hopefully, we set a great example for that.”     

 True the Vote was an offshoot of the King Street Patriots, a nonprofit Tea Party organization founded by Engelbrecht and initially active in Texas. Several members of the King Street Patriots, including Engelbrecht, its president, were dissatisfied with the voting process in Harris County, Texas, during the 2008 election, especially the shortage of poll workers, which they believed "invited fraud and other problems at the polls." So, they founded the voting integrity group in summer 2009.

True the Vote wanted honest elections, anathema to liberals who prefer the dead, dogs, unidentifiable strangers and anyone over for dinner to vote. Liberals tend to lose honest campaigns thus they insist that particularly Blacks and other minorities are too stupid to obtain an identification card to vote or use a condom. However, Blacks interviewed on the streets in Harlem, NY all had ID’s. Sadly, most are still a cheap date for democrats.     

U.S. District Court Judge Reggie Walton ruled in favor of True the Vote, and penalized the IRS, forcing the tax agency to pay maximum attorney’s fees due to the IRS’s discrimination against the conservative organization that stemmed from the Lois Lerner scandal surfacing in 2010.           

“The conduct of the IRS and the government was nothing short of shocking,” Brock Akers of the Akers Firm, one of True the Vote’s attorneys, said in the release. “This ruling ought to reflect a collective sigh of relief from everyone that the judicial system really can be turned to for a just end to this nightmare. Check one in favor of Justice v. Swamp.”   

Founding Fathers would describe the Obama government as tyrannical.


By Don Rae

  • Taxpayer money is to be used to give free medical care to illegal invaders? Crowded ERs, hospitals and doctors’ offices to the detriment of Americans who paid for the service? Fire those politicians for even suggesting the policy.
  • Mueller came up with nothing – except ragging on some Russians who will never be tried (and Mueller knew they wouldn’t be). This was a gigantic rip-off of taxpayer money.
  • When are the Democrats going to wake up to the fact that numerous infectious diseases are crossing the Mexican border and endangering Americans?
  • The poor, uneducated, brutalized illegal invaders are coming by the thousands. What isn’t said too often is they need $7000 or more to buy food, water and pay smugglers. Who are they fooling? Where did they come up with fistfuls of money?
  • The Middle East is a mess and will remain so until someone with a brain sets borders that make sense. The borders drawn by the League of Nations in 1919 are idiotic, chaotic and were always destined to fail.
  • The former police officer who did not run toward the sound of the guns in a school shooting is being criminally charged with what amounts to cowardice. What do you think about that approach?
  • Manafort is being moved to Riker’s Island prison and put in solitary confinement. Why? It is probably that the prosecutor wants to torture him until he decides to spout lies to end the suffering. Medieval tactics by the US government.
  • Nadler is calling John Dean to appear before his committee to discuss the Mueller report. Why Dean? What does he know? This move isn’t even a good circus tactic.
  • The Governor of Virginia claims the nation will be watching the Commonwealth as it considers “gun control.” True enough. The nation will be watching another useless exercise as nothing is done on the real problem – mental health. But it will make the Governor go home feeling good with his armed security.
  • NASA says the sea level is rising at about 1/8 inch per year. That comes to about 1 ft every 100 years which is not even close to the 10 feet in 5 years the environmentalists were claiming in the mid 90s. Keep foremost in your mind as you listen to the dumb-as-a-fencepost crowd that not one prediction that the environmental crowd has made since the 1950’s has actually happened.
  • Didn’t we agree that segregation was illegal under national law? Didn’t Eisenhower send troops to the Little Rock to enforce the integration of Central High School? Today things have dramatically changed with no outcry at all from the ACLU, NAACP or any other of the so-called racial equality groups. There are black only dorms on UC campuses. 74 colleges segregate blacks for graduation. 46 percent of colleges segregate student orientation programs; and 43 percent offer segregated residential arrangements. This seems to be at the request of minority students but why hasn’t this practice become a national issue? It certainly is a national disgrace.
  • A few days ago the word went out from the usual suspects that "climate change is reducing the number of Tigers in India.” From the Indian villager point of view, fewer Man-eating Tigers might be a good thing.
  • This is what happens when a State becomes a one-party rule entity. California has decided that the American Constitution, which provides the criteria for the qualifications for an American citizen to run for President, doesn’t meet California’s desires. Sacramento Democrats in the Senate recently approved a bill to require candidates in the presidential primary to release five years’ worth of income tax returns.
  • Some 60 environmental activist groups have signed a petition requesting California’s insurance commissioner to require the more than 1,300 insurance companies licensed in California to publicly disclose their investments in fossil fuel-related companies and any fossil fuel projects they underwrite or insure. The petition links insurance companies’ investments to climate change and an increased frequency and severity of wildfires and other extreme weather events. Another fool idea to make things more difficult to do business in California.
  • Pocahontas wants to create a new department responsible for “creating and defending US jobs.” Sounds like a good idea.
  • Teenagers want to ban guns. They ignore the fact that 11 teens a day die from texting and driving. Why doesn’t the legislature do something positive and constructive? Ban cell phones and take away their cars.
  • Close to 30,000 illegal aliens, annually, are graduating from California high schools. About 27 percent of all illegal aliens graduating from American high schools every year are doing so in California.
  • Keep this thought in mind. The mindless idiots running our country have virtually ended the use of cheap and clean coal, safe nuclear power, and inexpensive hydroelectric energy. Instead the government mandates high priced, inefficient and unreliable “alternatives”. And the public suffers.
  • Newsom wants a nationwide background check on ammunition purchases. Such a law is nothing more than another assault on our rights under the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.
  • AOC claims the world is going to end in 12 years. She must be giving Gore apoplexy, he’s been saying that for over 30 years.



Arising in the morning in Marysville means a routine. Check for trash out front from diners disposing of their Taco Bell wrappers or from adult beverage containers discarded by transients. Look for unconscious vagrants. Dead or alive, call 911, then hose off the vomit and body fluids. Oh, and watch for deposits of human feces. Let’s see, which tote, green, blue or gray?

            Then it’s off to see what tax or assessment is being pitched to us now. It appears that there is no turning back from full-on socialism. Politicians and the public will go off the cliff together ala Calezuela. Lifetime government pensions at nearly full pay are politically sacred and even the spouse of a dead worker can cash-in under certain CalPERS (Calif Public Employee Retirement System) programs.

            All the while CalPERS is more interested in social engineering than making money on investments. They rarely hit their target investment return of 7% which is odd when a local financial advisor can get those returns regularly.

            CalPERS lost $3.581 billion in investment gains by divesting from tobacco stocks, which amounts to about 1% of current assets, during a 17-plus-year period ending June 30, 2018, according to Wilshire Associates, the pension system’s general investment consultant. CalPERS board members say tobacco made people sick and is dirty, bad, nasty.

The CalPERS board is proud and ‘politically correct.’ Members, who are chosen for their sexual proclivity and what politician they’re screwing or funding, believe divesting of offensive stocks is a good deal, even though it’s a loser financially.

            Additional divestures from firearms, (formerly) apartheid South Africa, Iran and others cost the fund another $8 billion. The fund grew only from about $170 billion to just over $300 billion during the same period that the Dow erupted from about 6,400 to just over 21,000. If CalPERS had followed the same path as the Dow Industrials, the fund would be valued at or near $540 billion rather than just over $300 billion.

While CalPERS enjoys the luxury of choosing investments that promote its ‘social justice’ values, the meager returns are made-up by the member municipalities and counties. ‘Social justice’ also includes investing to promote carbon footprint reduction, gender diversity, wage equality, anti-fossil fuels etc.

South Yuba residents feel like they are getting hustled once again to fund spiking CalPERS payroll costs with threats of higher flood insurance rates and flood risks and no more development unless they double the amount in assessments for Reclamation District 784 (RD784). PR fliers sent to residents were neither informative nor transparent.

Residents looking at Three River Levee Improvement Agency (TRLIA), RD784 and Yuba Water Agency (YWA) budgets see huge increase in salary and benefits at RD784 and millions of dollars available in TRLIA and YWA. So, why take more money from the taxpayer when TRLIA and YWA already have taxpayers’ money for levees and flood control?

As for RD784, one citizen’s budget analysis for 2019-2020 concluded that overall Expenditures have increased by 59% from $1.8M (million) to $2.9M. Primary increases in expenditures show Salaries & Benefits up by 87% from $0.49M to $0.9M. Maintenance costs have jumped by 62% from $0.53M to $0.84M. And Services and Supplies have increased by 145% from $0.17M to $0.41M.

Aside from CalPERS ripping-off the taxpayer in pension and benefits costs let’s assume that all other RD784 increased expenses represent a bare-bones lean-and-mean budget. Then, why does the county have to triple-gouge the citizens?

YWA keeps saying their primary mission is flood control, water management, hydropower etc. and they only need a nexus to their mission to spend money. They amazingly found a nexus with flood control to pave North Beale Rd and Olivehurst Ave. and clean-up homeless camps. So, why doesn’t the YWA mission with $100 million in the bank include the Gold Fields levee construction and helping backfill RD784’s budget shortfall?


by Lou Binninger

California liberal politicians are causing businesses and the middle class to flee the state but are now wooing abortion tourism. Governor Gavin Newsom is encouraging mothers to bring their child to the Golden State to meet his or her demise as some states are stopping the slaughter.

            Newsom along with Oregon Governor Kate Brown and Washington Governor Jay Inslee issued a joint statement to all governors saying, “In the absence of federal leadership on this issue, states must step up and put in place their own protections – both in statute and in their state constitutions, and through the expansion of family planning and education – to defend every American’s right to reproductive freedom.”

The governors are referring to the freedom for women to kill their offspring. In the governors’ full statement the word child is never used. And “every American’s rights” leaves out the rights of the father and the child being done in.

However, ending a life makes some sense in a gnarly way. Many of us probably at a low point in our lives thought about killing someone, if we could get away with it. They may have been our spouse, our ex, or another that was having sex with our partner, or a ‘low-life’ that stole from us, or just did us wrong, maybe it’s a troublesome neighbor that’s been a ‘pain in the ass’ for years.

            Poisoning the person, stabbing or cutting them into pieces would be such a relief. They now are gone and no longer a source of irritation or burden. The deed sets us free to pursue our dreams. This is a convenient resolve for our turmoil and trouble. It allows us to start over, move on.

            If we are convinced we evolved from apes, you know, slime plus time gives us Billie, it really makes no difference whether we shoot hoops, shoot heroin or shoot our neighbor. Who’s to say what the rules are anyway?

            If mothers can kill as many children as they want in California, maybe the rest of us could be allowed to kill two adults that totally piss us off. Kill permits could be obtained at a cost like deer tags are purchased nowadays.

            One night at the Emergency Department a dead man’s head was three times the normal size from being repeatedly kicked with steel-toed construction boots. He was caught in bed with the assailant’s wife. This would pose no trouble for the legal system as long as the husband had a kill permit. This would also be a cash-cow for state politicians.

            Casinos offer freebies, coupons and the like. Newsom could arrange for hotel deals, transportation discounts, price cuts at outlet stores and such for the abortion tourists.

            Newsom is a political innovator, as San Francisco Mayor he began marrying same-sex couples, though against the law. He could now offer ‘Cali’ birth-remorse solutions, only available here. If someone gave birth and then in the first 30-days were completely overwhelmed, then our Governor could put the child down rather than be a torment to the mother for decades. This is true reproductive freedom and should be a civil right.

In most states medical regulations governing surgical procedures at abortuaries are not enforced, and underage females brought to killing centers by adult men (‘boyfriends,’ pimps and sex traffickers) are not reported to authorities. This idea of mandatory reporting to protect our innocent underage children is not so popular today.

Newsom has an opportunity to be the national trend-setter for killing children from conception through the first month after birth. And, by continuing to ignore health regulations and mandatory reporting he could corner the market on the pedophile, pimp and sex profiteer business.

You may recall that when investigative journalists David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt exposed Planned Parenthood selling the parts from aborted babies, Attorney General Kamala Harris prosecuted the journalists and not those involved in the illegal baby parts market. Journalists and babies are expendable. The abortion and baby parts industry is not.

With thousands of businesses and millions of hard-working people leaving the state this is Newsom’s and his Sacramento socialists’ redemption, a chance to be the national leaders for the right to kill.

By Don Rae


  • The usual idiots in the State legislature are putting together a plan to change our freeway into toll roads. The brain-dead fools want to impose a Congestion Tax where drivers are charged a fee for every mile they drive on freeways. The jerks think that such a fee will punish drivers to make them use public transit instead of driving their cars.
  • Why is it that the more money the schools get, the worse the schools become?
  • Isn’t Berkeley teaching its students anything about economics and reality? The student government there adopted a resolution endorsing “the intent and purpose of the Green New Deal.”
  • The intelligent public is sick and tired of the Democrats’ hissy fits over the 2016 election. Knock it off. There are real problems to solve. Hillary isn’t going to be president unless there is a bloody coup. Is that part of the Democrats’ platform?
  • California is unfortunately the residence of one of the sickest members of Congress, Maxine Waters.  Now she is claiming that “forcing” immigrants to speak English is racist.  Since she speaks only English, is she calling herself a racist?  She definitely needs medical help.
  • Newsom, who is becoming worse than Moonbeam, wants, by 2021-22, to give six months leave of absence with pay to care for a seriously ill family member or a newborn or adopted baby. How does he expect to pay for this? Why a tax, of course. The bottom line is that all of us will pay for this legislated vacation. Like the idea? Oh, and who will pay for the temporary worker to cover the work during the six month absence?
  • AOC says cauliflower is racist because it is white. Can’t New Yorkers get rid of this idiot?
  • Interesting comparison. The government has built some 3000 miles of “sound walls” at a cost of $6 billion to protect nearby homes from traffic noise. But the Democrats won’t allocate money for a border wall?
  • Germany’s government is telling Jews not to wear traditional headwear because of growing anti-Semitism. Hopefully Germany isn’t starting down that path again.
  • Swalwell is a fixture on television whenever the station needs an ignorant talking head. He should go back to his birthplace in Iowa and stick his head in the sand.
  • Why hasn’t our Congressman Garamendi started the process to allow military spouses to use their out-of-state credentials to practice their occupations locally? He has both Travis AFB and Beale AFB in his distinct.
  • The Feds are going to cancel $929 million in funding for California’s high-speed rail program after rejecting an appeal by the state. Why? Because the state has failed to comply with the terms of agreement by making reasonable progress on the high speed rail project and has obtained absolutely no private equity in the project, as was required. Think of all the disruption around Fresno due to the State’s abject failure. Typical government project.
  • Sen. Kamala Harris said that if elected president she would clear the way for people convicted of dealing drugs to get jobs in the legal marijuana industry. Harris said it was "ironic" that former drug dealers with felony convictions are sometimes barred from marijuana jobs. Anyone check her education credentials?
  • In order to promote diversity, Wake Forest University sent out this invitation: “Dear faculty and staff colleagues, this is a reminder about our upcoming listening sessions on inclusion that I am holding for faculty and staff of color over the next several weeks.” Just another sick example of college faculty intelligence. Support diversity but exclude Whites.
  • California has decided that a new 1 percent tax on restaurant goers will help in the fight against climate change. The money is supposed to go to reduce agricultural climate change emissions. This initiative comes from the California Air Resources Board, the California Department of Food and Agriculture, and a Bay Area non-profit.
  • Now the Left is going after another proven, cheap and safe source of energy, hydropower—our dams. California law specifies what acceptable non-fossil fuel alternatives are allowed. These include windmills, solar panels and geothermal wells. But the bone-heads in Sacramento, for their own selfish reasons, did not include two power sources that are both free of greenhouse gases and renewable: large hydroelectric dams and nuclear plants. Instead, they are tearing down dams and closing nuclear facilities. If the legislators were any stupider, they couldn’t tie their shoe laces. Maybe that is why they have switched to Velcro fasteners.
  • Yet another company, this time in hi-tech, is leaving California.  While it affects only 150 workers, the future of this industry could be in the tens of thousands.
  • We keep on losing businesses to other states. Virgin Galactic is the latest outfit to bail as it plans to move its spaceline staff and space vehicles from Mojave Air & Space Port to New Mexico starting immediately. California losses a growing high tech concern out of the Mojave, which needs the work. Why? High taxes, high cost of living, failed schools and a push for windmills and solar panels – none of which work as advertised.
  • Garamendi has added his name to 123 Democratic congressmen to co-sponsor H.R. 1884, the Protecting Pre-Existing Conditions & Making Health Care More Affordable Act. This legislation claims to lower premiums, strengthen protections for people with pre-existing conditions, and prevent the sale of junk health insurance plans. Wasn’t that what they said about Obamacare, which is a train wreck? The last thing America needs is another “your premiums will go down $2500 annually per family.”
  • What kind of bureaucracy do we have? Millions of American families are waiting for Section 8 housing but the Congress wants to give illegal invaders first choice? Illegal invaders to the front of the line? What has happened to this country?
  • And when Presidential hopefuls start talking stupidity, there is no doubt that Washington is a sewer. Gillibrand wants illegal invaders to get social security benefits. Why doesn’t she just offer them her house and be done with it? Oh, of course she would offer them our houses, not hers.


by Lou Binninger

Many ignorant ones complain about world poverty today and believe that capitalism and the West are the reasons for it. Actually, not too far back before the industrial revolution poverty was the norm in the earth and just a tiny minority had more than enough to survive. And, the truth is that embracing capitalism or free enterprise and the mastery of natural resources have lifted billions out of poverty.

            From 1970 to 2006, the number of people living in extreme poverty declined fantastically. People living on a dollar a day or less dramatically fell from 26.8 percent of the global population in 1970 to 5.4 percent in 2006 – an 80 percent decline. If you love people it is a wonderful miracle but is usually ignored by the media because it avoids highlighting the successes of capitalism.

"It was globalization, free trade, the boom in international entrepreneurship," American Enterprise Institute (AEI) president Arthur Brooks said in a 2012 speech. "In short, it was the free enterprise system, American style, which is our gift to the world."

In 1820, 94 percent of the world's population lived in poverty. In 2011, it was down to 17 percent. What is even more incredible is that the global poverty rate was 53 percent in 1981. The decline from 53 percent to 17 percent in thirty years was the "the most rapid reduction in poverty in world history."

"Since the onset of industrialization – and as a consequence of this, economic growth — the share of people living in poverty started decreasing and kept on falling ever since," wrote Oxford University's Martin Roeser.

Between 1988-2008, those in the middle and bottom of the world income distribution have all received pay increases of around 40%. Global differences in life expectancy and height are narrowing too – showing the impact of better nutrition and healthcare.

The world is 120 times better off today than in 1800 as a result of capitalism according to Foundation for Economic Education's (FEE) Steven Horwitz. "The competitive market process has also made education, art, and culture available to more and more people," wrote Horwitz. "Even the poorest of Americans, not to mention many of the global poor, have access through the Internet and TV to concerts, books, and works of art that were exclusively the province of the wealthy for centuries."

Horwitz says capitalism has also resulted in people spending "a much smaller percentage of our lives working for pay" due to the increased value of labor and has produced higher life expectancy "by decades."

Mortality rates for children under the age of five declined by 49 percent from 1990 to 2013. This is according to World Health Organization (WHO) data, a decline termed "faster than ever." Capitalism results in lower child mortality rates by producing better access to medicine and standards of living.

The wealth and innovation spurred by capitalism has done more to help the poor than any government program ever could. The adoption of a free enterprise economic model by China, India, Vietnam and others have had an astounding impact in lifting their societies out of harsh poverty.



by Lou Binninger

Socialism / communism and its barkers are toxic and share no values with the freedom-loving and enterprising founders of America.  The socialist’s goal is to agitate, disrupt and control society at any cost. Loss of life and freedom are justifiable costs to achieve control of the society’s reins.

There is no morality or righteousness guiding socialism. The Khmer Rouge of Cambodia killed their countrymen who wore glasses because they were educated and would resist the revolution. Many city dwellers were killed since their preference to live in the cities revealed their loyalty to capitalism.

Technocrats were forced from the capitol of Phnom Penh to work in the fields while illiterate farmers were sent to manage the cities. Western-style hospitals were burned to be replaced by folk medicine. Schools and books were burned. Traditional education was unnecessary.

Most city people were sent to re-education camps to learn how to conform to the speech and thought of the new regime. Those that questioned or resisted were killed.

Millions of people died from starvation, disease, overwork and execution. From 1975-1979, this quest for a utopia resulted in the deaths of between 1.5 - 2.0 million people or 21-24% of the 1975 Cambodian population. For socialists it was merely the cost of doing business.

This same spirit of indoctrination and enforced group think is at work at every level of American society. There is a rejection of Biblical morality replaced by a faux ‘morality’ of the state. It is a top down totalitarian oppression that must be followed or there will be consequences.

New York City politicians decided people should not smoke cigarettes or drink large sugary sodas. The courts rejected the soda limit but the price of a pack of cigarettes is now $13 a pack.

On July 17, 2014 Eric Garner was once again peddling single cigarettes on the corner, a common legal hustle in many nations but it makes you a criminal in NY. Bureaucrats are making millions off the sin tax and Garner was skimming on the rich man’s turf.

That put the police in between socialist politicians, arbitrary policies and a guy trying to earn a few dollars. Garner, a big man, resisted law enforcement and in the take down Garner had an asthma attack triggered by a choke hold and died.

This is the same city that is giving sanctuary to illegal criminal aliens and mocking Immigration and Customs Enforcement. So, who or what was Garner really hurting, maybe the pride of socialist politicians, who would protect a rapist or MS-13 gang member? This is the insanity of socialist think.

In California, we usually arrest child molesters. However, now our legislators mandate that we honor pedophile homosexual Harvey Milk each year on May 22. Milk’s deviant sexual ways with underage boys have now been glorified and included in our educational curriculum as heroic.

On May 8-9 our state school board endorsed every weird and perverted gender identity nonsense you could fantasize about to be taught to our elementary students including every type of sexual behavior short of sex with animals.

The child whose family follows Jesus will be the ‘Eric Garner’ on campus. This student will be considered a narrow minded, hateful, intolerant law breaker and exited from the campus. The Bible is now considered hate speech to the left.

Garner is a casualty of social engineering. Socialist rules made a common criminal of Garner trying to cash-in on selling a few smokes. Kids who follow Jesus or believe there are just male and female are the next to be criminalized and punished.

Whether in Cambodia, Cuba, China, Vietnam, North Korea or New York socialists make- up the rules as they go along and then punish the nonconformists. If you are ever in Phnom Penh don’t miss the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum to see the faces of thousands of innocent people murdered by socialist nut cases. Tuol Sleng, once an elementary school became one of 196 torture and execution centers created to establish a utopia in Cambodia.


By Don Rae

  • Frank Herbert in his book “Chapterhouse: Dune” wrote prophetically: Power attracts the corruptible. Absolute power attracts the absolutely corruptible. This is the danger of entrenched bureaucracy to its subject population ….entrenched bureaucracy seldom can be touched short of violence….” Think of what is going on in Washington today and the above observation makes complete sense.
  • California has a homeless crisis, failed schools, and illegal aliens flooding our State and nation. The opioid crisis is killing tens of thousands, yet we have legalized a known drug: Marijuana.  Now we find that it is not only affecting humans—but dogs are getting high from the drug. “Dogs will get into anything and everything,” said veterinarian Dorrie Black of San Francisco-based veterinary clinic Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services . Dr. Black said dogs ingest marijuana by eating the remainder of a joint they find on the street, or getting into someone’s edible marijuana, either at home, on the street or in parks. Now we have whacked out Dogs. We wonder if the rats in the San Francisco sewers are getting high as well.
  • Upon being elected, I will give the United States Congress a hundred days to get their act together and have the courage to pass reasonable gun safety laws,” Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) said in April on CNN. “And if they fail to do it, I will take executive action.” As usual, not a specific proposal for gun safety issues from her babbling.
  • Try this one on for size, if you can stomach it: UC San Diego School of Medicine, paid for by taxpayers, teaches that babies are just another form of cancer. Using illustrations of fetuses and cancers, the slide calls the fetus a “legitimate parasite” which “rapidly grows, invades, manipulates immunity of mother, and reshapes blood vessels.” The cancer does the same except it doesn’t have a “mother.” Yes, they are teaching that pregnancy is a disease! Why do we allow our taxes to be spent on this junk science and hatred of babies?  It is way past time to tear up the curriculum and fire those that believe baby equals cancer.
  • “Another brilliant bill by a Democrat would abolish paper receipts at retail businesses. The rationale for the legislation, Assembly Bill 161 by Assemblyman Phil Ting, Democrat, is to reduce paper waste that may contain dangerous chemicals.
  • State Attorneys General are suing Juul Labs over flavored cigarettes, while at the same time praising the benefits and sale of marijuana. Insanity.
  • TSA agents are being sent to the Mexican border. Why? Maybe it is to check if migrants are carrying no more than 2 ounces of water or shampoo.
  • Kamala Harris wants free health care for illegal invaders. At the same time she expects Americans to pay for health insurance, Medicare taxes, deductibles and prescription costs. Harris, take a flying leap.
  • The Democrats are racing each other to win the sprint to self abasement. So, Garamendi. What say you?
  • Every hour we hear that Trump has done terrible things to deserve his impeachment. But not one specific is mentioned. Ridiculous.

·           How much of a moron is Harris? Kamala Harris wants former drug dealers to be “first in line” to profit off legal marijuana.

  • Improper admissions to UC Berkeley are resulting in some wacko ideas. For example: The student government of Cal Berkeley wants to immediately close down every gas station in California. Plus, they want to shut down all airports.  If a student is from Nashville, for example, they will have to bike their way to the Nevada border in order to get transportation to Tennessee for Thanksgiving break. 
  • “Polls” show many Americans want Socialism. Why? Because innocent children are being indoctrinated and then grow up not knowing any better. And the country is overwhelmed by people who talk to pollsters when they don’t know capitalism from socialist and so skew the results to meet the pollsters’ preconceived ideas.
  • Robert De Niro, who would like to punch Trump in the face, is not much of an icon. He probably would run for his life with his tail between his legs if he came within a mile of Trump.
  • Check all your sources. See if you can find 10 instances of Trump’s alleged obstruction. For that matter, see if you can find one.
  • PGE intends to turn off your power and cost electric users hundreds or thousands of dollars. When the problem is not all PGE’s why must the rest of us suffer? The government allowed building in dangerous places and forced PGE to provide electric power. If you want to reduce the danger, then don‘t allow building in dangerous locations.
  • Harris is at it again. What does she mean with a bill to decrease racial disparities in maternal care?
  • Starbucks is testing robots as baristas. What will some of today’s college graduates do now?
  • Democratic “presidential candidates” are breeding faster than rabbits.
  • Bill Nye, the so-called science guy who wouldn’t know science if it hit him in the eye, has sent out a video filled with lies and fears about climate change. He is becoming more insane by the hour and deserves a nice padded room in an asylum. He’s also ridiculously vulgar for someone talking to children.
  • The police enter a house and a woman comes at them with a knife. They fire on her. Then the cops get investigated. What are they supposed to do? Get stabbed? Die? Those who pass the “use of deadly force” laws ought to be put on the street before they cast their vote.
  • Remember the hysteria over the hole in the Ozone in 1985? The world was definitely going to come to a horrible end because of what we humans did to the Ozone. Only the computer models used to predict this catastrophe were wrong. And they are today. AOC is as brain dead as a fence post saying we’re all toast in 12 years. And those who claim the oceans are rising haven’t a scintilla of evidence, just like they did not in the 1960s. Remember New York City was supposed to be completely under the sea by 2000.


by Lou Binninger

“When we assumed the Soldier, we did not lay aside the Citizen; and we shall most sincerely rejoice with you in the happy hour when the establishment of American Liberty, upon the most firm and solid foundations shall enable us to return to our Private Stations in the bosom of a free, peacefully and happy Country.” —George Washington (1775)

If it weren’t for the will to fight and die for freedom there would be no United States of America. From the beginning with those fleeing religious persecution in Europe and the Revolutionary War with England to now, there has been one conflict after another to secure the American Way.

For those whose parents served in WWII it’s often thought of in hindsight as a 4-5 year battle for the United States. However, for those alive then there was no end date. It was victory at any cost or lose every freedom and liberty described in our Constitution.

            This last Saturday, May 18th, was Armed Forces Day, an annual observance dedicated to the brave ones currently serving in the United States Armed Forces. It is celebrated on the third Saturday in May and is one of the several holidays that are part of National Military Appreciation Month. Each year, Armed Forces Day centers on a unique theme designed to highlight the hard work and dedication of our service members.

            The 2019 theme is "For the Nation. For the People." The first Armed Forces Day was on May 20, 1950, and the theme was “Teamed for Defense.” The theme that year was selected to show that all branches of the military had been united under one department of the government.

This 1950 inaugural observance was celebrated with parades, receptions, open houses and air shows. Approximately 10,000 American troops marched past the President in Washington D.C., while 33,000 people in New York City commemorated the occasion “under an air cover of 250 military planes of all types.”

Famous World War II warships were in harbors across the country for the public to see, and precision flying teams filled the skies. The American people came together everywhere to honor members of the Armed Forces.

President Trump wanted to honor the military in 2018 with a Washington D.C. parade but D.C. politicians saw it as a cash cow to get money from the federal government. Cost estimates spiked to an absurd $92 million. Can you imagine what it would cost and take to replicate the 1950 observance today? Our parents and grandparents thought that the observance was well worth it having already sacrificed their friends and family members.

Many liberals in Congress who hate the military, law enforcement and President Trump complained about the cost to honor the military. They are cowards and hypocrites.

They would rather our tax dollars fund studies like these - $1.5 Million Spent Studying Fish on Treadmills; $3 Million Spent Studying the Jaws Theme and People’s Perception of Sharks; $3.4 Million for Hamster Cage Matches; Zoo Poetry ($1,000,000); Genital Washing of South African Men ($800,000); Male Vietnamese Prostitutes in Vietnam ($442,340); The Worst Super Bowl Commercial Ever ($2,500,000).

               Someone needs to open a store to rent sets of Spaldings near Congress.

Both the Obamas and Clintons despised the military. In 2016, just in time for Armed Forces Day, Obama celebrated the confirmation of Eric Fanning as the first homosexual Army Secretary. Obama brought our military forces below pre-WWII troop levels and fired over 200 leaders in command positions.

He was more interested in homosexuals and transsexuals in the military than he was in having the backs of our military warriors. Who can forget Obama shamefully honoring deserter Bowe Bergdahl at a White House ceremony or the repeated Obama, Hillary Clinton and UN Ambassador Susan Rice lies about leaving our people to die at Benghazi and the government’s gun-running to terrorists?

               Finally, Obama wanted one of the fleet of Navy oiler ships named after San Francisco pedophile Harvey Milk. Not a destroyer or a carrier, but an oiler. That’s fitting.

 Harvey was known for banging the backside of young boys versus guys his own age. He was a sweetie and a liar. How would you like to proudly serve on the “oiler” Harvey Milk, a real warrior, Harvey?

               It’s a relief not to be led by a sissy president for a change. Thank God and pray for our Armed Forces and Law Enforcement.


by Lou Binninger

Some feel that Jon Brower Minnoch (September 30, 1941 – September 10, 1983) was the fattest person on earth. He was an American man who, at his peak weight, was estimated to be 1,400 lbs. This was a close estimation because his extreme size, declining health, and lack of mobility prevented use of a traditional scale.

At 12, Minnoch weighed 294 lbs. and by 22 he was 6 ft. 1in weighing 500 lbs. Though hard to imagine, he was once a baby born of a woman. As a child it could be assumed that Jon had the dreams of a youngster, was free to move, contribute and create.

However, Minnoch's weight continued to increase steadily until his hospitalization in March 1978 at age 36 due to cardiac and respiratory failure. Minnoch was diagnosed with massive generalized edema, a condition in which the body accumulates excess extracellular fluid. Endocrinologist Dr. Robert Schwartz estimated that over 900 lbs. of Minnoch’s body mass was retained fluid.

Transportation for Minnoch was difficult. Moving or getting out was nearly impossible. It took over a dozen firemen and rescue personnel and a modified gurney to transport him to University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle. There, he was placed on two beds pushed together, and it took 13 people to simply roll him over for linen changes.

Minnoch lost much of his freedom due to his obscene size, equaling more than eight 170 lb. men. He certainly consumed the natural resources, medical care and public services equivalent to the total of many people. His ability to contribute to society was stunted by his need to consume to maintain his way of life.

The United States government is the equivalent of Jon Brower Minnot. It’s obese, lethargic, wastes massive amounts of hard-earned resources, is sick and is good for very little. Pick the department, agency, and budget. You will find waste, people underperforming and being overpaid.

As Minnoch couldn’t move, the government is like a massive freak unable to change but constantly demanding more resources to survive. All wealth is created in the private sector, but is then taken and flitted away by government. The government is like cancer cells having mutated and are now screaming out of control.

The Founding Fathers considered government a necessary evil, so the smaller the better. An organized effort was needed to defend against foreign invaders and the sinful ways of humans. However, as the bureaucracy grew the people’s freedom and liberty were in the same measure devoured.

The 4 trillion dollar federal budget means 4 trillion dollars removed from the private sector. In private hands it was producing goods and services and being well-managed only to now be wasted by politicians on frivolous and nonsensical fiascos and mad ideas.

Silicon Valley is synonymous with incredible wealth and creativity but also with massive failure as possibly 90% of start-ups don’t succeed. Each misfire forces learning and improvement. It’s called creative destruction. Unprofitable enterprises end when investors pull their money back as a “great idea” is not so great after all.

However, when government fails it increases the budget and promotes people. ‘Dead horses’ are rarely declared dead and buried. It’s in someone’s perverted interest to preserve a stinking carcass. ‘Investor withdrawal’ is not allowed and is punishable by incarceration.

The Wall Street Journal says that it takes under an hour to fly from Chicago to St. Louis and American Airlines does so 7 times-a-day. The taxpayer-funded railroad called Amtrak does the same task in 5.5 hours. A fast rail project is now under way in Illinois to travel at 110 miles per hour and cut the trip to 4.5 hours. Two billion dollars has been spent to steal a few customers from the private airlines at taxpayers’ expense for a trip 4.5 times slower than by air.

Service and Amtrak (or government) is an oxymoron. This is not a partisan issue but a problem of political perversity and corruption.