By Boots Johnson

We are told steelhead are in the system. These ocean going rainbow trout have been taken in the Feather and Yuba Rivers on various lures and bait. We advise checking with regulations for closures, bait restrictions and other info including catch and release and/or barbless hooks.

I have fished for steelhead both in the Yuba and Feather Rivers in the past and have accidentally caught them when salmon fishing or catfish fishing in the Feather River. Some favorites are spinners and lures along with night crawlers, salmon eggs. Roe is also a good choice when allowed.

The biggest mistake anglers make when steelhead fishing is to wait too long for water clarity after a storm. Water clarity is extremely important for success, but cloudy water is when you want to fish and continue as the water clears. Color is also a big item no matter what you are using at the end of your line. I have had success on natural colored salmon eggs when nothing else would work. Also sometimes changing lure color will get some action.

Steelhead always move close to shore when storms are around. They will also move in that direction when boats run the rivers. As the storms pass and the water clears you will find them more in the deeper water towards the middle of the rivers. Early morning seems to be the best time for these fish and this brings to mind another story. The biggest steelhead I have ever caught happened early in the morning. We were anchored up at the mouth of the Yuba, sitting in Feather River water. We were after salmon but I decided to toss out a large spinner. My boys both were fishing with a flatfish and sardine wrap. I had a pull down and watched that beautiful steelhead break water and dance on its tail as the early morning sunlight created brightness from the fish and the water spraying into the air each time he jumped.

I brought the fish to the boat and Ted netted him................a beautiful five pound steelhead. We caught salmon that morning but the conversation was about that fish dancing on top of the water so beautiful and colorful in the early morning sunlight.

Closing thought: “Get out the tackle boxes, check them out and clean up your gear. Good fishing will be here before you know it.”

Government shutdown causes mixed impact

Essential federal services and programs affecting agriculture remain in operation during the partial government shutdown, while others have gone on hiatus. Because U.S. Agriculture Department offices have closed during the shutdown, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said Tuesday the agency will allow farmers extra time to apply for relief from retaliatory trade tariffs. Programs such as food inspection and grading continue to operate.


Storms bolster Sierra snowpack

A few days made a big difference in the Sierra Nevada snowpack. When surveyors conducted the year's first manual measurement last week, the snowpack stood at only about two-thirds of average for the date. But after strong weekend storms, the snowpack has improved to more than 80 percent of average levels. Water managers monitor the readings to help anticipate future water supplies.


New technique aims to fight soil pests

Saying they're encouraged by early results, University of California researchers plan further tests on a new way to attack soil-borne pests. Known as "biosolarization," the process taps the sun's heat and microorganisms contained in crop byproducts such as tomato skins and nut hulls. Researchers say adding the byproducts to soil, then covering it with tarps to collect solar heat, attacks soil pests while activating beneficial microbes.


American Farm Bureau meeting to begin

The nation's largest farm organization kicks off its centennial year later this week, as the American Farm Bureau Federation holds its 100th Annual Convention in New Orleans. Delegates from California will join more than 6,000 Farm Bureau members from around the nation for the event, which will feature a wide range of speakers and educational programs. On the convention's final day, delegates from state Farm Bureaus will establish AFBF policy for the coming year.

Starring: Hailee Steinfeld,

Jorge Lendeborg Jr., and John Cena

Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 1 hour 54 minutes

A robotic soldier is sent from his war torn planet to establish a stronghold on Earth to keep the hope of the Cybertron resistance forces alive. He is attacked seconds after landing on Earth and his mission becomes harder and harder as the movie goes on. A young girl adjusting to a world without her father uses her inner, steel strong, strength to work through the events that warp and remold her universe.

Bumblebee, earns two out of five, Deathtrap Driving Monkeys. This is a fun enough movie and tries hard to fit into the Transformer timelines. It is more of a trip to the money trough for the studio to fund true works of art such as, Ouija: Origin of Evil, Jem and the Holograms, and Monopoly. The acting is great for beginning actors and fit with the overall quality of the film. John Cena is pushing into a lot of films lately and is getting better at acting. The effects are cool and the story is forced trying to be interesting. A little too much of the hero getting whooped with little signs that he actually has skills in fighting grows tiring.

This is not a terrible movie and is fun to watch, but it just isn’t worth the cost of admission. Wait for it to stream digitally or make a trip to Red Box or if you’re in Fairbanks, AK, Block Buster Video.

I saw a Frontline television program about Russian and other foreign governments setting up fake social media accounts on Facebook and other such sites. Not that I had not heard this before but the program specifically highlighted in detail the subversive reasoning behind such actions.

The goal being to turn groups against each other, weakening from within the social fabric of the targeted country. Frontline had many examples both abroad and domestic of how groups of foreign government sponsored hackers and the like set up fake profiles and fake groups and then use specific strategies to flood the sites with propaganda. The goal is to stir up hate between people and groups and whip it into a frenzy, perhaps to the point of violence, such as so often occurs at political protests events and other public gatherings.

Frontline detailed many fairly well known events where a specific “national day of something” such as the pussy hats rallies or the 1%ers gatherings may have been hatched in the hack rooms of Russia or Korea.

Political unrest and infighting is the goal. The enemy from within the targeted objective. After all, if a nation’s people is fighting amongst themselves, they are weaker as a group.

Apparently social media sites are set up to entice people to join various group pages. The hackers set up opposing sites, targeting both sides of a debate. The goal is to gain as many members as possible which yields an ever increasing pulpit to start the social fires needed to cause more unrest. The hackers, or whatever we call them, then use the most hotly debated and politicized topics and subsequently amplify the outrage. Using cartoons, fake news stories, exaggerated claims and downright falsehoods, their aim is to engage and enrage the masses. The hackers are political experts and utilize the most sensitive of issues, the most emotional hot buttons and the highest level of sophistication to cause the most damage, or should we say fan the flames of hate.

The hottest issues are easy to find. Immigration, the border wall, the 99%ers, the living wage/minimum wage debate, presidential tax returns, liberal bias, racism, sexual slavery, black lives matters, pussy hats, forced child labor and too many other hot topics to name.

All reach to very basic of beliefs and morals of many people and violating those spaces cause many to reach a fever pitch level of response.

Whatever it is, it’s working. The level of hate, fear and outrage has reached incredible heights in America and indeed, other nations as well.

Longtime friends and family members are disowned by one another because of opposing political views. I can comfortably say and in my opinion the left side of the political aisle is more guilty of this act, having had family members in my own family cast out because of something they said or some garment or sign they may have displayed at one time or another.

One example might be that the hate for Trump and his supporters is off the charts and grossly putrid.

A sad observation of the times I’m sorry to say. The right side of aisle have been driven into the closet. Case in point, so many of right were afraid to speak their presidential preference leading up to the election, the triumph of Trump was a complete surprise to many.

Concluding, I now hold little opinion of the current political environment. I know better.

It is so ridiculous I choose to hit the “off” button and opt out until the nation gets a grip on itself.

But the left seems to be the more sensitive of the two sides, enraged to a point of boiling if any one of a variety of topics is brought up.

I’ve seen it up close and personal. A mention of support for Trump, his wall, immigration, his taxes or a number of other issues brings at a minimum a look of disgust and it only escalates from there. I have seen people disown friends, yell in the gym at someone, move tables away in restaurants, come to fist-a cuffs with family members and more. I don’t see a lot of right to left reaction, at least publically or on social media, but try voicing any Trump support or wearing a Trump article clothing and at least where I live, you better get your crash helmet on.

That our Russian friends have found some Americans so malleable and pliable as to allow themselves to so aptly manipulated and subsequently enraged at another fellow American is deplorable, and those that practice such hate responses should be ashamed of themselves.

This article expresses the opinions of Marc Cuniberti and are opinions only and should not be construed or acted upon as individual investment advice. Mr. Cuniberti is an Investment Advisor Representative through Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Marc can be contacted at SMC Wealth Management, 164 Maple St #1, Auburn, CA 95603 (530) 559-1214. SMC and Cambridge are not affiliated. His website is www.moneymanagementradio.com. California Insurance License # OL34249

By Don Rae

· California is crazy. A judge declares ObamaCare illegal, so the state immediately extends the time you can buy the illegal product.

· In 2006 and 2012 all the Democrats loved the idea of a wall and voted legislation for funding. What has changed in their pointy-heads today?

· The Democrats and their lemmings are acting just like children who, angry at losing the game, overturn the monopoly game board. When will they decide to grow up and act like adults?

· Perhaps not too surprising, but which group has suffered most from the open border concept? If you guessed Blacks, you would be correct. Fewer jobs, lower wages, and dislocation. Did you know that Compton used to be 90% Black. Today it is only 30% due to a massive increase in illegal invaders.

· Were you aware that marijuana is twice as toxic as cigarettes and can give you cancer more quickly? Yet, CalPERS is no longer investing in cigarette companies—but instead investing in marijuana. Has anybody checked the common sense of those doing the investments for CalPERS? They lost $3 billion in revenues due to the cigarette decision—but went ahead and bought marijuana stock. Any wonder public retirement systems are in trouble?

· A recent investigation found that a group of high-level Alabama Democrats tried “Russian” tactics to affect the recent election. Who are the crooks?

· California has spent more and more money on education, and wants even more out of your wallet. The result? The lowest educational levels in the country. So what does Newsom suggest? More money. Maybe money isn’t the answer to the problem.

· The lawsuit trying to get the citizenship question out of the 2020 census is filed in a San Francisco court. Why couldn’t a real court be found to hear the issue? A kangaroo court is not the venue for constitutional justice.

· Tom Steyer is spending his money jumping up and down and kicking his feet over impeachment. Too bad he doesn’t know anything about government.

· Conservationists say “disturbingly fewer” Western Monarch butterflies are coming back into California on their annual migration this year. Understandable. Even butterflies can see what is happening to the Golden State and they are looking for another location. Probably went to Texas.

· This new Senator from New York – Ocasio-Cortez (or whatever her name is) is engaged in a cascade of nutty commentary. She says facts don’t matter so long as she is “morally correct.” Who elected her God and gave her a preacher’s license?

· Boulder, Colorado decided to ban all kinds of weapons in town. According to published reports in the Washington Times, current owners were given until the end of the year to choose one of two options: Get rid of their semiautomatics by moving them out of town, disabling them, or turning them over to police — or apply for a certificate with the Boulder Police Department, a process that includes a firearm inspection, background check, and $20 fee. At the deadline, out of 107,000 residents, many who have multiple weapons, only 342 have been reported as registered. In other words, the citizens of Boulder are thumbing their nose at the local government and maintaining their 2nd amendment rights. This report ought to give Gavin Newsom heartburn.

· PETA doesn’t want schools to have live mascots. Perhaps PETA shouldn’t have live spokespersons either.

· Democrats are demanding that all businesses have diversity in their Board of Directors – in other words women. When did the folks give them the right to run businesses?

· Bernie Sanders is being given a pass on sex harassment allegations by colleagues and the mainstream media. Why? Because he is a card-carrying Socialist. If he were a Republican, the demand would be to hang him by his fingernails. Hypocrites.

· How much cash has the Sierra Club coughed up to clean up Yosemite trash and outhouses?

· Not a single Democrat voted to reduce your taxes. Now the “brilliant” new NY legislator wants to raise taxes to 70%. And, further, Pelosi wants to rescind the current cuts. And these creeps were voted into office?

· Gun Control is the leftie mantra on almost every shooting. Except, of course, when a cop is shot. No lefties demanding gun confiscation. No marches down the freeway. No trashed streets, broken windows and overturned cars. No one even asked where the illegal invader shooter got the gun he used. Selective brain shutdown.

· From Facebook, Dean James says if you can be arrested for not having a hunting or fishing license but can freely enter the country illegally, you might live in a country run by idiots.

· According to mainstream media, smart land use policy can help combat climate change. Of course. Everything can be blamed on climate change and some program or policy will solve the problem of the world coming to an end next week. It was instructive to read that the Nature Conservatory has spent decades studying how land can be properly managed. Decades? And they haven’t figured it out yet. Of course not. They have lifetime jobs and pensions. What incentive do they have to solve the problem? It appears all they have done is come up with ways to make the problem worse. Keeps them in cash.

· Facebook shut down Franklin Graham for a day. Seems like it would be appropriate for Facebook to be less concerned about Franklin Graham than, say, Antifa.

· It appears that some local folks are having a brain dysfunction over the Trump presidency. Too bad they can’t live in the real world. Get rid of your video games and other virtual reality toys and live in the real world.

· Indoctrination in the “Obama-way” is the new mantra for Netflix. You might want to re-consider your participation.

· Perhaps the super-majority in the State Legislature could come up with a bill which disenfranchises folks who are receiving government benefits(except social security and Medicare, which we all pay for). Maybe we’d find out what the vast majority of folks think about their money being stolen from them to give to those who most likely will vote Democrat to keep the benefits coming.


By Boots Johnson

Welcome to a wet and cold New Year. We hope all had a good holiday. We certainly did and are looking forward to 2019. Currently the weather is wet and cold. Our weather source predicted this a month or so ago so we called him for an update. He advised, according to his records since the 40’s, to expect things to get back to normal this year with lots of rain, snow, wind and colder temperatures compared to what we have experienced for a long time.

The current weather system, which we are told will be around awhile, will muddy up the rivers and bring the sturgeon upstream. Many of you out there fish for the prehistoric monster and we know this rain will bring smiles to your faces. Also, the steelhead season is upon us and we expect to see good fishing in local rivers for the next month or so.

Currently, according to a report from that area, Lake Berryessa has gone hog wild last week as bass, perch, crappie and trout turn on in this reservoir. Expect the lake to turn murky with the rain we are experiencing. Those who were on the water before the current storm had a ball fishing.

Those folks who braved the cold last week caught some nice trout at Collins Lake above Browns Valley. Fish were brought in which weighed up to five pounds.

Several years ago we were invited up to Lake Almanor before the Holiday season in Mid-December. Back then we encountered snow on the highway and snow just about everywhere. At the lake it was a beautiful sight with the blue water and the white snow. We fished off the bank in several areas without much success, but we did have frozen fingers and cold noses before we returned to the cabin. It has been some time since we have had that kind of weather and it appears we will once again see the Sierra Nevada Mountains with deep snow all around.

Closing thought: “Bring out the long johns, the sweaters and that extra warm coat that have been sitting in the closet for years and enjoy a normal, regular winter season.”

Stock Market Silver Lining

Those of us looking at the markets for a living have seen happier holidays. That being said there is some good news in all of this. With declining stock prices comes opportunity. Although portfolio balances have likely decreased with even profits minimized or negative, we have a chance when the market bottoms to lock in some great yields on solid companies. Companies that are the bedrock of the American economy. Names that have been around for decades, some over a century and I am excited about what this means for investors.

Many of these great companies pay dividends which are scheduled payments to stock holders every so often, usually every quarter. Since dividends are listed as a dollar amount, when the price of a stock drops its yield on your investment goes up. Many of them have increased dividends for decades and paid them for as long.

For instance, if stock "ABC” Company (fictional) says it will pay one dollar a share annually and the price last month was $10, your annual yield would be 10%. Now along comes our nasty correction over the last few months and stock of ABC drops to $8 which is a 20% drop in price and many stocks in this recent setback have seen this percentage drop.

If the company pays the dividend as scheduled, you spend $8 a share buying it and then get the buck in dividends. That payout equals 12.5%.

Bingo- the stock got hammered but buyers at the new level of 8 bucks get a much higher return than buyers before the crash.

With the markets suffering the worst December since 1929 (CNBC) and from the article below note the quote: “About 38% of companies on NYSE, Nasdaq trade at 52-week lows. Only eight days since 1984 saw more stocks hitting new bottoms. The worse December since 1929”.

We now have a unique opportunity unfolding. Remember when bad things happen, opportunities can arise and right now I see a tremendous potential opportunity being given to us with this market rout.

Yes your balances may have been hit, and yes it may look somewhat bleak right now, but when I get the chance to pick up great companies at bargain prices paying nice dividends which were higher before this seasons market set back, I take a hard look at altering strategies to take advantage of this opportunity.

The S&P 500 sat at 2929.00 on 9/17/2018 and closed at 2351.00 12/24/2018 which is 19.8% decrease. That said, the window is opening wider every down day and I cannot ignore it. That means if we pick up some of these great US stalwart companies that make up some of the best regarded companies in the country at beat up levels, we can possibly lock in great dividends and also have the possibility of a recovery lifting the prices of these stocks as well.

Historically when the markets fall hard and fast, the pendulum effect sometimes comes into play in a big way. In 2009 the Dow sat at 6,626 and in about 8 years skyrocketed to 26,828. That is a 404% increase.

Add dividends to that and you imagine the results for those grabbing stocks at the bleakest of times that pay dividends.

What is the opportunity now?

While most investors and advisors might be seeing darkness and lots of red, I see opportunity. I was always a fan of dividend paying stocks of great companies, and now I am super concentrated on this strategy again. Great opportunities in life don't happen every day, but when they do, you have to sit up and take notice, have vision, and while the blood runs in the streets, look toward the sky and find the hidden opportunities. This is my thinking today.

Who wouldn’t want to own a basket of solid companies with the possibilities of some great dividends, with higher yields because of beat up prices?

And even if the market goes lower, our possible yields will only go up from there. In a weird way, we can hope the market goes even lower! Strange how things can be perceived.

Dividends are not guaranteed and can be decreased, increased or eliminated at any time. Dividends do not guarantee against losses. Dividends may be taxable in certain types of accounts and stocks which pay dividends does not mean losses, either partial or total are not possible. Please review the prospectus of any company you are considering and consult with your investment professional before making any investment decisions. Investing involves risk. You can lose money.

This is not a solicitation to buy or sell any securities. This article expresses the opinions of Marc Cuniberti and are opinions only and should not be construed or acted upon as individual investment advice. Mr. Cuniberti is an Investment Advisor Representative through Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Marc can be contacted at SMC Wealth Management, 164 Maple St #1, Auburn, CA 95603 (530) 559-1214. SMC and Cambridge are not affiliated. His website is www.moneymanagementradio.com. California Insurance License # OL34249

Many heartfelt thanks to all those who gave of their time and money to make the New Years Eve Extravaganza a success as the dinner, auction, show and dance were enjoyed by all attendees. All the volunteers made the event an evening to be remembered. Happy New Year to all!!

The Forbestown library day will be moved from Friday to Thursday starting on January 17th. The hours for the library are noon to 3:00. Come and browse the many books available and or sit and enjoy a board game with a friend or neighbor. It is a splendid way to pass the time on a wintery Thursday afternoon.

Hope to see you around Brownsville soon! Christine & Yvonne

By Don Rae

 ·Three salamanders may scuttle the project to raise Shasta Dam. Who brought them into California? Another Moonbeam legacy? And where were these critters when Shasta Dam was built in the first place?

· A reminder to the “Progressive-socialists” flapping their lips - “Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

· Apparently Democrats want to see police officers killed. Changing the standard of when the police can use deadly force is a game changer. The legislators must be insane or have no family members in law enforcement. Under these circumstances why would anyone want to join the police force?

· There has been a trade war with China (and other countries) for decades. Trump is simply taking the offensive, which prior Presidents did not. Ever bought sterling silver from China? Fake. Do you trust steel from China? Unsafe for building. Communist China is not our friend.

· The Federal government has a law that shortly goes into effect which requires you to have a “real ID” card in order to get on a plane. Remember the long lines recently at DMV where people were getting the new ID? Well, California, of course, has screwed up and handed out millions of so-called “real IDs” which don’t meet the federal standard. That means when the law is fully enacted in October 2020, you will not be allowed on a plane or train leaving California unless you have the real McCoy. So, back to the long lines. Talk about incompetence at the DMV.

· Elizabeth Warren, a former Native American, has started her presidential campaign with a glowing speech – and a beer. Except for one minor point – there wasn’t a policy position to be heard.

· Did it surprise you to see Warren run off stage to get a beer? Does she think her policies sound better when buzzed? Maybe that is why she sounds conflicted when asked policy questions.

· The mainstream media just can’t get it straight. Another ridiculous article about how the Sierra snowpack is going to shrink by 79% by the end of the century. Now how would anyone know that for certain. Local TV and media “meteorologists” can’t get the weather straight for the week ahead, much less the next day. How about dropping the fear-mongering articles and write something worthwhile.

· And in his last days, Moonbeam shouts out that Trump needs to “wake up” to the wildfire danger. Moonbeam has been in office longer than Methuselah and has continued to support policies which increase the danger. And now he leaves flapping his lips? Good riddance.

· PGE is being threatened with Murder. How about threatening the politicians and bureaucrats who allowed property owners to build in dangerous fire-prone areas? How about propane companies who put tanks, destined to explode during fires, in these remote areas?

· In case those who write the California Commentary don’t know or forgot, a bunch of the postage stamp sized cities in LA County were carved out and paid for by gambling interests. The result; sometimes there were extended families running the so-called cities and stealing everything including the kitchen sink.

· Crime is creeping up in California with some speed. Why? Ballot measures letting criminals back onto the streets, making more innocent people victims of policies loved by Moonbeam and the Democrats. In the latest crazy maneuver, Moonbeam is suing to stop a ballot measure from appearing on the ballot that would put criminals in jail. Goodbye Moonbeam. Off to the ranch you go. Your rocking chair awaits you.

· California ranks No. 1 among the 50 states for the percentage of its residents 25 and older who have never completed ninth grade, and 50th for the percentage who have graduated from high school, according to new data from the Census Bureau. Los Angeles Unified is so conflicted some 45% of the diplomas it gave out were to students with a “D” grade average. In more common terms, these are functional illiterates. Really, that statistic is not new. In the late nineteen fifties when I was student teaching in LA Unified, I observed seniors in their last semester of high school who didn’t know which way was up when shown a piece of paper with writing on it. That is what passes for education in California under Democratic administrations.

· Okay, let’s get back to climate change and the hysteria that we are all going to die in a soggy heap next week. Taking a page from the government’s own reports, 2018 will go down in history as the first year in modern recorded history that America did not have any violent, killer tornados. Have there been tornados that destroyed property? Yes. Have some people died this year from tornados? Yes. But this is the first year since the government started keeping records that there were no so-called killer tornados of EF4 or EF 5 force. We have never heard of this fact from the usual lamestream sources. Another un-reported story, there really wasn’t a Texas-sized load of plastics in the Pacific Ocean.

· Nearly every Democrat in the country is throwing a hat in the 2020 Presidential race. It appears that the bar for the highest office in the land is so low any fool can aspire if they have a “D” behind their name.

· Romney lost. His views have been rejected on the national scene. He needs to step up to the plate to help Trump achieve his objectives, which the people voted for. Having met the man, I can say he isn’t the sharpest pencil in the box.

· Somewhere along the line a pundit mentioned that 1/3 of a Central American country’s living population live in the United States. The question is, which country are they a citizen of? In the 1920s about 1/3 of all Norwegians lived here.


Starring: Jason Momoa,

Amber Heard, and Willem Dafoe

Rated: PG:13 Runtime: 2 hours 23 minutes

A princess flees from a loveless arranged marriage and ends up finding her love in a solitary light house keeper. When her kingdoms troops come looking for her she leaves her love and child behind to protect them from further attacks. Her son grows to become the hero the world needs to prevent a world war.

Aquaman, earns five out of five, Trident Wielding Monkeys. The story brings in elements from the comic book that subtly explains the new look of Aquaman. A fun story with one odd arc that could have used a bit of rework. A sleeker costume for the human villain would have helped. The action sequences are very busy and almost overwhelming in scope. The acting itself is pretty good. I can’t imagine making, riding a seahorse look cool, is an easy feat to pull off. All in all a fun film I would pay to see again.


By Boots Johnson

Well folks, Christmas is gone and we are looking forward to the New Year. Research has told us, which includes computers and other things, along with the old folks who have kept track of the seasons by hand, that two thousand nineteen will be quite a year for folks who fish. In fact if all the predictions come true we will see records broken, limits common and many surprises for just about most of those who enjoy the outdoors and make fishing a hobby. Wait a minute....hobby? This may be true for the majority of anglers, but there are some who take fishing one level above or even more to challenge the sport or become guides or experts. But for most of us all we want to do is catch a fish or two and teach our children the wonders of the fishing world. God bless you all and good luck!

By the time you are reading this column it will, more than likely, be the New Year and most will be thinking about spring and summer.....mostly about spring to catch those fish, regardless of what species, and enjoy the experience with family and friends. What a wonderful way to take in the New Year and enjoy the planning of each fishing adventure for 2019.

So, without further comment....................Happy New Year and good fishing!

Closing thought: “When you decide failure is not an option....everything changes....”


Starring: Shameik Moore,

Jake Johnson, and Hailee Steinfeld

Rated: PG Runtime: 1hour 57 minutes

When a mobster attempts to open a portal to other dimensions he inadvertently pulls Spider-Men from those other dimensions into his own. Meanwhile a young man learns that he has the same powers as the recently deceased Spider-Man. How weird is that?

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, earns four out of five Web Slinging Monkeys. This film captures the essence of the comic books. The humor and the absurdity of situations as well as the deeper virtues of Honor, Commitment, and Sacrifice. The animation was a bit erratic in the beginning but it settles down soon enough. The story is really good and the voice acting well done. If you are a fan of Spider-Man you will enjoy this film. If not then you will still enjoy a fun cartoon movie that makes you laugh and think of some of the grander ideals in life. Enjoy.

Brownsville Thrift store reopens this week, Wednesday through Saturday. Books and More will remain closed for another week, reopening January 9.

We hope the New Years Extravaganza went well last night at the community center. Sure hope there was not a shooting or other negative happenings (see Look Back in Time). This event was held to raise money to re-roof and repair the amphitheater, so we hope it was a success. Yuba Feather Community Service board is hoping more of our communities will get involved with events happening at the community center. This is a great venue for gatherings, ball games, tennis practices, outdoor events and many other happenings. The board will meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 pm. Please consider signing up to be a member and help out in some way.

Look Back in Time – In 1906 music and supper were first class at the New Year's Grand Ball in Dobbins. A shooting was stopped by friends who disarmed the belligerents, thus preventing a waste of good ammunition (not much has changed).

We wish all of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year and we hope to see you in Brownsville soon. Christine and Yvonne

By Larry R. Matthews

I worked for county government for 38 years so when I hear of problems with a government agency I try to be sensitive to the folks who work for those agencies.

I think most people work hard in their government jobs. I also feel that the bigger the agency, the more complicated it is to administer.

One of the largest government agencies is the U.S. Postal Service. Now don’t get me wrong, for the most part I like the USPS. The lady who delivers to my house is very nice and I can’t complain except maybe that mail gets delivered a little late in the day. But they usually do a very nice job of moving millions of pieces of mail every day.

But I did want to mention something that happened last month. I am a local author and I sometimes receive requests from customers to ship books.

On December 17th I received a request for a book and the customer asked that it be delivered prior to Christmas. So I took it to the Marysville post office on the 18th and was told it would be delivered on the 20th; plenty of time for it to be delivered before Christmas. After all, the customer’s location was in Grass Valley; just a short jaunt east on Hwy 20.

I didn’t have any concerns about the shipment but I decided to check tracking on December 21st just to make sure it had been delivered. I learned that it had gotten to Los Angeles on the 19th! That means it was sent 424 miles the wrong direction.

On the 22nd I rechecked and found that the shipment had made it to San Francisco; a distance of 343 miles from Los Angeles. At least it was (kind of) going in the right direction.

On the 23rd tracking showed it was in transit. To where? I was not sure at all!

I checked tracking again the night of December 24 and, happily, found that the parcel had been delivered!

I know that this time of year the USPS is greatly stressed and, even though the package arrived later than estimated, it did get there by Christmas.

However, instead of the 37 mile journey that I had envisioned, the package took a 950 mile route. Was it more cost efficient taking that route? It’s hard to imagine that it was.

But at least I can say that my $2.66 cost paid for a long sightseeing tour of Southern California and the California Coast for that little package. I am sure it appreciated it.

By Don Rae

· The lame brains in the mainstream press ran a story that Trump was the only President not to visit overseas troops on Christmas. When the rags hit the streets Trump was in Iraq with Melania visiting the troops. Great reporting media.

· Why did the New York Times run a completely uncorroborated story on its front page about the Queen’s Podiatrist disqualifying Trump from the draft? Total fabrication by Trump-hating idiots.

· While discussing whether or not a wall is needed on the border, a news commentator asked a Democrat if he were to jump the southern border would he do it where there was a wall or go to a less guarded section of the border. The Democrat did a “deer in the headlights” routine and finally answered, “I never thought of it that way.” Typical leftist thinking – no thinking at all.

· Withdraw from Syria and Afghanistan. All well and good. We’ve been there too long with nothing but heartache to show for it. Let the local fanatics go at it and kill each other until there are none left. These “countries” are nothing more than lines drawn in the sand by diplomats in their political ignorance after the First World War. Their approach was nothing more than blind ignorance. If T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) bailed out of the chaos to become a motorcycle mechanic, it was definitely time to go.

· Some CAIR spokesperson thinks the Statue of Liberty inscription means anyone in the world at any time can coming bounding into the US and set up housekeeping and – of course – demand that the US turn itself into the hell-hole they left behind. What this intelligent spokesperson forgets is that refugees used to go through a thorough vetting before being allowed a foot into the country. Many were refused entry because of disease or lack of a local patron. Keep in mind that the French wrote the inscription on the Statue of Liberty, not an American. Maybe we should not have been so accepting of what the Europeans saddled us with. Sounds like they were anxious to get rid of their problem children.

· The usual pundits push their “we must stay and fight foreign wars forever” agenda. How long will that be, Democrats? Until the cows come home? This attitude has gone on since before the Ottoman Empire and continued through the drunken decisions by “world leaders” after World War I. Get out of the insane desert now.

· Now the anti-oil folks’ slogan is “keep it in the ground.” The snowflakes must all gather at the same coffee house and figure out the latest slogan while blowing pot and other psychedelic potions, throwing words against the wall to see what sticks. Too bad these folks have nothing better to do with their time.

· California public utilities are going to get the wildfires kicked up their rear ends and the consumers are going to pick up the bill – until bankruptcy. The government, of course is going to take no responsibility for letting folks build in areas which are terribly dangerous and accede to the demands for electricity in those remote places. Of course, their propane tanks blow their tops and spread flames in every which direction. But no matter. The utilities are at fault. Of course there are few roads, mostly game trails into the homes. No way out. But that is all the utilities fault. And if all that noise doesn’t work, then it is climate change. Don’t these politicians and other leaders realize that when they point their finger, there are three others pointing right back at themselves?

· Now the Boy Scouts of America are on the verge of bankruptcy. Sex abuse claims back to Attila the Hun. In my nearly 70 years in scouting, as a cub scout, boy scout, explorer, leader, and Philmont Scout ranch employee; I never encountered any of this, thankfully. However, given the reality that has surfaced, why would the scouts now allow gay scout leaders?

· Drug testing results are coming back with a higher percentage of positives. What would any reasonable person expect? Marijuana use is being legalized left and right. The roads will become much more dangerous. The schools will deal with more disruptive students. More teachers and other workers will be off sick. Don’t we have a wonderful future to look forward to?

· Moonbeam has a wonderful legacy to leave as he slinks off into the sunset. Whether he believes it or not he is complicit in the deaths of Americans in Tulare County. An illegal invader who had an ICE hold on him was released under a law signed by our compassionate Moonbeam. Moonbeam likes Californians to be attacked, robbed, beat up and killed.

· A brilliant judge says that Trump can’t deport illegal invaders and must bring back those he deported. You can’t make this stuff up.

· Sonoma County recently paid $3 million to the family of a gangster who pointed a pellet gun at law enforcement personnel and was killed as a result. It would be real justice if the family had to pay $3 million to the officers involved for the psychic damage brought on by having to use their weapons.

· Van Jones is suggesting more chaos in the public schools. Bless the little darling who interrupts everyone and attacks teachers. Some decades ago students who would not control themselves were removed from class and sent to detention facilities where they could learn how to behave in polite society. Then real students could learn. How about it, Jones, let’s go back to doing something which worked.

· It is hard to keep track of things in the Washington sewers. Remember that on December 16, 2016, Obama threw out 35 Russian diplomats and named three Russian companies in relation to election meddling. Now why would he do that? Was it because the Russians failed to get Hillary elected? And why is Mueller spending millions of dollars charging even more Russians for what seems to be the same thing? What a waste.

· Pelosi blurts out that Trump continues the shutdown to please his base. No, Nancy. He does so to enforce the laws that you passed. When will you decide to tell the truth?

· Charles Krauthammer’s son released a compendium of his father’s essays and philosophical musings. It is worth perusing. The book is titled“The Point of It All.”

· The usual lefty mainstream media claims that Trump’s revision of the Clean Water Act is going to put filthy water through your taps. Baloney. It will clear up the ridiculous seasonal stream and drainage idiocy which the feds think they have the right to invade your private property to monitor.

· Thomas Elias writes that new leaders are needed before California can get itself out of one party rule. He forgets one of the prime reasons good people stay miles from politics. Does the Kavanaugh debacle ring a familiar bell?


In Money and Markets December 7, 2018 article entitled “Appalling: GM CEO collects 22 million while cutting 15,000 jobs”, the issue of a company’s right to pay whatever salary they wish to whoever they wish regardless of performance is brought into question.

The premise of the article is a simple one: should General Motors CEO Mary Barra be allowed a 22 million dollar salary while she authorizes firing 15,000 of her employees?

The 22 million paycheck is 295 times higher than GM’s average employee wage. The perceived offense is amplified by the fact that the U.S. government bailed out GM with billions in taxpayer funds during the 2008 crisis and basically rescued it from an almost certain bankruptcy filing.

The outcry is both aisles wide with Democrats and Republicans alike calling “foul”.

The issue here is multi-faceted. To start with, this analyst was and still is against bailouts of any kind to for-profit enterprises.

It’s not what taxpayer funds are for. Additionally the “creative destruction” from businesses failing to survive whatever happens to them that causes them to assume the four feet up position of a bankruptcy is a natural progression of capitalism.

Basically, if a company succumbs to a chapter 7 or 11 filing, it SHOULD go away. It just wasn’t good enough to survive and that means it should be allowed to fail and make way for a better company to takes its place.

It’s the brutal but necessary world of competition and it makes for a better world in the process. Many won’t agree of course but an in-depth understanding of economics yield little argument in my opinion.

Another obvious sore spot in this whole thing is the enormous difference in what CEO Barra makes and what the average worker makes. A 295 multiple sounds egregious and maybe it is. Or maybe it isn’t.

Running a company like GM is a job suited for few people.

Like very few.

GM built plants in Mexico and China to turn more of a profit. In this analyst’s opinion, some of the blame falls on the unions and other vocal groups vying for more comps, more vacation and more freebies.

Also a fault are the “living wage’ proponents that advocate some sort of standard ought to be set for everyone as to the size of their paycheck. Nobody can seem to agree as to exactly how much that should be mind you, but the general belief is higher than many companies currently pay.

The prognostication of what happens when perks and wages are forced upon a company is easily detailed way in advance of what has now come to pass. Basically that these policies cause people to lose their jobs.

That it HAS come to pass is now the companies fault?

The phrase “we told you so” comes to mind.

Force higher costs on a for-profit company and it will flee to friendlier (and cheaper) shores. And so it has.

American activists and unions have pushed for higher wages and more perks and detractors warned it would cost American jobs. And now it has.

China and Mexico are trying to survive, grow and employ its populace and have little in the way of wage mandates, and therefore can build GM cars cheaper.

Since the monetary goal of private business is to enhance shareholder profit, one can hardly blame GM for wanting to build its cars wherever it can for the lowest cost. Keep in mind GM is not a charity but a business. Those calling for allowances to enhance the benefit of non-owners (employees) should reread the last sentence. Call me uncompassionate but stating fact doesn’t necessarily mean I support that fact and want people fired and no, I don’t agree with the move GM made.

But GM is a business, a shareholder business, and that makes its owners first and foremost on the ladder of preferred monetary enhancement. Sounds harsh but in the true sense of the word business, it is goal is that simple: make money for the owners.

Small or large business, the mission is the same.

Throw out that premise and you throw out the entire capitalistic system, and with it free will and choice, and although many might advocate such a thing, there is not a replacement system that maintains free will and individual liberty as succinctly.

Few understand that capitalism at its root is nothing more than two people agreeing to make a transaction freely and without outside interference. The rest of the capitalistic system and its machinations are just offshoots of this basic transaction.

That a shareholder owned, for-profit business elects to pay CEO Mary Barra a 22 million paycheck while laying off thousands may seem immoral, it’s the right of the company to do so.

Barra has one mission: make profits for shareholders. And in performing this mission, she has decided it is in the best interest of the shareholder to lay off workers.

So be it.

Complain and protest all you want, but you’ll be doing it from the unemployment line. Labor activists wanted higher wages and now you have no wages at all. Just like it was predicted.

Perhaps instead of scratching our head wondering how such a thing could come to pass, in reality, making what must have been a very difficult decision and knowing how much flak she would probably take for doing it, may be the reason she’s worth the paycheck.

Just saying........

This is not a solicitation to buy or sell any securities. This article expresses the opinions of Marc Cuniberti and are opinions only and should not be construed or acted upon as individual investment advice. Mr. Cuniberti is an Investment Advisor Representative through Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Marc can be contacted at SMC Wealth Management, 164 Maple St #1, Auburn, CA 95603 (530) 559-1214. SMC and Cambridge are not affiliated. His website is www.moneymanagementradio.com. California Insurance License # OL34249


By Boots Johnson

Those of you out there who still want to wet a line can find some action on local rivers fishing for steelhead. There has also been a showing of sturgeon in the Sacramento River although reports tell us the fishing is slow with few fish being brought into tackle shops.

Conditions at Lake Almanor are definitely on the cold side with snow and more snow in the forecast, but the trout are cooperating here and those who whether the storm are catching some nice fish.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife planned to plant catchable trout last week in the following waters: Folsom Lake, Auburn Regional Park Pond was also on the list. This water is located in Placer County. Rancho Seco Lake in Sacramento County also was planted along with Collins Lake above Marysville.

We are told that those who have large boats should avoid Camp Far West Reservoir due the low conditions of the lake. Small, preferably aluminum boats can make it on the gravel bar to launch. It is also recommended if you have a small fiberglass boat to leave it home.

Englebright Reservoir is full as usual and we have a report of success in the upper end of the lake trolling. Fish caught there last week were in the 18 to 24 inch range.

If it is bass you are after we recommend Lake Oroville. Fishing in the main part of the lake is best due to all the arms being somewhat still muddied up from the last storms.

We wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas and a joyous New Year.

Closing thought: “Friendship consists in forgetting what one gives and remembering what one receives.”

July heat wave affects avocado production

A spike in Southern California temperatures last July will likely reduce the state's 2019 avocado crop. The California Avocado Commission estimates the new crop at 167 million pounds, which would be half the volume produced this year. The July heat wave stressed avocado trees in particular in parts of Ventura, Riverside and San Diego counties. But some growers say they already see signs of recovery for the 2020 avocado crop.


Sierra snow levels stand below average

After achieving above-average levels earlier this month, snow depths in the Sierra Nevada have slipped to about 80 pfont-size: 11.0pt;font-family: 'Times New Roman',serif;ercent of average for the date. Water managers watch the Sierra snow levels carefully, in order to plan for water supplies in the coming year. Even at current levels, the Sierra snowpack is much healthier than it was a year ago, when the snowpack statewide stood at only about one-third of average.


Study finds native plants that attract pollinators

Following two years of study, University of California experts have identified wildflowers that appear best for attracting honeybees and other pollinators to farms and gardens. The study showed species of phacelia and clarkia to be among the spring-blooming plants most attractive to both wild bees and honeybees. The researchers studied drought-tolerant, California native plants that blossom during a range of periods throughout the year.


Trend watchers look toward 2019

'Tis the season to predict food trends for the coming year. A blog aimed at operators of fast-casual restaurants says customers will continue to look for "approachable, familiar" foods and predicts increased interest in regional barbecue and foods from the upper Midwest, such as Detroit pizza or Chicago-style Italian food. Meanwhile, a global hospitality group anticipates trends including fermented foods, insect-based proteins and new cuts of steak.

Much blame of society’s economic ills however are laid at the feet of capitalism. In this analysts opinion in actuality most of those ills are because capitalism has been hijacked, distorted or otherwise thwarted by meddling governments and regulators.

Capitalism is nothing more than one person buying what he wants from another at a price agreed by both and without outside interference or mandate.

In all systems there is good and bad, and capitalism is no exception. But the perceived bad in capitalism actually works for the good of system. It is just not always obvious at the onset.

Much like cauterizing a wound to prevent infection, the capitalistic process might have its painful and ugly moments, but the reasons are beneficial in the end. The basic result if you let it work its magic is the basic transaction between parties and their free will is preserved and isn’t that the main theme of America, freedom and liberty?

True be told, there is little resemblance of the system we have today and true capitalism. Hence the bad name capitalism has been given. Subsidies, unions, regulation, the lobby system, protectionism, tariffs, minimum wage and a host of other interferences and hindrances by governments have broken many of the cogs of the self-repairing system of capitalism. It’s why we see the problems we do today.

And although many blame capitalism for their problems, the arms of capitalism, if allowed to work, would fix most economic ills. But those arms, or at least many of them, have been handcuffed or outright cut off.

Capitalism is basically freedom. The freedom to make a buck, retain it, and do with it what you like. Pretty basic stuff. From that premise comes the beauty of a free market which, to the chagrin of some, come laissez faire and trickledown economics, which actually work if unmolested and unregulated. But then again we haven’t seen that for literally decades.

Capitalism addresses excessive profits with competition. Regulators thwart this check and balance with excessive regulatory costs which erect excessive barriers to entry (cost too much to start or maintain a business).

Proper wages are addressed by a sound dollar policy which maintain stable and long lasting purchasing power of the paycheck. Since wages lag inflation, when the government maintains an inflationary policy to fund itself and its programs, it erodes the buying power of the paycheck. This means workers fall further and further behind. The more inflation and the longer it continues, the farther behind workers find themselves. Wage increases always lag general inflation. Conversely, if a deflationary environment was maintained, workers would benefit more and more over time. The governments of the world however elect for follow an inflationary model. Capitalism would not cause living wage deficits if there were strong dollar policies in effect.

Capitalism does have its drawbacks and when those occur and only when those occurs should a regulatory body intervene. Monopolistic situations must be mediated by a central government as well as environmental concerns. A few other instances of a capitalistic system also may require central intervention, but for the most part, the capitalistic system is the original way the caveman survived. He basically fought and won his daily bounty, and those that did survived and prospered. From there evolved man’s concept of free will and the right to possession. Basically what yours is yours and what theirs is theirs. There is no more basic concept or right. Unfettered with constraints this system is the oldest and the best. In this analyst’s opinion, no other system will work, nor ever has for long. That some people think there is a better way only points to man’s hubris and ignorance.

2 Thessalonians 3:1: For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: "If a man will not work, he shall not eat”

Seems logical to me, and fair, with the exception of compassion on those that truly cannot work. Then another verse comes to mind:

Proverbs 22:9: The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.

I know there will be some reading this who will scoff or even despise the biblical reference used her, but few would argue these are wise words, all of them.

This article expresses the opinions of Marc Cuniberti and are opinions only and should not be construed or acted upon as individual investment advice. Mr. Cuniberti hosts the radio show “Money Matters” and is a featured columnist on a variety of media outlets. Mr. Cuniberti is an Investment Advisor Representative through Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Marc can be contacted at SMC Wealth Management, 164 Maple St #1, Auburn, CA 95603 (530) 559-1214. SMC and Cambridge are not affiliated. His website is www.moneymanagementradio.com. California Insurance License # OL34249

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Look Back in Time – In 1917 M. J. Cooney was appointed U. S. Explosives agent in Forbestown and was able to issue permits for explosives of all kinds (was that to celebrate New Year's)?

Merry Christmas everyone and we hope to see you in Brownsville soon. Christine and Yvonne