By Boots Johnson

We have several reports this week, most of which come from the delta and ocean waters. There has been a mix of both warm and cold waters in the Northern part of California which, according to where you are located, either puts the fish on the bite or turns them off.

The bass bite at Lake Berryessa last week was best in the afternoon rather than mornings due to the cold weather. If you find the fish they will cooperate with jigs.

Rain is predicted this week, probably on Wednesday or Thursday. This should improve the sturgeon fishing on the Sacramento River. However, some fish are still being caught at Verona. We are told a combination of baits such as eel and roe or cut bait and shrimp work best.

As stated above at the beginning of this week’s column fishing in the ocean or the Delta is the best bet at this time. In the Sacramento Delta the action is slow due to cold water whereas lots of halibut are being taken in the Santa Cruz areas. Party boats are closing down for the winter and will start service again in March. Perch are plentiful fishing from shore up a ways from Fort Bragg.

Congratulations go out the Chico angler Scott Hood who was fishing on January 2nd on a charter boat when he caught a huge rockfish near Twin Rocks. These brown rockfish are rare off the southern Oregon coast. The fish was identified as a brown rockfish and could be big enough to break the world record but was cleaned and cut up before anyone realized it was a possible trophy fish.

The Feather River is still running very low at this time. We advise caution if you decide to launch a boat in this water. Keep in mind, if you have a prop, that they are expensive to repair and more costly to replace.

Closing thought: “kindness does not cost anything.”

Featuring the voices of: John Cena, Kate McKinnon, and Bobby Cannavale

Rated: PG Runtime: 108 min

A young bull starts out on a bull fighting ranch. He has no taste for violence and when he has his chance he makes a break for freedom. He finds his idyllic place in a flower farm and grows as big as his heart. Do to misunderstandings betwixt bulls and humans he finds himself in a bit of a pickle with only a goat and three hedgehogs to help him through his travails.

The story is simple and sweet. A true showcase of power used for peace and love. The voice acting is good and the animation is a bit clunky, but with so much animation out there it must be difficult to find a unique style.

Ferdinand, earns two out of five, Train Riding Monkeys. This is not a bad film, it is just not worth the money for three or more people to see in theaters. The animation is clunky and the jokes are forced and poorly crafted. A little better editing would go a long way to making this better. The deciding factor is that the kids in the theater didn’t seem to be too enthused by the film and they are the target audience.

Yuba County will be at the Foothill Fire House on Saturday, January 20th for $8.00 rabies shots. Bring your pets down and save yourself a few dollars. They will also have available the new tags. Pets must be restrained. The Foothill Fire House is located at 16796 Willow Glen Rd., Brownsville.

Have you stopped by Books and More lately? They have added a wonderful section filled with glassware, clothing, local crafts and artwork, kitchen gadgets, greeting cards, jewelry and a multitude of other gift ideas. It’s not to be missed. Books and More is located on Willow Glen Rd. in Brownsville.

Thank you to all of our faithful readers.

See you around Brownsville Yvonne & Christine

Dry December means early irrigating

With hardly any December rain to speak of, farmers throughout the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys resorted to early-winter irrigation. They said it would be nearly impossible to catch up if the soil is too dry when spring comes. One ranch manager said, under normal conditions, he doesn't usually need to start irrigating until mid-May. At least two irrigation districts may release water early for those needing it.

Strawberry farmers may produce another record crop

There should be plenty of California strawberries for shoppers this year, if weather and growing conditions cooperate. The California Strawberry Commission says farmers may produce another record crop, just as they did the last two years. This is in spite of fewer acres being planted. Farmers say higher-yielding strawberry varieties have allowed them to produce more fruit on less land.

Leafy greens may slow cognitive decline

Aging lovers of leafy greens may benefit from brains that behave as much as 11 years younger, according to a study recently published in the journal Neurology. Researchers found consumption of at least one serving daily of green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach and lettuce was associated with slower cognitive decline in participants, ages 58 to 99.

Families still own most U.S. farms

Farming is still overwhelmingly comprised of family businesses, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which offers a snapshot of America's diverse family farms in a new report. It says 99 percent of U.S. farms are family farms, and they accounted for 90 percent of farm production in 2016.


A Look at 2017

Since the Trump presidency there is little argument the stock markets of the world have been positive.

In 2017 some milestones are worth noting and although Trump himself might take credit for all of it, political rhetoric is far from truth.

The following statistics are taken from Bloomberg:

The Dow has reached new highs as well as most of the other indexes. Specifically the Dow cracked into new territory 69 times in 2017. With little looking back, the chart of various stock markets look like the trajectory of a ballistic missile. Common contrarian assets like fixed income have languished some and one could argue this is in keeping with how markets move: fixed income sometimes tends to move in opposite direction when investors are giddy with the stock market.

Chinese stocks had the most stocks considered as best performers.

The so-called “fear index” VIX plummeted to new lows in a chart that looks much like the Dow but in the opposite direction, which means down followed by more down.

Global corporations broke the record for participating in bonds that emphasized green investments so the planet let out a sigh of relief in this year.

European corporations issued a record 96 billion Euros in high yield debt, commonly referred to as junk bonds in some circles. This was attributed to record low interest rates and a favorable business climate.

Global corporate bonds outpaced them all with 2.5 trillion issued out in 2017.

Unemployment eased to 15 year lows in the U.S., Japan, Hong Kong, Israel, the U.K. and Portugal.

Bitcoin’s market cap outpaced all but 12 companies in the S&P 500 with a 1,752 % gain in value reflecting at time of writing 277 billion worth of the digital asset.

Other 2017 notables include the largest equity buyout was accomplished by Apollo Global Management with a whopping 24.6 billion dollars in funds and Hong Kong residential property continued to hold the valuation record as the most expensive real estate market on the planet.

17 Atlantic storms which were big enough to be given names are reported to have caused the largest insurance losses on record.

And the U.S. student loan market exceeded the total amount of the high yield corporate market which boils down to a heck of a lot of money is owed by college grads and attendees. Some say this could be another crisis in the making along with sub-prime auto debt.

And 2017 also witnessed a world of excesses in the art world with Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi fetching the highest price ever paid for a painting sold at auction with a price tag of 450.3 million dollars.

All in all there have been worse years in the markets and while 2017 doesn’t hold all the records, the year has certainly been exciting for investors and companies alike.

This article expresses the opinions of Marc Cuniberti and are opinions only and should not be construed or acted upon as individual investment advice. Mr. Cuniberti is an Investment Advisor Representative through Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Marc can be contacted at MKB Financial Services 164 Maple St #1, Auburn, CA 95603 (530) 823-2792. MKB Financial Services and Cambridge are not affiliated. His website is www.moneymanagementradio.com. California Insurance License # OL34249. The indexes detailed may not be invested in directly. Please consult a qualified investment professional before making any investment decisions.

By Don Rae

·The recently released report on DWR concerning our Dam doesn’t go far enough. No managers, engineers and other experts at DWR are being fired for their incompetence and lack of attention to the safety of Californians. And now we are going to trust them? Disgraceful.

·Trump famously has said regarding immigration reform: “I’ll sign whatever you send me.” And the lefties chortled in glee thinking they have won the war. What they didn’t think of was a Republican House and Senate isn’t going to send Trump something he won’t sign. They’ll only send him something with which he agrees.

·The mainstream media hasn’t said much about the study showing that 95% of the news coverage on Trump has been negative. And why would they? Journalism is dead.

·The North Koreans and South Koreans have opened talks. Any wonder how that came about? Trump knows how to negotiate. The left can’t do other then appease bad guys. They wouldn’t know a good negotiator if one bit them on the rump.

·Oprah for President? Why not? Alfred E. Neuman of MAD magazine fame managed to have a short campaign way back in the 1960’s or 70’s.

·Time Magazine (December 2, 1966) printed a letter to the editor from a J. Albert Rolston. It reads: “Sir: the Republican upsurge of 1966 (Nov 18) may well mark a turning point in favor of the long-suffering, unorganized and all-but-forgotten voter: the American taxpayer. He is finally realizing that Great Society Programs rest on his back. The Democrats have abrogated their right to speak for the taxpayer. The Republican Party can increase its strength and can gain victory in 1968 if it bases its appeal on a program of reducing public debt and taxes.” Well folks, that was 52 years ago. Nothing ever changes.

·The Democrats for over a year have claimed Trump colluded with the Russians to swing the election his way. Nothing was found. But Hillary was shown to have paid the Russians for a fake dossier against Trump. But the FBI couldn’t find that truth. Since the Trump/Russia dog didn’t hunt, the Democrats have come up with another mantra – Trump is mentally unfit. Someone needs to get the lefties into therapy before they screw up the entire nation.Our super-smart (?) Attorney General Becerra says the feds have no business telling California how its police should do its job related to marijuana. How many federal consent decrees have been welcomed by Democrats in California over “racial discrimination” in police departments? On the national stage, how about federal troops being sent to Alabama to enforce school desegregation. Gross hypocrisy by California’s top law enforcement official.

·Boston’s mayor took to the microphones to advise Bostonians to dress appropriately if they go out into the cold. Nanny state. Doesn’t this brain-dead moron think folks have any common sense at all? Nothing new in today’s story of the cold, except for 24/7 hysterical news folks. Reminder. In the winter of 1947-8 folks in Boston (including myself) were snowed in for days.

· Caltrans is following Moonbeam’s lead on climate change by preparing a dozen reports that evaluate how things like warming temperatures, changes in rainfall and wildfires affect roadways. More taxpayer money wasted on a fraud.

· Trump is going about funding the tax relief by killing an Obama-era plan to finance half of a $13 billion rail tunnel project from New Jersey to New York City. Keep in mind the Federal $3.2 billion Obama loaned California for the high-speed rail project which the former President “forgave” when California had no way to pay it back. More spending cuts will be welcome.

· The New York Times actually printed a piece last week critical of Hillary. And the world did not come to an end! At any rate, Susie Buell, the founder of Esprit Clothing and a major donor to Clinton for years, paid $500,000 to Lawyer Lisa Bloom (daughter of Gloria Allred) to entice women willing to accuse President Trump of sexual misconduct before the 2016 election. Does it surprise you to know who is trying to smear Trump?

· According to Princeton University, masculinity is toxic. Therefore the loons have hired a “men’s engagement manager” who will combat “aggressive masculinity” on campus. The “Men’s Manager” will develop programs that target the perceived “high-risk campus-based populations for primary prevention of interpersonal violence, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, and stalking.” The posting paints men as nothing but beastly perpetrators of violence and women as the victims. In case you missed your biology classes, there are two genders – male and female. They cannot and should not be homogenized into one. vive la différence!

· Did you notice the old news clip where Meryl Streep leaped to her feet in joy when Roman Polanski received an Oscar? And this so-called intelligent woman now claims she didn’t have any idea about the rampant “casting-couch” behavior going on in her profession? Give me a break.

· To follow up, Hollywood is taking on the problem of sex harassment? Amazing. Look at the sexually-charged junk they produce for television and movies. If they didn’t continue on their immoral ways, their industry will collapse.

· At least there was a little bit of resistance coming out of Iran. And the mullahs claim that Iran’s “enemies” are responsible for folks demanding freedom. For once the mullahs got it right. Their own people are enemies of the regime.

· Did you pick up on the recent Hillary revelation which died in the mainstream media as quickly as the half-life of the isotope of the element francium 223 (22 minutes). The Clintons had some 900 FBI files available to them while Bill was in the White House. No wonder no one will take on the Clintons. They have the dirty goods on them. Corruption.

· Steven Hawkings said because we withdrew from the “non-binding” Paris Climate Accords we are on the verge of Earth becoming as unlivable as Venus. This statement shows that even the “most intelligent man on Earth” can be flim-flammed.

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Help celebrate 2018 by attending the Hill Top Breakfast on Jan. 14 at the community center. A good hot breakfast of scrambled eggs, biscuits, pancakes, ham or sausage is served from 8 until 11. A donation of $6 will get you all you can eat and the proceeds will help this group manage their medical van.

The rain has returned! The trees and plants all gave a great sigh and mushrooms sprouted up everywhere. Don’t ya just love it!

Sure looks like everyone is still trying to recuperate from the Christmas/New Years Holiday so not much is going on in the next week for us to report to you. Everyone can use this time for getting those 2017 receipts together for tax season. Oh Joy!

Look Back in Time – In 1940 Ed Magruder put up a windmill in Strawberry Valley. It produced enough electricity to light several rooms in his house (no bill from PG&E).

Hope to see you in Brownsville soon. Christine and Yvonne


By Boots Johnson

We hear about the Feather River conditions after the broken spillway at the dam. According to people on the know the high water and sediment from the entire damaged spillway has created problems with navigating the river by boat due to the sandbars and shallow areas. It has also been said all the changes and the filling in with sand has messed up the fishing and all the water creatures that live there. Unless something is done to correct the issue it will only become worse. Our advice to those who fish by boat, whether you have a jet or prop for power, is to be extremely careful now and in the months to come.

The high elevation reservoirs are beginning to freeze over but those who live up there advise to wait awhile before attempting to fish through the ice. Right now the conditions have been described as very dangerous.

The mackinaw lake trout living in Lake Tahoe have begun their winter bite. We recommend going out on a charter boat and dressing warm because it is turning cold up there. Reports tell us the biggest challenge is finding the fish. After they are located and the boat stays on their movement it is common to put limits in the boat with some up to six pounds.

We are now officially into the winter months and the sturgeon on the Sacramento River have been few and far between. If you decide to give it a try and come off empty handed we suggest you try the creeks and sloughs which empty into the river. Catfish, bass and crappie have been biting.

Anglers are still coming from near and far to Bullard’s Bar Reservoir in an attempt to catch a record spotted bass. Anglers have been catching bass, but most are in the three to seven pound range. Winter fishing in this reservoir has always been a hit and miss situation with some days great and others a complete wash.

The trout bite at Collins Lake has slowed considerably and will more than likely stay slow for a while.

Closing thought: “Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long you will miss them.”

Agricultural losses mount from Thomas Fire

The first estimate of agricultural losses from the huge Southern California wildfire totals more than $171 million. The Ventura County agricultural commissioner reports the Thomas Fire damaged more than 70,000 acres of cropland and rangeland. Damage to buildings and equipment accounted for two-thirds of the initial monetary losses. Among crops, avocados and lemons absorbed the worst damage.

Surveyors to look for Sierra snow

When state snow surveyors conduct their first physical survey of the year Wednesday, there likely won't be a lot to see. After a dry December, electronic readings of the Sierra snowpack show it standing at one-quarter of average for the date. Water managers use the snowpack data to plan for summertime supplies. Due to the heavy precipitation of a year ago, most large reservoirs in the state remain at or above their average levels for early January.

Solar plants needn't displace farmland, study learns

Plenty of places exist to locate new solar energy facilities without putting them on prime farmland, according to a University of California study. Researchers identified opportunities for locating solar plants on Central Valley land not suitable for farming, on rooftops of agricultural facilities and other places. A co-author of the study says it's important to explore such alternative sites for solar development, in order to conserve farmland.

USDA looks at millennials' food-buying habits

The millennial generation will likely be an important driver in the economy for years to come, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which reports on the generation's food-buying habits in a new study. It says millennials--born between 1981 and 1996--demand healthier, fresher food than earlier generations, spend less on food intended to be eaten at home and spend more on prepared foods.

Welcome to the Jungle

Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan, and Kevin Hart

Rated: PG:13 Runtime: 119 min

When four young people find themselves in detention and cleaning out the school basement for misconduct. They decide to play a video game that throws them into an intense jungle setting with a sharp learning curve for survival. Friendships are forged and life lessons are learned and the odd game that torments its players has new champions.

The story moves along at a steady cohesive pace and the human avatar switching plot device makes for some good laughs. The acting is good, as Kevin Hart and Jack Black work well below their usual over the top performances of the past, and that adds so much to the ensemble of the cast. An excellent choice in casting was made for this film.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, earns four out of five Sky Spawning Monkeys. This is a fun film meant for the thirteen and older crowd so the younger varmints will enjoy most of it, but hopefully the more mature jokes will float over their heads. If not have fun explaining things on the way home.

Has Bitcoin removed some of gold’s luster?

Gold has many functions, both industrially and monetarily. In industry gold has many unique properties, among them are extreme corrosion resistance, durability, malleability, conductivity and it obvious quality of beauty. Gold serves as an electronic component, has medicinal qualities, is used in jewelry and some even claim has magical qualities. As a monetary alternative, it has had few equals. Many paper currencies were backed by gold, based on gold, or tied to gold in some way or another. Even mighty governments including ours stockpile gold for monetary and economic reasons.

Many investors perceive gold as the only real money and it is said a gold coin in your hand is the ultimate in isolation from currency printing governments. Gold is bought in times of fear, both economically and otherwise and it has been considered a viable diversification in many portfolios.

Gold pays no interest in its physical form. It is also no one’s promise to pay as is a paper currency. Gold is recognizable worldwide and can be said the only thing enemies will trade with each other. It can’t be printed at will by governments so it is immune from monetary inflation which is inflation brought on by the over printing of a currency. Think Mexican Peso.

Gold basically has filled a need for those who distrust governments and monetary authorities who can print up dollars at will and possibly destroy or at least erode the purchasing power of those holding such currencies. Not to say gold doesn’t have its risks. All investments can be said to bear some risks, whether they be from organic supply/demand initiated risks, the risk of government interference, interest rate or general market risks but to name but a few. Gold has had wild swings in price in its history and the U.S. government among others have even made its possession illegal in the past. But golds unique qualities as thought of by some to be the panacea of wealth preservation over the centuries have held the steadfast belief there is no substitute.

That was until cryptocurrency arrived. Since bitcoin and the other forms of cyber dollars have become a viable alternative, at least in its availability, some have begun to question whether gold will be superseded by the idea of cloud based wealth vehicles. Indeed the market for “cryptos” as I call them, have challenged gold in sheer size and popularity. More people I know own cyber dollars in one form or another then own gold, or at least in recent months it seems that way. Certainly the interest in cryptos has exploded and one could say into a mania like frenzy. Indeed the chart for certain cyrptos like Bitcoin have an eerie resemblance to other boom/bust trading patterns in the past.

The idea of the crypto is that no one government can control them. The mathematical algorithms that make up crypto creation (some call it mining as in the mining of precious metals) exists on millions of computers everywhere which means it is virtually indestructible. That may also mean trading it is virtually unstoppable but governments can and have put a stop to anything that threatens their ability to control economic structures. That is not to say it is a safe store of value, which is a critical quality of any monetary instrument of exchange. One only has to look at a price chart of the various cryptos to see their prices are anything but stable.

But the perception of a cyber dollar floating around that people think can’t be “shot down” has proved enough of a catalyst to garner millions of investors to trade in billions of dollars of sovereign currencies for a version of a crypto. No doubt massive profits have also contributed to their popularity but that in itself has proved fatal to many an investor who bought something because it was skyrocketing in price.

The idea remains however that cryptos may hold similar characteristics to gold in many an investors mind. The government conspiracy groups are an obvious customer of the crypto as well as those techies who finally have an investment that is right up their “alley” sort of speak. Cryptos indeed could steal some dollars away from gold market and how many dollars buy cyrptos instead of gold remains to be seen. But in its truest form, cryptos do offer an interesting alternative to the reasons people hold gold.

Whether the crypto market behaves itself, acts reasonably and truly offers a store of value in the long run however remains to be seen. Right now, its wild price swings should at least be cause for concern for those investors thinking this is as safe as it gets. The price charts certainly are likely saying something quite different, at least to this analyst.

This newscast is not a solicitation nor recommendation to buy or sell any securities. Investing involves risk and you can lose money. Consult a qualified financial advisor before making any decisions and do your own research before investing.

By Don Rae

Look closely at the “homeless problem”, if you dare. The encampments are nothing more than piles of trash, litter and excrement. Why hasn’t public health dealt decisively with what is a horrid blight on our community as well as a health hazard?Congressman Garamendi was on Tucker Carlson talking about government shutdown, DACA and chain-immigration. Perhaps someday we’ll discover what his solutions are except spend more of our money.A rat boarded an Alaska Airlines jet at Oakland Airport. Given the deplorable sanitary conditions of Oakland’s homeless encampments on city streets, it is only surprising that the rat took this long to invade the planes.California is now officially a sanctuary state. Moonbeam is now “President” of his own country. What can we expect? More criminals roaming our neighborhoods. More unskilled, undocumented, and unchecked people bringing diseases into California. More taxes to pay for benefits paid to more folks. Doesn’t this picture just make you want to jump for joy at Moonbeam’s ideas?James Comey? He tweets that he wants ethics and truth. Then why is the FBI leadership taking the fifth and avoiding subpoenas?From an anonymous source: If swimming is so good for your figure, explain the whale.It is time for the truth. The Deep State needs to be purged for what they have done to the country and for what they are trying to do. Of course they are hiding behind “resistance” and the Republicans are too cowardly to solve the problem.The House Intelligence Committee Chairman said last week that the FBI is in Iraq. Why? Isn’t the FBI supposed to deal with internal matters? Puerto Rico is taking forever to recover from the hurricane. The current governor of the island is President of the Progressive Party. Have progressives ever done anything to help the citizens they govern? Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Lyndon Johnson, Obama all were progressives. The War on Poverty, the New Deal, etc. have all created more and more dependence on big government.Palm Springs wants to cut down “racist” trees next to the Tahquitz Golf Club. Apparently they were planted to protect houses from errant golf balls. But now it is claimed they were planted to block a Black neighborhood from seeing the golf course. Is this still a Black neighborhood? Does Palm Springs have racial covenants? Consider that Palm Springs is a checkerboard of tribal lands. Is the neighborhood in question tribal? Is the golf course tribal? And where are the tree huggers?According to Federal statistics, some 95% of non-citizens in Federal prisons are illegally in the country. We house, feed, provide medical care, clothing and free legal assistance. Unacceptable.The United Nations General Assembly voted to condemn the US position on Israel’s capital. So what. The UN has been anti-US for decades. Even during the Korean conflict, which was supposedly a UN operation, the dirty work was done by the US as only a piddling number of troops, equipment and dollars came from UN members. Invite the UN to leave New York.Another interesting statistic about the UN. More than 80% of UN Resolutions criticizing countries were against Israel. Talk about anti-Semitism.Moonbeam pardons an illegal alien convicted of animal cruelty. Where is PETA? The best we can say about Mueller is that he and his merry band of leftists are having a high old time on our dime.According to experts, those who are in charge of dams and flood control, dredging the rivers will cause more harm than good. Dredging can be done free of cost to taxpayers, reclaim the rivers’ gavel beds for spawning salmon and other good things. If the levees can handle the process, then the “experts” have screwed up the levee building.

· Two “professors” living on our tax dollars at San Diego State University claim that farmers’ markets in urban areas are weed-like “white spaces” responsible for oppression. “Farmers’ markets are often white spaces where the food consumption habits of white people are normalized,” the SDSU professors write. They are geology professors who most likely are writing about an area of expertise which eludes them.

· Remember Al Gore, the climate scientist? Nine years ago he predicted in 2008 the North Polar Ice Cap would be completely ice free in five years. And then he had the gall to buy a mansion in Montecito, California, just steps from the ocean, while all along claiming the ocean would cover cities two miles inland. And people still believe this pied-piper?

if you insist on watching the NFL, perhaps you are enjoying the dumbest play imaginable – the kickoff. The percentage of those plays, which are not a “play” must be astronomical. How about a run back once in a while? Kick off from the twenty or make the receiver come out of the end zone.Dinesh D’Souza in his book “America” drives home some salient points about history and the warped teaching now being approved by our schools. To quote from the book: “In that literature (anti colonial) we read innumerable claims to the effect that the Europeans stole rubber from Malaya, and cocoa from West Africa and tea from India.” But the real truth is “...before British rule, there were no rubber trees in Malaya, nor cocoa trees in west Africa, nor tea in India. The British brought the rubber tree to Malaya from South America. From China they brought tea to India. They taught the Africans to grow cocoa. Rather than “stealing” native resources, the British “deserve credit for introducing profitable crops that benefited the native economies.” Here’s one more stupid law gone into effect in 2018 in California. Private employers can’t ask applicants about their salary history. Private employers — yes. When is it the government’s business how an employer and an applicant work out a job benefit?

· A University of Georgia professor has decided to allow students to select their own grades if they “feel unduly stressed” by their actual grade. Why? Because “emotional reactions to stressful situations can have profound consequences for all involved.” Anyone think this professor should be teaching?

Howard Armstrong, while at Columbia University, said ‘It ain’t ignorance that causes all the trouble in the world. It is the things that people know that ain’t so.” Seems like a perfect retort to climate change.California has a Bureau of Cannabis Control. Another bunch of useless bureaucrats sucking away at our tax dollars.


By Boots Johnson

The New Year is upon us and it brings back a few memories pertaining to fishing from 2017. The damaged spillway at Oroville Dam had the Department of Fish and Wildlife busy trying to save the salmon at the hatchery and holding ponds from washing away. In addition, the decision to truck the small salmon from Oroville to the bay area during the drought has caused a major problem, which had caused some concern by state officials at the time. The salmon returning to the Feather River as adults are confused and are not making it to the facility in Oroville. The confusion, according to state records, is due to the fish not swimming as normal from drop off points, such as Yuba City, to the Delta. In other words, the salmon do not know where to go or how to get there. This explains the concern of the fish count at Oroville several months ago. The bottom line is do not expect a good salmon run for 2018. In fact, according to reports we got from the hatchery the salmon count for next year will more than likely be one half or less in regard to returning fish.

The buzz around town is “no rain in sight”. We need the rain to accommodate a good year for fishing as well as agriculture needs and water supplies for us city folks. We certainly hope to see the usual precipitation in the coming months of January, February and into March.

Happy new year to all who enjoy this column. We wish you a great year for enjoying the great outdoors along with a bumper year for catching the big one......oh yes, and please be careful out there.

Closing thought: “The only problem with getting old is remembering how good you got things done when you were young.”

Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2018 will be a year of good health and prosperity for all. Those New Year Resolutions are always so hard to keep so I have decided my resolution this year is to not make any resolutions and just be fat and happy!

Happy Birthday to all you January babies, whether your turning 1 or 100. Hope you will have many more to come. Elvis Presley’s birthday is January 8th. He may have “left the building” but his music and memory lives on. Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday is January 15th and, he too, lives on in the memories of so many.

After two weeks off during the holidays, Stone Soup will be back on Thursday, January 4. Good hot soup, salad, and dessert will be served at the community center at noon. The participants will have plenty to visit about, sharing news about family visits, weather and more. Come join us for all you can eat for a donation of $3.00 (or more). This program is operated with volunteers, serving our


Look Back in Time – In 1906 on New Year's Eve music and supper were first class at the Grand Ball in Dobbins. A shooting was stopped by friends who disarmed the belligerents, thus preventing a waste of good ammunition (people do not change).

Hope to see you in Brownsville soon. Christine and Yvonne

Starring: Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and Mark Hamill

Rated: PG:13 Runtime: 153 min

After the peaceful New Republic is destroyed by the Empire inspired First Order, The resistance that seems to have had no backing from the now extinct Republic is hunted down and like killing a spider with a work boot proves harder to extinguish than one would think.

The first half of the film is composed of plot points cast into a hyperdrive matrix and spattered on the screen in a manic race for a cohesive plot. The second half of the film settles down into some solid story telling and cool action scenes.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi, earns, four out of five, Lightning Calling Monkeys. It was almost just Three and a half monkeys, but my light saber was out of batteries so I rounded up, to the relief of the fourth monkey.

With such high expectations it is hard for a Star Wars film to make the grade. This one does, not with flying colors, but it does make the grade. It seems like the story takes place at two separate time rates. One spanning weeks the other mere hours. There are some nice plot twists and points that could make the next film interesting, if the producers decide to spend a bit more time in world building rather that mashing characters into forced situations.

By Don Rae

· The tax bill didn’t cut low income folks’ taxes. Why? Because they already don’t pay any taxes. In fact, they get money from the government under the EITC, which will most likely go up. On top of that scenario, we won’t see any relief as Moonbeam will quickly figure out a way to get into the state coffers any federal savings we might see. Looking out for the middle class? Not.

· Liberty Mutual advertises “Accident Forgiveness” on TV again and again. Ever notice the very small disclaimer on the screen? “Accident forgiveness not available in California.” False advertising.

· Remember all the leftist tree huggers who camped out in trees and demanded that no trees be cut down? Now the lefties want to destroy Tamarask trees next to a Palm Springs Golf Course, because the trees are “racist.” Has anyone asked the Redwoods if any of them are racist?

· According to Elizabeth Warren (also known as Pocahontas) she contributed her family recipe to the Native American Cookbook: Crab Omelet. Sounds more French to me. Maybe the Cherokees picked it up during the French and Indian War.

· The Mayor of the City of Davis wants to tax local homeowners in order to provide funds for the homeless. Another Democrat who wants to take from those who have worked for their money and give it to those who won’t work.

· The social interplay of malls, stores and restaurants is fast disappearing as more folks use on line buying and bury their heads in their electronic devices. Where will we get the face to face experience of human interaction to develop and hone our social and interpersonal skills?

· Iran got pallet loads of cash in the middle of the night from its friend Obama. The cash could be easily used to pay for weapons to ship to Yemen so missiles can be fired at Saudi airports. Thanks Obama and your Secretary of State Hillary for your policy to promote world peace.

· Kramers’ Junction in the Mohave Dessert (Highway 58 and US395) is an example of how Feinstein’s Mohave Preserve is working out. You can see trash forever along the road and not a conservationist in sight. Well, Diane, how about a clean-up committee?

· Nope, Diane has another agenda – gun control. Her bill S. 2095 would prohibit AR-15s and dozens of other semi-automatic rifles, as well as their variants and altered facsimiles. Down with detachable magazines, detachable stocks, pistol grips and who knows what else in the 125 page tome. The woman who has a concealed weapons permit and armed guards to protect her, wants to disarm us all so she can rule the world. As a Senator she should know that any so-called gun control is a violation of the 2nd Amendment. If she wants to take on the Constitution, she should do so rather than sponsor illegal legislation.

· The Associated Press – a leftie organization used by local media as their fallback when they haven’t got anything else from their own staff – said that Trump engaged in a “rush job” to sign the tax cut legislation. What phony journalists.

· And the AP wrote that the Ex-Marine was deported to Mexico only because of a “minor offense.” The offense was for animal cruelty for which he served 10 months of a two-year sentence. Don’t the lefties come apart at the seams against anyone who is cruel to animals? Why did Moonbeam pardon this horrible criminal? Why does the left praise him for his return to the USA?

· Mueller and his merry band of leftists will continue wasting taxpayer money until the cows come home. Trump won’t fire him as he knows there is nothing to the collusion allegations – at least as far as he is concerned. Perhaps Mueller will find something of such a nature if he investigates Hillary? Fat chance.

· When will it end? Assemblyman Marc Levine, Marin County and parts of Sonoma County, introduced AB 2539, that would create health standards for fashion models. To quote this numbskull pains me, but here goes: “With my bill, we can protect the health and safety of fashion models, but we can have a societal impact to make sure that women and girls have a healthy body image.”

· Our illustrious Secretary of State Alex Padilla (of course a Democrat) refuses to match up the voter roles in order to eliminate illegal aliens. Judicial Watch has filed suit. Of course, the Democrats have no interest in the rule of law. They only abide by the rule of the vote – but only as long as it goes their way.

· More states are requiring employers to give more leave for employees to care for newborns. Feels good, doesn’t it? How about a law requiring an employee to work for a paycheck? Employers still have to get the work of the business done while mommies and daddies change diapers.

· Moonbeam is about his crazy business again by pardoning illegal aliens convicted of a crime. When will he do something to protect real Californians?

· The Associated Press, in its infinite wisdom, names Kaepernick the Athlete of the Year. The AP feels he’s paid a severe price for “a simple act of defiance.” Typical leftie thinking. Now lets see a “simple act of respect” for America.

· We keep hearing that the Trump dossier was only a Hillary-Democratic Party operation called “Opposition Research.”

· More TB cases in California’s central valley schools. Why does this disease suddenly reappear after it was completely eliminated? Could it possibly be that illegal immigrants are not tested at the border? In the past immigrants were always tested at Ellis Island and other entry ports and not allowed to enter if they had communicable diseases. Other diseases that were eradicated in the US will pop up so long as immigrants are allowed to freely cross into the country.

· Cutting $285 million off the US’s UN donation is only a minor start. Cut all contributions to any of the UN agencies and tell the UN to get out of NY completely.

· White House reporters screaming questions at the top of their lungs during White House press conferences is childish. Press Secretary Sanders’ comment about getting their “minds out of the gutter” is true blue.

Did you know that Dec. 26 is called Boxing Day in Canada, England and a few other countries? It started because many of the wealthier families gave their servants a box of gifts and the day off to visit their own families. As in our country, it has become a day to shop. Great bargains can be had the day after Christmas.

If you’re looking for a great place to have New Years Eve Dinner hop on over to Annie’s at Lake Francis in Dobbins for a culinary treat. They will be serving two NYE dinner specials; Steak and Lobster or Prime Rib. Both will include appetizer, soup or salad, baked potato, veggie, rolls and dessert all for $30.00 per person. If neither of the specials rings your bell, the regular menu will be available also. Dinner will be served from 4 pm to 8 pm and reservations are suggested. Annie’s at Lake Francis is located at 13919 Lake Francis Rd., Dobbins. If you wish to make reservations call 692-8919.

We want to remind everyone to ring in the New Year safely. When the party is over stay put, where you are, or have a designated driver. We wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Look Back in Time – In 1917 M. J. Cooney was appointed U. S. Explosives agent, to issue permits for explosives of all kinds (must be for New Year's Eve).

Hope to see you in Brownsville soon. Christine and Yvonne


By Boots Johnson

We had frost on the pumpkin this morning for the coldest morning yet this year. This is the beginning of winter so expect more of the same from now until spring 2018.

The recent snow in the high country was an exciting event for skiers, but also a good thing for next year’s runoff, which always improves the fishing in the foothills and the Sacramento Valley.

Steelhead are still active in the system which includes all local rivers. Best bet at this time is the Feather and American Rivers. Glo bugs and roe seem to be the best offering at this time.

The catfish bite has slowed a bit probably due to the colder weather we have been experiencing. The weather lately will improve the trout bite in local low elevation reservoirs, including Collins and Englebright, which both received plants of trout throughout the year.

We are reminded once again of the closure of Eagle Lake on December 31th. The natural lake will reopen next year in May.

I overheard a fish story the other day about a duck hunter who was hunting in a rice field next to a drainage ditch. The ducks and geese were not cooperating and on his way out of the field he noticed movement in the water in the canal. He returned from his pickup truck with an old spinning outfit he always carried with him. Darned if he didn’t pull a nice three pound black bass out of the ditch on the first cast. We could not get the unlucky duck hunter/lucky angler’s name, but congratulations anyway!

This is the time of year to rejoice, be happy and share the times with friends and loved ones. But for some it is a very sad time. Those who have lost a loved one are grieving this holiday season. Our hearts and condolences go out to all who have lost a family member or close friend.

Closing thought: “God bless America.”


What is driving the Market?

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) racing to new highs almost daily, one has to ask, what is driving this market?

Certainly there are enough Donald Trump haters to cast a dim light on anything financial, where even many are doubting the civilized world itself will survive if Trump continues as President. But one cannot deny that the DJIA has loved this President, as evident by the rally that has been in place since he was elected.

With the DJIA making news headlines with every milestone it passes, the news might entice some investors to review their statements and then call their advisors to see why they haven’t doubled their money in light of this almost relentless rally.

Although the DJIA is the most talked about index in the media, it encompasses only 30 stocks of the thousands that are out there in the various marketplaces.

The question some may ask: is the Dow a realistic representation of the market in general and the economy.

On the latter, I have always said the market will reflect reality eventually but its day to day movements are only the sum of the perceptions of all the players in it at any given time. For example, late in the housing boom cycle after Bear Sterns collapsed two funds tied to mortgage products (the proverbial first domino to fall in the real estate blow up), the reality was the housing crisis was already in its early stages of implosion. That was the reality. The perception however was that real estate never falls in value and any set back would be temporary. Housing stocks therefore continued to climb as the housing market was beginning its historic collapse. The perception that all was ok drove these stocks ever higher even though in reality the real estate market had already turned. The market did however eventually reflect that reality when all the indexes worldwide eventually cratered miserably.

That being said, the perception at least up until now, is the economy is strong and the stock market is justified in roaring upwards.

Certain things however might not add up and be confirming of the apparent strength of in the market meaning not all assets are firing on all cylinders.

If the economy is galloping forward in strength, one might expect the commodities and energy sectors to be in high demand and therefore screaming upwards as well.

Such in not the case, at least in the proportions the Dow has climbed. Indeed some energy and commodities have languished badly and or gone nowhere. (Yahoo.com). Since booming economies need energy and commodities, why have we not seen these asset classes go up in concert?

Additionally the Dow index is very limited in what is has in it. Remember it only has 30 stocks out of thousands and only seven stocks make up almost half of the index weighting (42%- Forbes.com) Some have even speculated the people who decide on what stocks go in the Dow rotate the losers out and replace them with winners in order to make it look better. This idea was put forth by QZ.com in an article by J.L Zargosky

Matthew Yglesias of Slate.com goes so far as to call the DJIA a “nonsensical index” due to how it is purposely constructed to favor more positive results.

Indeed just the fact that the DJIA contains only 30 stocks might be enough to convince the investing public to better observe how the market in general is performing by looking at a variety of indicators and markets. Indeed many of those indicators are positive.

But because most investors hold a variety of assets in their portfolio which include assets that might move in opposite of a rising market, and because there are stocks in many areas that have actually gone nowhere or even fallen in the midst of this rally, its likely few portfolios have seen proportional increases their value that the DJIA has. Additionally because fixed income investments (bonds and preferred stocks to name a few) may have moved opposite of the rally, some portfolios may actually have lost value or remained anemic.

Keep in mind this is not a solicitation to buy or sell any securities. It is not possible to invest directly in an index. Past historical movements in any security does not guarantee future performance.

This article expresses the opinions of Marc Cuniberti and are opinions only and should not be construed or acted upon as individual investment advice. Mr. Cuniberti is an Investment Advisor Representative through Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Marc can be contacted at MKB Financial Services 164 Maple St #1, Auburn, CA 95603 (530) 823-2792. MKB Financial Services and Cambridge are not affiliated. His website is www.moneymanagementradio.com. California Insurance License # OL34249

Starring: Owen Wilson, Julia Roberts, and Jacob Trembly

Rated: PG Runtime: 113 min

Wonder is set in New York and shows the tale of August Pullman and his family and how his genetic deformity effects those around him. Young August starts his first day of not home school and from there an incredible story unfolds that shows how human we all are.

The story is well laid out and does not just focus on August or his point of view. In an innovative turn we are able to see the story of how other characters see the same events. The acting is amazing and they found some really talented kids to pull this off.

Wonder, earns five out of five, I Only Cried Through Seven Eighths of the Movie Monkeys. This is one of the best movies of the year. It has real heart and shines a beacon of hope for humanity. I may never see it again, but I will always be glad that I watched it on the big screen.