by Lou Binninger


Sutter County Community Services Director Danelle Stylos was arrested on Feb 1, 2017 by District Attorney Investigators for making false statements, providing false information, perjury and voter fraud. She was booked into Sutter County jail with bail set at $43,000.


She is no longer in custody.


Sutter County Supervisors called an emergency closed session Thursday night February 2 to discuss the personnel matter.


Stylos once served as Planning Manager for Sutter County before returning to be the current Community Services Director. She has a Master’s Degree from Rutgers University and receives pay and benefits of $ 196,805.72 according to Transparent California’s 2015 records.


She is responsible to oversee Animal Services, Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA), Environmental Health, Fire Services, GIS Data Download, LAFCO, Planning and Building Services, Public Works, General Fees and the Planning Commission.


A May 1, 2012 article in the Oakdale Leader “Oakdale Battles $ Woes,” refers to Stylos’ work for the City of Oakdale. The article describes the troubled financial state of the city saying “Interim City Manager Gregory Wellman has made no secret that the City of Oakdale has money problems and cites a lack of financial oversight and historically poor business habits as the cause.”


Oakdale Leader reporter Richard Paloma writes, “The unauthorized payments have resulted in over $325,000 made without city manager knowledge or prior council approval. Oakdale Leader research showed most recently a payment for $113,000 made to Environmental Science Associates was approved by former Community Development & Services Director Danelle Stylos and issued by Finance Director Albert Avila without having the contract being signed off by the council or Wellman.”


Wellman was brought in as a “fixer” to save Oakdale in financial and ethical free-fall. The public works director was fired and Stylos resigned to take her current Sutter County position.


Where Stylos resides is confusing. One address lists her in Sacramento. However, some Sutter County citizens believe department heads must live in the county. There is also uncertainty about where new County Administrator Scott Mitnick is living, in Sutter County or Ventura County.

No additional details about the charges were available from the District Attorney as the newspaper’s day concluded. The article will be amended accordingly.

by Lou Binninger


On March 31, 1968, President Lyndon Johnson became the fourth president to decline to run for a second 4-year term. Vice-President Johnson took over for President John Kennedy after Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. Johnson then served a full term, but was eligible for a second 4-year stint.


Some feel Johnson was one of the most politically ambitious men ever in America. A liberal Texas Senator known for his fits of extreme anger, during a close campaign in 1954 Johnson authored an amendment curbing the free speech of churches and 501(c) 3 nonprofit (religious and charitable) organizations.


The amendment prevented these groups from endorsing or opposing political candidates and causes to keep their tax-exempt status. Johnson had personal motives.

Black congregations and some independent organizations in his district were politically active and supporting his opponent. The amendment was a tool to stifle the opposition. It worked.


Johnson’s presidency managed two wars, one opposing the spread of communism in Southeast Asia and the other ‘fighting poverty’ in America. Both campaigns failed miserably.


The Vietnam War effort was undermined by U.S. social unrest and by politicians crippling military strategy. As for poverty fighting, after fifty years and $22 trillion spent there has been no decline in the percentage of citizens left financially behind.


Adjusted for inflation the spending on anti-poverty programs (not including Social Security or Medicare) is three times the cost of all wars in US history since the American Revolution. Worse yet, millions of lives have been ruined, now addicted to welfare ‘crack.’


The black population has been severely damaged. Once, more black households were led by married couples than white families. In 1925 New York City, 85% of black families had two-parents. In 1940, black illegitimacy was at 14% and then 25% by 1965. Today most black families are led by mom with government becoming dad. The black illegitimacy rate now stands at nearly 75%.


Welfare addiction is no respecter of color. More whites use welfare. However, a higher percentage of black families rely upon it.


Ignored in all discussions is the fact that the poverty rate among black married couples has been in single digits since 1994. The quickest exit out of poverty for a mom is marriage. Government makes a lousy lover.


According to Walter Williams, black economics professor emeritus at George Mason University “Hustlers and people with little understanding want us to believe that today's black problems are the continuing result of a legacy of slavery, poverty and racial discrimination. The fact is that most of the social pathology seen in poor black neighborhoods is entirely new in black history.” Thank Johnson’s ‘War on Poverty.’


A higher percentage of black children are aborted than other ethnicities. This is the result of the successful strategy of Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, who considered non-whites to be society’s weeds that needed plucked. Clinics were located in minority communities where outreach was easy. For liberals, it is a better value to abort than fund the raising of a minority child.


A higher percentage of black males are out of school, out of work and outside the law. A higher percentage of blacks are murdered by gun violence with more than 90% killed by fellow blacks. For white liberals wanting to keep blacks on the ‘plantation’ their use of the Ku Klux Klan, segregation, Jim Crow laws, Planned Parenthood, welfare and minimum wage laws has been amazingly successful.


The minimum wage has removed the bottom rungs of the economic ladder for low –skilled workers, most often young and black drop-outs. For the black male guns, gangs and baby mommas have replaced education, career and marriage.


Government has funded the poverty industry. Millions find it easier to live poor on government largess than break-free to independence. Government created a permanent class of citizens wedded to welfare and its sister programs (Section 8 Housing, SNAP, WIC, free school lunch, dinner and medical.)


Just as drug use disrupts the brain’s dopamine and serotonin function that produces a sense of pleasure, welfare robs recipients of the dignity and pride of work and providing for one’s family. Work is a blessing to humans but the welfare system has made it a curse.


The Founding Fathers embraced a Biblical understanding of the nature of man and did not include dispensing welfare in government’s role. However, politicians and bureaucrats buy votes and kudos by using other people’s money to create an ever expanding pool of ne’er-do-wells.


Behind every failed life and program is a bad philosophy. Yuba - Sutter officials pretend they are smarter than our forefathers. It is noteworthy that they did not risk personal funds on their homeless pilot projects.

by Carol WithingtonDaniel Hale  2 1 17


Born on January 18, 1856, in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, Daniel Hale Williams pursued a career in medicine despite all odds. The fifth of seven children born to Sarah and Daniel Hale Williams II, his world would change drastically at the age of ten.


Following the death of his father, young Williams was sent to live in Baltimore, Maryland with family friends. While there, he became a shoemaker apprentice but disliked the work. He eventually returned home but did not wish to continue in the family business as a barber. Williams had his eyes focused on the medical profession.


At the age of 20, the young man began to work as an apprentice with Dr. Henry Palmer, a former surgeon general for the state of Wisconsin. Williams furthered his training at Chicago Medical College and later set up his own practice in Chicago's South Side. During this time, he adopted sterilization procedures for his office and while at this facility, Williams became the first African-American surgeon to work for the city's street railway system.


In May 1891, Williams opened Provident Hospital and Training School for Nurses--the nation's first hospital that had a racially integrated staff. During this time, African-American citizens were still barred from being admitted to hospitals and black doctors were refused staff positions. Thanks to Williams, this would change. While at Provident Hospital, Williams was publicly championed by famed abolitionist and writer Frederick Douglass. Two years later, Williams would accomplish even more.


On a hot summer night in 1893, Williams was confronted with a badly wounded patient by the name of James Cornish. Arriving at the hospital with a severe wound to his chest, Cornish started to go into shock. It was then that Williams suspected an even deeper wound near the heart.


Without benefit of blood transfusions or modern surgical procedures, Williams made the decision to operate. According to some accounts, he asked six doctors (four white, two black) to observe while he operated. In a "cramped" operating room with "crude" anethesia, Williams inspected the wound between two ribs. He then cut the rib cartilage and was able to create a small "trapdoor" to the heart.


Underneath, Williams located a damaged left internal mammary artery and sutured it. He then inspected the pericardium (sac around the heart) and saw the knife had left a gash near the right coronary artery. With the heart beating, Williams reportedly rinsed the wound with a salt solution, held the edges of the palpitating heart with forceps and sewed them together. Williams thus became one of the first doctors to perform open-heart surgery.

Not only was Williams successful, his patient James Cornish walked out of the hospital just 51 days after his surgery and was able to live an additional 20 years or more following this landmark operation.


In 1894, Williams moved to Washington D.C. where he was appointed chief surgeon of the Freedmen's Hospital, which provided care for formerly enslaved African Americans. While at that institution, Williams worked diligently on revitalization and the improvement of surgical procedures. In addition, he helped to launch ambulance services and continued to provide opportunities for African-American medical professionals. He was so well liked by patients and staff, that they affectionately called him "Dr. Dan".

Continuing his pursuits against discrimination, Williams co-founded the National Medical Association in 1895--an alternative to the American Medical Association, which did not allow African-American membership at that time.


Williams left Freedmen's Hospital in 1898. He married Alice Johnson and soon after the couple moved to Chicago where he returned to his work at Provident. Beginning in 1899, he made annual trips to Nashville, Tennessee, where Williams was a voluntary visiting clinical professor for two decades at Meharry Medical College. That same year, the governor of Illinois appointed Williams to the state's board of health. In addition, Williams became a charter member of the American College of Surgeons in 1913.


It was in 1926 that Williams experienced a debilitating stroke. He died five years later on August 4, 1931 in Idlewild, Michigan. As a sign of esteem for Williams, a "code blue" at the Howard University Hospital emergency room is called a "Dr. Dan". A colleague at this former Freedmen's Hospital once wrote the following tribute regarding Dr. Daniel Hale Williams: "His greatest pride was that directly or indirectly, he had a hand in the making of most of the outstanding African-American surgeons of the current generation".

Opinion by Lou Binninger

President Trump declared the necessity to drain the Washington DC ‘swamp.’ The swamp refers to the self-gratification, hypocrisy and elitism of America’s political class, bureaucrats, and lobbyists.


The swamp’s attributes also include egregious regulations robbing the freedom of both taxpayers and businesses and billions of dollars wasted. It also speaks to too many government employees accomplishing too little and consumed with dubious tasks.


That said Trump’s swamp is not unique to Washington D.C. and the federal system of governance. The swamp is thriving throughout the nation, our state and community.


As both Yuba and Sutter Counties have been smitten with a lack of character in leadership Sutter Co. Supervisors are maintaining their old ways by hiring fired Thousand Oaks city administrator to direct the county. Educated and experienced Scott Mitnick was canned for repeated character blunders that students are warned about in bonehead business classes. For supervisors, the swamp is all they know.


Assemblyman James Gallagher, Senator Jim Nielsen, Congressmen Doug LaMalfa and power broker Al Montna’s plan to handpick members for boards, councils, and committees is experiencing resistance. Their shill for supervisor Barbara LeVake spent $100 per vote while grabbing most every endorsement but that of the people.


She was appointed to the position after being voted out once before. Known as a bully she excelled at being a politician. Of course, her handlers wanted to maintain control.


Republican Central Committees report a hostile takeover attempt by the Gallagher, Nielsen, Montna, La Malfa cartel. Trump’s election exposed politicians of various flavors as willing to do anything to acquire and maintain their power, prestige and wealth. It is about job security and a political order.


Government employee Grace Espindola moved into Sutter Co District 1 to run for supervisor against incumbent Supervisor Sullenger. In spite of endorsements from Sullenger’s fellow supervisors, unions and others wanting the status quo, she was turned away by the voters.


In the City of Marysville council members are stuck in yesteryear like a ten-year old longing for pajamas with feet. They now have the highest sales tax and water rates in the region and the lowest quality city services. Meanwhile, they lord over businesses that pay the city’s bills.


No business analyst would advise a town of 12,000 and 3.2 sq. mi. to spend a majority of its budget on a police department when the sheriff’s department across the street could do more for much less. Meth addicts have more sense. This is Trump’s swamp, doing what is political not what is best for the people.


Finally, we live in a lawless state where politicians are in rebellion against the citizens. The hiring of Eric Holder, one of two of the most disgraced U.S. Attorney Generals in history (Pres. Nixon’s John Mitchell the other), to undermine the federal government on illegal immigration, border security and sanctuary cities is not surprising. Holder lied and withheld documents from a Congressional committee investigating Fast and Furious government gun-running. Holder misused the law for political gain and resigned to avoid impeachment and possible incarceration.


California is home to one of every three of the nation’s welfare recipients (34% in 2012) but represents only 12% of America’s population. It tops the nation in funding to kill babies. It is consistently rated as the worst place to do business due to government hostility, taxes, fees and regulations. The highest taxing state is most harsh to those in the middle.


The very wealthy and the poor are fixtures in the golden state. The rich pay up. The poor and illegal aliens reside free courtesy of their neighbors. If those on the dole lack work skills they fare better not working.


This is a state where a senator authors a bill to control guns and then is arrested and jailed for selling rocket launchers to terrorists. This is a state where pedophile Harvey Milk is lauded by Hollywood with a movie touting him as the Martin Luther King of homosexuals. Then, the legislature names a day for Milk where school children must recognize the pervert and liar.


These are the highest paid legislators in the nation ($100,116). Many Californians are living on less than the legislators’ daily tax-free allowance of $176 – more than $31,000 annually on top of salaries. However, Governor Brown is too poor to pay for his own geologic research on the family ranch near Williams. A whistleblower accused him of using Department of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources to do it for him at taxpayer expense. Nothing came of the complaint.


If Washington D.C. is the mother of all swamps, California is the younger sister with a chip on her shoulder.

Commentary by Lou Binninger


As Yuba County is ensnared in 14 Forward or Bendorf Zoo, Sutter County can’t resist stepping into the homeless industry tar pits. Nancy O’Hara, director of Health and Human Services, is talking about first providing “brief” and “temporary” housing and services for those not chronically homeless.


This is a first. Which government program do you remember ever being brief and temporary?


Since neither Yuba nor Sutter County Supervisors have a clue about how to help a homeless person, Sutter County is hiring a consultant. Thurmond Consultancy, who also cashed-in on Yuba County, will receive $3,400 per month not to exceed $40,800.


When homeless folks hear about the consultant’s pay they will wish they stayed in school. The homeless know quite a lot about their plight but lack the certificate to dip into the honey pot.

However, Thurmond Consultancy, LLC is no silver bullet to get people in buildings, back to their right minds and off the dole. Thurmond’s website touts no experience in personally coaching people from homelessness to stability and independence.


Scott Thurmond’s pitch is that he knows where our tax dollars are stashed, how to get and spend them, and how to create and manage programs. That is government language for addressing the “issue.” No solution guaranteed.


In 1934, when Willie Sutton was captured, the FBI asked, “Why do you rob banks, Willie?” Willie responded, “Because that’s where the money is.” Scott knows where our tax dollars can be lifted.


That’s what it’s really all about. The state forcibly takes money from hard working people and gives it to self-serving politicians for bureaucrats to flit away on programs. Thousands are spent to swat a fly.


O’Hara wants to fund $1,000 a month hotel rooms plus $30 a month for transportation. She’s also willing to provide emergency food, clothes, shoes, and hygiene products. Since most motels lack cooking amenities, maybe take-out will be necessary to be considered compassionate.


A housing resource specialist will be assigned as necessary. If we already have one or two specialists where have they been up to now? For years, Sutter County Welfare couldn’t even teach budgeting to recipients of aid. Is it true that welfare recipients’ addresses are no longer verified to prevent fraud?


There is no mention whether the homeless person will be responsible for anything except breathing and being present to keep the aid coming. If simply putting a troubled person in a building would change their life public housing would not look like a pigsty with graffiti décor. The government doesn’t deal in accountability or a change of the heart. That is considered passé.


Good outcomes where a high percentage of hammered people become productive citizens are as rare as the yellow-legged frog. Those that really make out are politicians, consultants, and government workers.

A spirit of entitlement has swept the nation and undergirds all our government social programs. People have a right to stay high, be lawless, and benefit from the community largess.


Most church ministries sadly have become replicas of a failed government hand-out philosophy. The tragedy is that the Biblical approach to redeem troubled people works but is rarely tried by churches and is soundly rejected by government. When you have the wrong ingredients, the recipe never turns out.


O’Hara’s approach lists some performance measures at the six-month mark; how many served; cost per participant; average time to secure permanent housing; were people able to become and/or remain employed; and did health improve.


The problem with government is that poor outcomes often trigger more money rather than killing the program. So far, at the Bendorf Zoo, neither the public nor supervisors know the outcomes or the real financial toll of the War on Homelessness. And, there is no end in sight.