By Boots Johnson

Get ready, get set, and go. We are told to expect one of the largest salmon runs, both in the Sacramento and Feather Rivers, in the last several decades. This good news comes from Sacramento and from other sources who know what to expect. The heavy rain and snow has helped this but so has the efforts of the Department of Fish and Wildlife with their continued raising and planting salmon and steelhead. When the season opens this summer we expect to see a bumper year.

As of this writing the Sacramento River is still blown out with dirty water and high water lapping at the edges of the bottom of the levee system. The river is loaded with sturgeon but is tough to catch them. The Feather, on the other hand is in much better shape, but is running very cold. Anglers have been out for stripers on the Feather with poor results. As the water clears and warms up a bit expect outstanding striped bass fishing here.

Those anglers who have headed down to the Delta have been catching sturgeon. The waters have begun to clear which has turned on the bite with striped bass also cooperating. Hot spot of last week was San Pablo Bay. The water here is muddy and the high water has removed many of the trash fish which has resulted in no small bait stealers. The people who live down there and fish the delta have stated the sturgeon fishing should be good into this summer. Striped bass will also be around and hungry way into the summer months, so now is the time to go down to the Bay and enjoy the best fishing since the middle eighties.

The Sutter Bypass is flooded outside of its natural banks and with the muddy water the catfish are on the move and are being caught throughout the system. Expect fishing for the “cats” to stay good until the waters recede.

Closing thought: ” The University of Alaska spans four time zones.”



          Last Thursday there was a community workshop  at the community center after Stone Soup in which we learned many interesting details about Reach air medical service. We hope to offer more of these workshops. There will be a sign up sheet for those interested in various topics at Stone Soup and at Books & More. When enough people show an interest in a topic, we will organize a workshop.

          March 20th is the first day of spring. This winter has been truly felt and the rain has been welcomed. Of course, we will still experience rain and possibly snow. The meadows and roadsides will begin to fill with blue, pink, and yellow wild flowers. The sun will warm the morning air and the trees will begin to fill with the song of birds. I will miss winter but I know it will be hiding behind the sun waiting to return. Happy Spring!!

          Books & More , in Brownsville, is offering craft classes each Saturday from 10 am to 12 pm. Stop by the shop and pickup the list of classes and sign up for those you are interested in. You can also purchase tickets for the raffle held each quarter. The current raffle prizes are a hand knitted hat, crocheted baby blanket and matching cap, a crockpot, a cake by Krishna (to be baked after raffle) and a set of 6 beautiful stemware glasses. Books & More has become more than just a bookstore to our community. It is a meeting place where people can enjoy conversation and good company as well as a good book. All proceeds from the craft classes and raffles are used to help keep our treasured Books & More open.

          The Brownsville Mercantile will be raffling off an Easter Basket on April 20th. With each minimum purchase you will receive a ticket for the raffle. Stop in and wander through the many rooms filled with crafts, vintage items, clothing, greeting cards, and other gift items. They are located on Willow Glen Rd. in Brownsville.

          Look back in Time – In 1900 the Challenge post office was moved with horses, cables and willing hands, to a new, much more convenient location west of the hotel ( it would be fun to know the exact spot and put a sign there).

          Hope to see you in Brownsville soon.            Christine and Yvonne

Interest rates are the cost of borrowing money and for centuries the free market determined rates as individual lenders decided what interest rate they required depending who they were lending money to.

The higher the borrowers risk, the higher the interest rate the lender would demand.

Enter the central banking system which in the US is the Federal Reserve and globally, the other central banks of the world

Central banks now set interest rates based on their prognostication of the economies they see around them. The possible trap with  entity set interest rates (versus free market rates) is that if they are set too low, it encourages businesses and consumers to borrow more then they normally would at higher rates.

The low rates can foster what in economics is called “mal-investment” which can ultimately lead to resource waste and the booms and busts we see from time to time in various economies.

Take autos for example. In any given time period there is a certain number of people that will buy a car. Let’s assume in two years, 1000 people will buy a new car. That means approximately 41 people will buy a new car per month. (1000 people divided by 24 months).

Along comes the central bank who then drops rates to 1%.

With these “artificially low” interest rates, the 1000 people that would have bought a car in the next 2 years now all come forward to buy a car in the first few months as money is now cheaper then before and they fear rates will rise. The low rates also bring forth buyers that may not have planned to buy a car but now will buy due to the lower rates.

Assuming an arbitrary number for this example, car sales rise to 100 a month and in a little over 12 months, our 1000 car buyers have all bought their cars.

The auto dealers see this initial rush of buyers as new demand when their sales skyrocket and dealers celebrate the “new economy”. The auto dealers, not versed in the “mal-investment” mechanics of economies, think the increase in demand is real and this new increase is now the norm. They rush to expand their stores, adding new salespeople and building larger lots.

Like drinking all your water on a desert trip in the first few miles, the 1000 people that would have stretched out their buying in a 24 month period now have all bought new cars in the first 12 months. Future buyers were brought forward into the present, essentially cannibalizing future sales, slamming them all forward.

After the initial rush of buyers purchase their cars, the subsequent months yield fewer buyers and auto sales at the dealership now plummet.

Stuck with bigger building payments, more employee salaries and more overhead, the dealership can’t meet their expenses. Since all the auto buyers now have already bought, sales not only don’t reach the level it was when the dealership expanded, they actually fall below what they normally would have been had interest rates been at 5%.

The dealership is now facing LOWER SALES with even HIGHER EXPENSES. Unable to pay their costs, the dealership has to either scale back down or goes broke entirely.

In essence, they fell victim to “mal-investment”.

In reality, very little new business was actually realized. The low interest rates only brought forward future buyers into the present months, leaving the future months devoid of any buyers at all.

This mal-investment phenomenon was seen throughout the nation in the form of closed furniture stores, carpet stores, auto dealers, real estate offices, vacant houses and hundreds of other examples during the 2008/09 crisis aftermath.

The “resource waste” part of the equation is all those brand new buildings and houses sat vacant or were plowed under, businesses went broke and literally billions were wasted in fuel, resources and labor to feed the boom.

There is a lesson to learn here. Business owners would be wise to not only watch what’s happening in their local endeavors, but also strive to keep an eye on what is taking place in the overall global economy as well.

One could be a very savvy business owner/operator but still fall victim to the macro economic issues happening around the globe, especially when it comes to interest rates and the cost of money.

This article expresses the opinions of Marc Cuniberti and are opinions only and should not be construed or acted upon as individual investment advice. Mr. Cuniberti is an Investment Advisor Representative through Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Marc can be contacted at SMC Wealth Management, 164 Maple St #1, Auburn, CA 95603 (530) 559-1214. SMC and Cambridge are not affiliated. His website is California Insurance License # OL34249

  • California Senate Bill 233, authored by Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) and co-authored by other Democrats says: “A person who is reporting a crime of sexual assault, human trafficking, stalking, robbery, assault, kidnapping, threats, blackmail, extortion, burglary, or another violent crime shall not be arrested for a crime …” In clearer language Democrats want you to report your crime and want you back on the streets as quickly as possible to do more crime.
  • Why are the Democrats allowing AOC to run the world? Ignorance is not a prime qualification for leadership.
  • And is AOC really serious about getting rid of all cows? AOC, you think that the world is going to come to an end in 12 years. So why then spend the short time we have remaining making our lives miserable? Take a page from Marie Antoinette’s approach: Just proclaim, “Let them eat steak!”, as the end nears.
  • New York has lost more restaurant jobs after the new $15 minimum wage than they did after September 11th. Did anyone consider that many minimum wage jobs are where youth get their first employment and learn what it is like to work and earn a paycheck? Keep pushing the minimum wages up and more businesses will close their doors and fewer youth will have a starting income.
  • Isn’t there even one adult to blast American colleges for utter stupidity? For example, Amherst College in Massachusetts is moving ahead with a policy which says that both male and female students menstruate and consideration must be given to male students who are going through their monthly cycles. Huh?
  • A short history lesson to encourage some critical thinking. In 1938, the average amount of schooling found in the United States was 8th grade. With that level of education, America fought and won World War II and came out of the worst depression in US history. Maybe they learned more in the first eight grades than kids do today?
  • Police have reported an “abnormal” lessening of hate crime reports according to the usual suspects. Did they ever consider there may not be as many as the activists have been touting?
  • AOC says America is “garbage.” Then why did she run for office and why did voters check off her name? If there is any garbage, it is spewing from her mouth.
  • An interesting piece of past history which should forever be remembered. Feinstein was the power behind retaining the killing of the Hetch Hetchy valley restoration.
  • Why has the DNC kicked Fox News off its primary debate panels? What are they afraid of? The Truth?
  • Schiff’s people met with Cohen several times for many hours. Before his Congressional testimony. Isn’t that witness tampering?
  • A black student group at UCLA is lobbying for a $40 million dollar endowment to establish a black resource center on campus. The group has also demanded increased penalties for discriminatory behavior at UCLA, relocation of black student housing on campus, and the creation of an administrative position or committee to oversee the campus climate. “Not taking no for an answer” is their motto. Segregation, anyone?
  • The entire upper leadership of Finland resigned last week after universal healthcare costs crashed the country’s budget and the leaders refused to implement necessary cuts to the “free” healthcare system. This is one of the countries that Democratic-socialists like Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris point to as “successes” in “free” healthcare. The countries the Democrats say are the ideal for us are collapsing after trying out the same program that they want to impose on the USA.
  • They came after your Styrofoam cups and you said nothing.  They came after your plastic straws and you said nothing.  They came after chickens and now the cost of KFC has gone up and you’ve said nothing. Now they are coming after your burgers and steaks. Will you say anything? Or are you willing to have the government demand you become a VEGAN? 
  • Kamala Harris wants to decriminalize prostitution? Retroactively?
  • House Democrats voted to allow illegal invaders to vote. No wonder they don’t want a border wall. They feel they can get more votes from non-citizens. Like Hillary’s plurality in California.
  • Heather Wilson has resigned as Secretary of the Air Force. Recall she was here at Beale recently and talked on her plans for the future of Beale and the Air Force in general. One of her prime wishes has not come about. She spoke about military spouses not getting to use their skills and experiences when they arrive at a new duty station because of the restrictions imposed by each State. Each state should get on board with allowing these qualified spouses to engage in their professions without having to put up with the bureaucratic baloney which keeps them out of the work force. Why don’t you start something positive in this arena Garamendi, LaMalfa, Nielson and Gallagher?
  • Manafort goes to jail. But Podesta gets a pass. Guess who’s the Democrat?
  • The panel of “The View” jumped on the conspiracy theory claiming Melania Trump uses a body double. Actually it would make for more pleasant viewing if some of The View hosts used a body double.
  • Why is there such a push for marijuana use? There is plenty of scientific evidence that the current product is a major contributor to mental illness and violence. In the 1970s marijuana contained about 2% of the drug THC, a compound responsible for psychoactive effects. Today, marijuana generally contains 20 to 25% THC thanks to farming and cloning techniques used by producers. Emergency rooms are reporting triple the number of diagnosable cannabis use disorder than reported in 2006. Research from Finland and Denmark, countries which track mental illness more comprehensively than the USA, shows a significant increase in psychosis following an increase in cannabis use. Be aware and be cautious. We may be falling down a major rabbit hole.


Winter weather slows desert vegetable harvests

A cooler-than-usual winter in the California desert has altered vegetable-production schedules in the region. Farmers say their harvests have been running more slowly than usual, in part because chilly morning temperatures have forced crews to wait to start picking lettuce and other crops. Wholesale markets for vegetables have reflected the colder weather, and farmers say the weather will also extend the desert harvest season.


Farmers work to protect tree crops after rains

An expected stretch of dry weather the next few days will give Central Valley farmers a chance to protect their crops from fungal diseases that can result from rain. The diseases pose a particular threat to almonds and other tree crops. Agricultural aviation companies say they've seen a surge in business from farmers who need to try to head off the crop diseases, but whose tractors can't navigate muddy orchards.  

Trends point to lower lumber prices

Timber operators say they expect lumber prices to decline at least slightly this year. Analysts say lumber prices often follow trends in the construction market, and housing starts dropped last fall and early this winter. Housing starts have rebounded slightly since then, and timber operators say they hope that will help moderate any downturn in their markets. An influx of salvage logs from wildfire areas could also affect lumber prices.


Farmers, ranchers to receive leadership training

Ten farmers and ranchers from around California have begun intensive training on agricultural issues and governmental policy as part of the Leadership Farm Bureau program. The program's 2019 class was formally introduced Tuesday during a California Farm Bureau conference in Sacramento. Class members were among more than 250 Farm Bureau members who participated in legislative visits at the state Capitol during the conference.    


The new craft workshops at Books & More on Saturday mornings are going well. We have a new crafter who volunteered to teach a group how to dye Russian Easter Eggs. It is quite an interesting process; this workshop will be offered on April 13. Stop in or call for more information (675-3275). Each week there is different workshop offered.

Yuba Feather Community Services will be holding their annual election tonight at 7:00. This group does a great deal for the communities by organizing and running Ponderosa community center and park. They hold an open meeting each month on the second Tuesday from 7 to 9 pm. Please come by and get involved in some of the

programs. The big change they are working on this season is making changes in the Farmer's Market: times, location, and additional features. A day for Family Kickball is being planned also, so come get involved.

There will be a special presentation at Stone Soup on Thursday, March 14, about a program called Air Med Care. It is an ambulance membership program that gives you helicopter transportation when one needs an air ambulance. This program will begin at 1:00 at the community center. Come by for lunch first at noon if you would like. `

Look Back in Time – In 1903 the 8th and 9th grades of Upham School in Rackerby were having extra lessons in surveying, map-drawing, bookkeeping, and natural philosophy (good practical skills).

Hope to see you in Brownsville soon. Christine and Yvonne



               By Boots Johnson

When the high water recedes in both the Sacramento and Feather River we should see a better than average striper run this year. Expect the Feather River to be fishable before the Sacramento due to runoff from Shasta. We anticipate good striper fishing in the Feather above Boyd’s Pump and in the Yuba City area. At this time we recommend staying off the Sacramento due to the high water, but some anglers are trying striper fishing on the Feather. The striper run usually gets underway well by mid-March.

The buzz we heard about the fishing licenses being on a calendar year basis is about to be voted on by the California Sportsfishing League. The proposal, if approved will make it the law that the fishing license will be good for a full year from the date of purchase. As we all know currently it does not matter when you purchase your license during the year because it is null and void on December 31st. It is hoped this new law will increase the purchase of fishing licensed in California, which have dropped considerably since 1980.

Many reservoirs in the northern state are full and some are spilling over.  Lake Berryessa is overflowing along with Collins Lake.  Shasta Dam is almost at capacity and we have word that Clear Lake in the flood stage.

Paradise Lake still remains closed to fishing. This closure has been in effect since the horrible fire which leveled the town of Paradise above Chico. Reports tell us the lake will remain closed for the time being and there is no word on when it will reopen.

Reports tell us that Lake Almanor, which is located near the town of Chester, has had record snow this winter with most of the lake frozen over except for the Hamilton Branch area and the Peninsula. We are told, with more storms predicted, to expect this body of water as unfishable at this time.

Closing thought: “Nine out of ten living things live in the oceans.”



Floods hamper North Coast farms

The impact of late-February floods will likely disrupt North Coast dairy farms for some time to come. One Humboldt County dairy farmer says floodwater from the Eel River affected a number of dairies in the region. Sediment will need to be removed from pastures before cows can graze there. Dairies will also need to repair fences, wiring and water systems, a process the farmer says could take weeks.

Winter storms benefit underground aquifers

Along with swelling the Sierra snowpack, winter storms have aided efforts to replenish groundwater basins. An increasing number of regions have created places to pond water, to filter down to underground aquifers--a process known as active recharge. Groundwater experts say the rains also benefit natural recharge, but that determining just how much aquifers have risen can be difficult to measure.  


Two genes control sweetness of citrus

New, sweeter varieties of citrus fruit could result from research conducted in the Netherlands and California. By analyzing citrus raised at the University of California, Riverside, scientists in Amsterdam isolated two genes that appear to control whether citrus fruit will be sweet or sour. The discovery could help future plant breeders produce sweet-tasting fruit with just the right balance of tang.


Farmers welcome decision to end electric-line project

In a decision that relieved farmers in part of the Sacramento Valley, a utility has cancelled plans to build an electrical transmission line in Colusa and Sutter counties. Farmers who attended public meetings about the proposal said the line would have harmed farmland and wildlife that uses the farmland as habitat. One of the project's sponsors, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, cited cost in deciding to cancel the project.


You have to admit. The socialistic movement is growing. After the Bernie Sanders run, we are now greeted with 29 year old Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez (D- NY) whose moniker is commonly shortened to AOC.

With the charisma likened to Obama, her call from everything to clean energy to workers’ rights has resonated with the left side of the aisle and as usual, there are many unanswered questions as to how we might pay for all of these “not so new” ideas. I say not new because the socialistic agenda has its methods and that method is to offer up lots of grand ideas with little substance and an even littler idea about how to pay for it all.

Socialism is, or so they think, the magic blue pill to many. Appealing to an ever growing constituency of the low income earners, the deep but seldom talked about psychological allure of such an agenda centers around one easily digestible idea:  one’s plight is not the fault of him or herself but the systems. 

Ah, we knew that all along now didn’t we?

The central theme of the socialistic free dinner bell is that the flawed system we have called Capitalism is a horrible system and the greedy, uncompassionate rich take advantage of everyone who’s not part of it.

Those are the reasons I’m broke, unhappy and can’t seem to get ahead and it has nothing to do with the fact I don’t like to get up early, decided to be a tennis pro instead of a banker, screwed around in high school and didn’t get good enough grades to get into college or just didn’t want to.

You have to appreciate a good con.

Not that everything one does leads to riches, fame or the food bank. Luck has something to do with it of course, and I’m not putting down tennis pros or sleeping in. It’s just that you have the right to do what you want, and if what you decide to do doesn’t make you happy or rich enough, don’t come asking me to cover your shortsightedness in career choice or degree of luck you might of had. It's called life, deal with it.

I’ve always believed good luck is when preparation meets opportunity. So good luck is not a given but you want to give it every chance that when you do see some, you are prepared to take advantage of it.

However with AOC and Sanders, Warren and a host of other dreamers of a utopia conclusion, comes what some might say is the evitable slow grinding progression of the wheel of socialism, or at least some hybrid of it.

From the New Green Deal, which in actuality is not new, to an ultra-rich tax , to single payer health care, the allure of such things to some is too great to resist and too good a dream to want to wake up from.

So awake, yet in a perpetual dream state, the proponents of such ideas march on, swaying their protests signs to and fro, always gathering more followers, like the proverbial rolling snowball getting increasingly bigger with each rotation.

Don’t get me wrong, there is not a sane person on the planet that wouldn’t want everyone to be comfortable in a warm bed till noon, with a fridge full of food, a brand new car in the driveway and house of their own they can call home, although some of us would still get up early.

The difference is what is obtainable and what is not. Call us realists but there just isn’t enough stuff in the world for everyone to sit on a pile of plenty. In economics is called the assumption of scarcity, and Quora defines it as:

Scarcity refers to the condition of insufficiency where the human beings are incapable to fulfill their wants in sufficient manner. In other words, it is a situation of fewer resources in comparison to unlimited human wants.

In plain English, is means there simply isn’t enough stuff for everyone. It may be unfair, and some may call it unjust, but realities don’t bend to opinion. They are simply realities. Trying to attach blame to a reality is ignorant, trying to alter it is foolhardy.

For instance, single payer healthcare is estimated to require a 36% increase in taxes for every American (Weiss and Associates).

Meanwhile the Mercatus Center at George Mason University published a rigorous analysis that pegged the price tag of single payer at $32.6 trillion over ten years. Considering the U.S. government spent 4 trillion total in 2017, its simply too expensive. Like WAY too expensive.

But realities like this don’t stop the sleepwalkers. It makes sense, because in dream state there are no reality, only fantasies.

In conclusion, all of us can dream and indeed want a world where there unlimited possibilities and everyone is one big fat and happy family, holding hands and singing Kumbaya.

But that kind of world is promised only in the afterlife, not in the here and now.

That won’t stop the dreamers from trying however, and should they attempt to make their dream a reality, instead of some sort of heaven they strive for, it will be more like the other place.

This article expresses the opinions of Marc Cuniberti and are opinions only and should not be construed or acted upon as individual investment advice. Mr. Cuniberti is an Investment Advisor Representative through Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Marc can be contacted at SMC Wealth Management, 164 Maple St #1, Auburn, CA 95603 (530) 559-1214. SMC and Cambridge are not affiliated. His website is California Insurance License # OL34249

By Don Rae

  • AOC says she’s the boss. Back to school, snowflake. “We the people” are the bosses. You are the hired help. Not only that, you are the probationary hired help. You can be dismissed for cause or for no cause. And so far, your proposals are as valuable as road kill.
  • Sacramento’s crazy mayor basically says the police should leave criminals alone. If you are a cop, you are a prime target under Steinberg’s policy suggestion.
  • The Democrats are out on a snipe-hunt. Planning impeachment while hunting for a reason.
  • Considering the dubious qualifications of most of the announced Democratic presidential candidates, can we expect AOC to throw her diaper into the ring. Oh wait, she is way under the age requirement to be president.
  • Stephon Clark really appears like a classic example of suicide by police. The protesters at the Arden Mall should be sued for the lost wages of the employees and the loss of profits for the merchants they caused.
  • A 25-year drought in the 13th Century brought about the abandonment of the Mesa Verde cliff dwelling population. And, guess what? There was no fossil fuel messing up the atmosphere. Climate change is a naturally occurring cycle and eliminating air travel won’t be the panacea to save the planet.
  • Biden says Pence is a nice guy. The Democrats go ballistic. Biden quickly backtracks. What a wuss. Mr.Milquetoast. And he wants to be President?
  • The Democrats in the Senate all voted for murdering babies.
  • AOC how do you plan on eliminating all the sacred cows wandering around the streets of India? How about the cattle industry in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, among other of our neighbors?
  • As for the Green New Deal, why should we work just to turn over our hard-earned wages to AOC so she can hand it out to her couch-potato friends? Instead, AOC, send me your salary so I can enjoy my leisure with your money.
  • Keep foremost in your mind that FDR’s New Deal was failing until December 7, 1941. The war brought us out of the depression, not FDR and his hundreds of useless programs.
  • Did you pay attention to the corruption in New York City? Bellagio’s wife was put in charge of a considerable number of mental health programs in the city. But recent audits show she can’t account for some $850 million of tax dollars allocated to health programs. Sounds like she went to the Hillary School of Economics. Will the Democrats open dozens of investigations? Fat chance.
  • Shall we take another look at climate change and global warming? Last week a report was released which showed Los Angeles having the coldest February in 60 years. 8 degrees below normal. Even West Hollywood had a dusting of snow. Imagine, snow falling on the snowflakes.
  • The Army Corps of Engineers paid $60 billion to protect New Orleans. That comes to $435.00 each for 395,000 residents for some meteorological event which might happen in the next 60 years. But the idiot legislators won’t allocate $5.7 billion to protect millions of citizens at about $92.00 per citizen by building a barrier on the southern border. This small amount would protect citizens now – not possibly protect someone 50 years from now.
  • Look back at recent history. Obama gave awards to sexual predators. Presidential medals were given to Clinton, Weinstein, Weiner and Crosby. If you want a presidential medal from a Democrat, be a sexual predator.
  • The Smollett case is a prime example of why authorities and the press need to carefully evaluate charges before giving credence to the accuser and demonizing the so-called perpetrators. Doesn’t anyone recall Tawana Brawley and the Duke Lacrosse team, among many others?
  • Where are the environmentalists with their cork to plug the Magnum volcano in Vanuatu? It is throwing more dangerous gases into the atmosphere than anything man or cows are doing.
  • What’s up with the Democrats? They tried to make a dead liberal judge’s vote count. Even the 9th Circuit threw that out. The judge has to be serving on the court when the decision comes out. That’s just common sense. Then again, the Democrats don’t always use common sense.
  • A Sierra Club study says cement production is responsible for 5 percent of carbon pollution globally. Researchers also claim that California’s cement factories are more polluting than their counterparts in China and India. Is this study the product of a pot-smoking adult who hasn’t reached beyond his pre-teen year, or junk science? What can we infer from this baloney? A reasonable conclusion is that the Democrats hate jobs and freedom and love government.  After the cement industry who is next? 
  • Hillary is back. She goes to Selma, Alabama, one of the poorest cities in the country (of course, run by Democrats) and complains about losing the 2016 election. Nary a peep on how to help the residents of Selma. She feels she deserved to be President because of her accomplishments. Name one.
  • A recent Bridge champion was suspended from playing in tournaments because of high levels of testosterone. What?
  • Alan Schiff held so many improper meetings related to the Trump investigation that he should not only recuse himself from all hearings, he should step down as chairman of his committee, and he should resign from Congress.
  • In today’s world, why would anyone decide on a law enforcement career? The usual suspects are encouraging anarchy and seem to hope that the bad guys run rampant with no societal controls at all. To top it off, so-called experts make it impossible to use “concealed carry” protection. The honest citizen is being turned into a target. Good work, politicians.
  • Well, the Democrats are now touting infanticide. How about it, Garamendi? Are you in favor of killing babies?
  • Why aren’t the Democrats being investigated when the Russians donated $145 million to the Clinton Foundation? Trump didn’t get a single Ruble, yet he’s the target of dozens of investigations which are bankrupting his supporters. Something is definitely wrong with this scenario.

Starring: Brie Larson,

 Samuel L. Jackson, and Ben Mendelsohn

Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 2H 4Min


A Kree special ops soldier finds herself on the wrong end of an ambush. She is captured and through torture, her hidden past is opened to her and leads her down the road to Super Heroville.

            Captain Marvel, earns a solid Five out of Five, Flerken Monkeys. Marvel does it again, by turning out another movie that entertains and inspires. So many movies these days seem to celebrate the moral failings of characters without redeeming them and then demean the characters that show high moral fortitude. Captain Marvel is not one of them.

            The story is very well done and fits nicely into the continuity of the Marvel Universe with insight into the foundations of past stories. One odd thing is why they are looking for a light speed engine, when they can already use jump points to travel faster than light across the galaxy. The acting is great and the productions value is explosive. Captain Marvel is certainly worth a trip to see in theaters, perhaps even twice or thrice. A second viewing of, Alita: Battle Angel, is also a good idea before it is forced out of theaters completely.



Almond farmers monitor pollination

Wet February weather comes as almond orchards throughout the Central Valley move toward full bloom. In a blog post, the Blue Diamond Growers cooperative describes the bloom as in different stages, depending on the region. Almond trees depend on bees for pollination, and bees don't fly in rainy weather. But a University of California farm advisor says bees take advantage of breaks in the weather and can accomplish a lot in a short time.  

Water supplies buoy hopes for annual crops

The prospect of improved water supplies as a result of above-average precipitation could give farmers more flexibility in their choice of annual crops. Farmers say the potential for more water should give them options to plant more land and choose among suitable vegetable, grain and field crops. For example, analysts expect California farmers to plant more cotton this year, in part because of improved water availability and in part due to market forces.  

Honey sweetens food and economy, study says

People in the United States consume nearly 600 million pounds of honey a year, according to a University of California study released Tuesday by the National Honey Board. About half that consumption comes from food in which honey is an ingredient. The study estimates U.S. honey production generates 22,000 jobs and about $4.7 billion in economic activity. California ranks third in the nation in honey production.


Strawberry research may lead to crop improvements

Knowing more about strawberry genetics promises to help plant breeders enhance crop quality and protect berries from disease. Scientists at the University of California, Davis, announced this week they had worked with an international team to sequence the strawberry genome. Strawberry specialists say that will allow them to identify genes that protect the plant against diseases, and those that affect aroma, shelf life and other key factors.

The economies of time is an essential one and spending our time wisely can pay off huge dividends both in productivity, relationships and monetarily.

I have contact with many people in my profession and the people I encounter run the gamut between left and right, poor and rich, and all points in between.

Honestly, I can’t say there aren’t tendencies and patterns that tie directly into what I deem as successful people and those not so successful. The same goes for those leaning politically left and those leaning right.

As for time management, most of the successful people I know get up at “zerodarkthirty” (that’s early in laymen terms) or close to it.

I know most of the contractors, business owners and entrepreneurs (at least the successful ones) not only wake early but work long hours. Most of these people also frown upon any new taxes so what political aisle they lean in to might be an easy guess for most readers.

Getting up early is not only a God send in my opinion but a necessity for those wishing to excel in their craft and/ or business as there is always too much work and not enough time.

Getting up early is not easy, as getting out of a warm bed is not the most desirable thing to do but I find once I am up I am glad I did it.  But try telling that to my brain when I first wake up. It’s a battle of wills for sure, left brain against right.

If I manage to get up at 4:00 or 5:00 am I find the extra two or three hours allows me to get most of my work done without rushing or worrying excessively, something I tend to do if I sleep in.  I can get out of the house earlier, be more stressfree and the days seems like it has so much more time in it.

I heard an insightful comment about getting up early on one of the many inspirational audios I listen to everyday (something I highly recommend by the way).

It said:

What do you gain by getting up early?  Everything. What are you missing by sleeping in? Everything.  What do you gain by sleeping in? Nothing”

Try telling that to yourself a few times and getting up earlier gets a bit easier.

On the flip side (and the unfortunate one) I find some of those complaining about their plight a lot tend to sleep in more. Ditto those spending a lot of time on social media. Those wanting higher taxes and spouting the typical “get those guys, corporations aren’t people and pay your fair share” seem to be lacking in not only money (hence wanting someone else’s) but also lack the fortitude and will power to rise with the roosters and try and make a go of it instead of blaming others for their lack of whatever.

Yes, I know this sounds judgmental and categorizing a bit, but I do meet a lot of people and truly folks, it’s what I see. I always ask certain questions of certain types of people as a sort of poll I take to find out how people think and why. Often I ask those who I might hire to do some carpentry or fix a leak who they support politically, whether they think taxes are too high, what time they get up and if they are on social media a lot.

Not exclusive to their answers mind you, the majority of their responses I fathom you dear readers can guess.

As to when these people get up?

Well they all know what ‘zerodarkthirty” means. 

Marc Cuniberti hosts “Money Matters” on KVMR FM aired on 65 radio stations nationwide. He is a financial columnist for a variety of publications. Marc holds a BA in Economics from SDU with honors 1979. His website is and he can be reached at (530) 559-1214. Visit him on Facebook (FB) under Marc Cuniberti and also on the "Money Matters” and “Money Matters Investing in Community" FB pages. The views expressed are opinions only.

By Don Rae

  • It has only been a blink in history since a tax cut was legislated in Washington. Almost immediately the Democrats were calling for repeal and an increase of taxes up to 70%. Who was in the forefront? Why the ignorant new Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Perhaps it is hard to recall that as far back as the New Deal of the Democratic presidency of Franklin Roosevelt, the wealthy could expect to see more than 75% of their hard-earned income snatched by Washington. Of course, any loss the businessman incurred was his alone to bear. No help from Washington. So many would hoard their money and wait for better times. As a result no new factories were built or businesses opened or expanded. No new jobs were created and folks were stuck on charity and close to starvation. Apparently OAC missed her American History classes and is unaware of the failure of high tax policies.
  • The #BornAliveAct failed in the Senate by a vote of 53-44. 44 Democratic senators voted No. These sleazy Senators voted against legislation that would have protected baby human beings. Evil is too mild a word for those who voted no. Harris and Feinstein among them.
  • “What’s happened to our park in the last 34 days is irreparable for the next 200 to 300 years,” former Joshua Tree National Park Superintendent Curt Sauer said at the end of the Shutdown for Joshua Tree National Park. Of course there was no description of what happened in those 34 days which would create such havoc. What was it, Sauer? Did an Atomic Bomb blow the park apart? Or did you go around chopping down the flora and shooting all the fauna? Your published statement is a key to why you are the former Superintendent.
  • From Facebook: Democrats fart too. Save the cows.
  • The Judiciary Committee just voted to require ICE to be notified if an illegal invader tries to buy a gun. All the Democrats voted against the bill. What do you make of this? Democrats want illegals to be heavily armed, but want Americans to be disarmed and helpless.
  • The Manam volcano in Vanuatu erupted recently and threw more dangerous gases into the atmosphere than any car or truck in existence. What are you going to do about it, environmentalists? Plug up the hole? And how are humans responsible for this catastrophe?
  • The Smollett hoax is a prime example of why the press, authorities, and celebrities – including politicians – need to carefully evaluate charges before foaming at the mouth.
  • Kamala Harris began her rise to the Senate by being the cuddly girlfriend of a politician. It that being an appropriate role model for girls these days?
  • The mainstream media has been sneaky about its marriage to man-caused climate change. It now accuses a scientist who is being logical, reasonable and basing opinions on fact, not hyperbole of “scientific consensus”, of the incorporation of industry-backed and disputed science into federal environmental policy. In other words, if you don’t go along with the Green New Deal, shut up.
  • The Democrats have been saying that there are no caravans wandering their way through Mexico. It is, according to them, just another false narrative and manufactured crisis. If so, then why is the mainstream media reporting that Mexico is stopping such caravans and deporting the folks to other cities away from the US border?
  • All our levee organizations have been telling us that we are safe. Then why did the media jump up and down over a story that the recent rain has caused portions of the levees to erode? Another Oroville spillway type disaster on the horizon?
  • The tons of debris from the Camp Fire travel on its merry way through the middle of Marysville. Of course, we don’t need a by-pass, do we?
  • Once in a dog’s age a government project actually does what it was supposed to do, and much more. Opportunity was designed to travel on Mars for around 3 months. It lasted 60 times longer. Rest in peace, Opportunity.
  • No more peanuts or Cracker Jacks in the ball park. Why? Because in the last 10 years there have been 13 deaths attributed to peanut allergy. – which may or may not be accurate. Marijuana is legal, but peanuts are not?
  • We, as patrons of the games of the NFL, demand to know the conditions of the settlement of the Kaepernick suit against the NFL.
  • Basic income of $500 a month? We work but the government steals our money and gives it to those who don’t or won’t?
  • Several transgender students have been allowed to compete out of their birth sex in Connecticut high school track and field. And, again this year, a transgender took the gold. Talk about unfair political correctness. A male who says he is a transgender female will always have an advantage in sports competitions over those who are born female.
  • Nancy Pelosi demands that Trump and Pence release their personal tax returns. At the same time she says she should not have to release hers.
  • In 1969 the Supreme Court opined that there is no such thing as “hate speech.” Why is that term still being used to stifle free speech, especially by Democrats?
  • Talk of reparations has reared its ugly head again. How about reparations for the descendents of the 600,000 Union troops who died in the Civil War on the Union side, who joined their comrades in eliminating slavery?
  • Is there anything logical, reasonable and filled with common sense coming out of the mouth of AOC? She now says it is immoral to have children. Did she get that stone tablet from on high? Are all girls to be sterilized at birth?


            We hear that the Family Kickball game has been postponed and will be tried again on March 9. Two reasons: wet weather and the opportunity to attend the Yuba Feather Taco Dinner that evening. We  hope many will attend the Taco Dinner to help out Yuba Feather School and then come play Kickball the next Saturday. Let's have fun together, many of us from all of our communities.

            Count the daffodils on our hill. They are telling us that spring is just around the corner. The lilacs are budding, almond blossoms fill the valley air and yet we may still see a snow flurry or two. These mixed up seasons: fall and spring. You never know. I have heard it said that it has snowed at least once in every month of the year in La Porte.

            Okay, it’s that time again! Daylight savings time is back. Whatever you do, don’t forget to “Spring Forward” your clock on Sunday, March 10th. Actually, you should set it forward on Saturday, March 9th before you go to bed, otherwise you’ll be late for any Sunday morning plans. Believe me, I’ve made that mistake more times than I wish to admit.

            Look Back in Time – In 1898 H. Klos of Brownsville built a butcher shop in Indiana Ranch and will open next week (a good old-fashioned butcher shop!).

            Hope to see you in Brownsville soon. Christine and Yvonne

Fighting With My Family

Starring: Nick Frost,

Lena Headey, and Florence Pugh

Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 1hour 48 minutes


            A young girl is raised in a family that turned to wrestling to escape drugs and crime. With their passion for the sport she is infused with the essence of wrestling and that takes her to, World Wrestling Entertainment. Her family delights in her success as some struggle with being left behind.

            Fighting With My Family, earns four out of five, Freak Monkeys From Norwich. How can a movie of this subject matter earn so high a rating? I am glad you asked. It is because it has heart and treats every character as human, with flaws and redemption. The acting has just the right amount of polish to make you believe in the characters. The story is a solid telling of a worthy tale that has hard truths and holds no punches in telling them. There is crude humor included in this film, so the faint of heart may wish to wait for the edited broadcast addition. For the stouthearted wrestling fan, I think you will enjoy it. I am looking at you A.J.


               By Boots Johnson

Conditions have improved in local rivers for sturgeon. The big fish are being caught in the Feather and Sacramento Rivers. Hot spot in the Feather is at the Bear River, with good results coming in from Knights Landing on the Sacramento. The fish appear to be hungry, taking just about any offering which include sardines, shrimp, pile worms and night crawlers.

Reports tell us striped bass are in the Feather River at this time, brought up by the recent planting of steelhead at Boyd’s Pump below Yuba City. Dry conditions have cleared up the river which is still running low. The Bear River however is running high since Camp Far West Reservoir had water going over the spillway last week.

This is a new year and we advise to be sure your fishing license has been purchased prior to hitting the waters. As we all know from past experience the cost of the license goes up every year. This year it will set you back $49.94 unless you are out of state. Then the license will be $134.74. One day license will cost $16.20.

All the high water makes for good catfishing. Our weather source advises storms this week which will last four to six days. This will again bring in the catfish in flooded waters and muddy up the rivers.

We have a report from Collins Lake above Marysville that the reservoir is full and is spilling over. When this lake clears up a bit we can expect excellent fishing for planted trout. The plants will be made on a regular basis.

Lake Oroville is still murky and muddy and the reservoir continues to rise four or five feet a day. This just about makes fishing impossible or a waste of time. The new storm front coming in will certainly aggravate the situation here.

Our weather source advised a couple weeks ago that we would be seeing winter conditions like we have had in past years.  We are told the snow depth in the high country is the most people have seen in the last 40 or 50 years. Runoff from this deep snow should make for outstanding striper fishing on the Feather River this year.

Closing thought: “Do not hang back with the compliments…..they might just make some ones day.”

Featuring the voices of: Jay Baruchel,

 America Ferrera, and F. Murray Abraham

Rated: PG Runtime: 1 hour 44 min

This is the third foray into the realm of Vikings and Dragons. The new young Chieftain must lead his people to safety when they are threatened by a band of warlords and their dragon hunter. The Chieftain must also navigate the varied ways of the heart and learn the cost that comes with honest love.

            How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, earns three out of five, Dragon Dressed Sheep Monkeys. This is a mildly amusing story that transforms from a children’s tail into a young adult story with more mature themes subtly moving throughout the plot. The animation is getting better and better. The voice acting is alright but seemed a bit off in places.

            The kids in the theater seemed to really enjoy the film and it got a few laughs out of me as well. It is not a waste of money to see in theaters, but unless you are a fan of the series, it may be better to wait until it is released on video.

As the call for Universal Health Care gets louder, what’s not to like about a free pass for everyone at every health center in America. Maybe not so easy to understand however  so let’s just say its a single payer plan and it means exactly that, one single entity pays all the bills. That entity being the U.S. government of course and nobody else could possibly afford it.  

Everyone will be on it (except those occupying the Ivory halls of Washington and the military and maybe a few fortunate others )and people will probably be enrolled at birth.

But like all things business, of which the government is, where they get their funds would be a thought we all might stop and ponder for a minute.

The easy answer of course is taxes, but in actuality, the Fed can also borrow money as well as print it so there is actually three sources of funding. Of course, borrowing it means it has to be eventually paid back using one or both of the other two sources.

Printing the money to pay the cost of a government paid health care system probably sounds good, and indeed when I don’t have my economics hat, I’m all for it. But then I see that damn hat and it hits me (not the hat but the reality brought upon me by my education) and I start doing the math.

Printing it IS borrowing it so that leaves only one source left, taxing it. Taking the math a little farther leads us to the unsavory realization that all taxes are buckets with holes in them. In other words, for every buck in tax taken from an economy, only a portion of it comes back to that economy. How MUCH comes back is highly debated of course so let’s just say not ALL of it comes back. Some of it is eaten by the bureaucracy. Not much argument there if we use the word “some”.

No matter how we slice it, or should I say pay for it, the cost of it will probably be highly then anyone imagines. Remember, where oodles of money goes, so follows higher prices.

One thing that probable most would agree on is that the right will think it cost a fortune and the left will think the fortune it will cost will be worth it.

So how much WILL it cost?

Tony Sagami, a brilliant analyst and scholar fires up his gas powered calculator and gives us his opinion in his February article entitled: “Medicare for all? At what cost?”

In his article Sagami says everyone agrees it will be “very expensive” and subsequently pegs the number at 3.5 trillion annually. Given that the entire U.S. government 2019 budget is 4.4 trillion, we can safely say “very expensive’ might be an understatement.

From a more objective and qualified source, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), tax rates would have to rise by 36% on every American in the U.S. to pay for Universal Health Care.

Did they say 36% more in taxes for every American?

I think I’m gonna be sick.

This article expresses the opinions of Marc Cuniberti and are opinions only and should not be construed as the opinions of any media outlet that may publish his articles or newscasts. Mr. Cuniberti hosts Money Matters Radio carried on over 65 stations nationwide and is a columnist for a variety of publications. His website is and he can be reached at (530) 559-1214.



CVP to issue its first water forecast

With the Sierra snowpack swollen to far above average, three members of Congress have urged the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to factor in this month's storms and maximize its projected water deliveries for irrigation in the San Joaquin Valley. In a letter to the bureau, the legislators say the snowfall should help the Central Valley Project provide more certainty on water supplies. The first forecast of CVP supplies is expected this week.


Scale categorizes strength of atmospheric rivers

A new scale to rank "atmospheric river" storms could help water managers plan for the rain and snow the storms bring. The state Department of Water Resources says it has partnered with researchers to develop the scale. It ranks storms on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being mostly beneficial and category-5 storms primarily hazardous. DWR says atmospheric-river storms provide most of the state's water supply--but also cause most of its floods.          


Beekeepers report theft of colonies

With almond bloom progressing in the Central Valley, beekeepers have placed colonies in orchards to pollinate the crop. But demand for bees may be close to outstripping supply--and that has contributed to thefts of bee colonies. Beekeepers in both the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys have reported losing hives. A sheriff's deputy who investigates bee thefts says beekeepers and farmers must work closely together to prevent bees from being stolen.

Pistachio consumption poised to set record

People around the world will eat more pistachios than ever before, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Record production in both the United States and Turkey will offset a crop failure in Iran, leading to higher available supplies. Those three nations produce the bulk of the world pistachio crop, with smaller production coming from Syria and the European Union. California farms produce virtually all U.S.-grown pistachios.