Bookstore Booster group will be hold their end of summer raffle at the bookstore on August 24. We will draw raffle prizes about 10 am and begin to plan the craft workshops for the fall. We try to have a craft workshop each Saturday from 10 – 12. Call 675-3275 for more information.

            The Brownsville Farmer's Market is doing well, local produce and crafts, a place for kids to play, and other happenings as they appear. It is also a spot for local non-profit organizations and churches to have a fundraiser. For non-profit groups the booth space is free. Call Freja Nelson at 933-9506 or email her This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

            The “Munchkins” are back in school and that means the school buses are back on the road again. Now, Munchkins have been known to not pay attention and dart out into the road, especially the younger ones, although the older Munchkins do have the same problem occasionally. Be aware of the activity around the bus and the stop signs on the bus when it is pulled over to pick up or drop off.

            My internet hot spot doesn’t work well when I’m inside, so I sit on my deck each morning and check emails, write my portion of the column, research for my book, pay bills, and work on all things internet. The air is still cool and refreshing as the roosters crow out their morning salutations. Bushy tailed squirrels playfully chase each other up and down the tree trunks. A Stellar Jay squawks his disturbance as I interrupt his morning. The breeze tickles the wind chimes, they dance and sing. I feel as though I could sit here forever. Soon I will have to go back inside and take care of all things not internet. But my mornings on the deck are such a delightful way to start my day.

            Look Back in Time – In 1910 traction engines were hauling lumber from the hardwood mill at Woodleaf to Oroville. They had a million feet to haul before snow hit (hope they made it).


Hope to see you in Brownsville soon.            Christine and Yvonne

Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, and Idris Elba

Rated: PG:13 

Runtime: 2 Hours 14 Minutes 3/5


      Another drop in the bucket from the cash cow that is the, Fast & Furious, franchise. In this money raking installment Jason Statham and the Dwayne Johnson, team up to battle Idris Elba for the fate of humanity. It could not have been done without the connections of a brave Sky marshal.


    Hobbs & Shaw, earn three out of five, Virus Filtering Monkeys. The movie knows exactly what it is, an absurd plot to bring three of the top action actors together in order to make a lot of money entertaining the horde. The story is cohesive enough to add some substance to the explosions and helicopter towing trucks. There is even a mysterious villain that fires up the parade of bulldozers to plow the ten lane highway to yet another edition of the, Fast & Furious. The acting is fun to watch, and the effects are over the top fun. This is an entertaining movie and worth the money to see in theaters.

By Don .Rae

  •  * The left’s rhetoric about “no judgment” has led directly to a lack of a core moral center in our youth and young adults. The inevitable result is events like El Paso and Dayton as well as the carnage in Chicago and other inner cities. The left is primarily responsible and needs to be re educated to reality and morality. Try the Ten Commandments as a start.
  •  * A Garden Grove man kills 4 with a machete. Register knives. Confiscate machetes. Tax knife sharpeners.
  •  * Don’t miss Dan Walters’ commentaries on government. They read thus: The government can’t do anything right. He’s right on. Think of all the problems with the DMV, Veterans Bureau, re-cycling, voting machines and dozens more. We need good managers, not glib politicians.
  •  * Pelosi cries crocodile tears over immigrant children being separated from their illegal immigrant parents. She says nothing about family separation every day in every jurisdiction in the US when parents are arrested. Every day CPS takes children from their parents. Pelosi and her lemmings are just politicking.
  •  * The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has introduced a plan to phase out fossil fuels by eliminating all gas stations in the county. The totalitarian idea is based on junk science and a media afraid to report the facts and the implications of ending gas stations. 
  •  * State Sen. Scott Wiener’s Senate Bill 288 would allow undocumented immigrants to serve as delegates and to run for Democratic Party County Central Committees in California. Think that is a good idea?
  •  * Let’s take a closer look at Kamala Harris. She lied about her “busing” experience.  She lied about her “segregated” experience.  Both her parents had a Ph.d. She spent a lot of her K-12 education in Canada. She pouts as if she had been poverty stricken—another lie. Harris misrepresents the facts by saying thanks to busing, she was able to be part of only the second class to integrate in the Berkeley public school system.  The truth? Berkeley High was already integrated in 1963, a year before Harris was born. She’s already told more lies than Obama could even think of.
  •  * San Francisco is creating an Office of Racial Equity, whatever that is. The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in favor of the office, which is situated under the human rights commission, whatever that is. It will also create a “Racial Equity Framework Plan” that will outline strategies to address racial disparities in San Francisco. Huh?
  •  * Lots of restaurants are barrens of noise. Does the noise violate the Americans with Disabilities Act, which bars places of public accommodation from discriminating against people with disabilities? Think about it next time you are in a restaurant.
  •  * Obama and his administration knew well before the 2016 election that Russia was meddling in election systems but decided not to give warning to the states. Instead Obama started the fiction that it was Trump who was colluding with the Russians. This latest revelation about the dereliction of duty by Obama is not surprising. The entire Obama years were filled with scandals some of which cost people their lives. Obama took the typical left-wing strategy of just blaming someone else. The fact that Obama knew the truth about the Russians and never said a damn thing about it shows his true intentions. Being the worst President in American history is something that is probably not easy to live with so, Obama is trying to deflect blame. Hopefully Barr will catch up with this evil.
  •  * Pelosi runs around calling Elijah Cummings a hero. Such talk denigrates the definition if hero.
  • * Leslie Marshall lies. She claims Trump only goes after jurisdictions run by minorities when he talks about filth and corruption. She conveniently forgets his missiles fired at San Francisco, Los Angeles and Oakland, among others run by non-minorities.
  •  * Democrats clamor for more migrants and open borders. Trump says, okay, those who break the law will be re-located in the Democrats’ home districts. Oh, no, say the Democrats. That is hateful and political. Hypocrites.
  •  * Why do we tend to glorify people like Jesse Smollett?
  •  * Don’t adults have any smarts at all? Are they as dumb as they act? They allow transgender boys to compete in girls’ athletics. They are well aware of the disastrous results of such a plan. Why do they put the girls and themselves into a no-win situation?
  •  * Most mainstream media reporters ought to be disqualified and their credentials torn up. They are not journalists. They don’t report the news. Their bias shows though in virtually every story they file in the mainstream media.
  •  * The newest definition of depravity, deceit and dishonesty is Avenetti. Why hasn’t the State Bar acted?
  •  * The mainstream media is picking up a climate change horror story almost every day. It would seem that the newsroom actually believes that humans are jumping around destroying the earth. Consider that we’ve been hearing doomsday predictions from “experts” for decades.
  •  * One easy partial solution to finding dangerous youth would be to open juvenile files instead of wiping them clean. In that way, the authorities could keep better track of potentially dangerous young adults.
  •  * TRILIA gets a $2 million loan to build a levee protecting us from flooding from the goldfields. Terrific news. Why wasn’t this done a long time ago? Maybe TRLIA could have used some of the money they spent planting poison oak around some endangered bushes. The Territorial Dispatch pointed out the danger more than a decade ago. Will the levee be built in the next decade? Or later?

By Don Rae

  •  * The homeless problem did not start this year. In 1967 a well intentioned law gave the mentally ill more “rights”.  In the end, it created the right to be homeless. Over the next few decades as state resources were cut and the number of psychiatric hospitals shrank the homeless population increased. Is it time to reopen these institutions and give the mentally ill the help they need? If we don’t, and continue to be politically correct, we will destroy more lives and unhinge our communities.
  •  * Pelosi says Trump works for Putin because Putin has something terrible on him. She’s right. Putin has the entire Democratic Party on his side.
  •  * The Democrats started their impeachment calls before Trump was even inaugurated. They can’t stop their clamoring as impeachment is ingrained in their little pea brains and the call is like the reflex in a praying mantis.
  •  * Why hasn’t Congress dealt with the on-going crisis affecting military spouses? As military families move from base to base, their professional certificates are not always honored. This means they cannot work in their chosen profession. Obviously being unemployed affects their quality of life and the family is also negatively affected. Garamendi, Beale AFB is in your district. Get with the program and sponsor legislation to correct this problem for our military families.
  •  * The US Court of Appeals says the Feds are using the wrong code numbers to charge illegal invaders. With a million or more pages of codes how would a real person – even a bureaucrat – know what all of these codes mean?
  •  * It is beginning to make sense now. The attacks on Trump were instigated by members of the federal bureaucracy. They thought that Clinton would let them go on getting away with every crime in the book, like they were doing under Obama. As the infamous Reverend Wright said “the chickens are coming home to roost.”
  •  * California has 7 million more voters than adult citizens. Any wonder Clinton got so many votes in 2016.
  •  * Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) late Monday said that President Trump’s divisive rhetoric on immigration was “directly responsible” for the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas that left at least 22 people dead. The freshman New York congresswoman made the comments while speaking at a vigil in Brooklyn for the victims of the shooting in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio, according to the New York Daily News. “I’m tired of the questioning if the president is racist. He is,” Ocasio-Cortez told a crowd of about 500 people.
  •  * OAC simply can’t keep her insanity to herself. She claims Trump is responsible for the El Paso and Dayton shootings. In actuality, it is rhetoric like hers which leads young men tottering on the edge to flip. And don’t forget Beto O’Rourke when you think of evil politicians who haven’t a brain cell in their head. He is as bad, if not worse.
  •  * We can anticipate that gun control will crop up soon. Such is the simplistic solution of the simple minded. Any real thinking person knows that the problem is much deeper than the weapon. Recent generations have been told that boys are bad and filled with “toxic masculinity”. The male children (often without good male role models) are ostracized, condemned, isolated, ignored and told again and again that they are hateful little squirts. No wonder they crack up and take out their rage on others.
  •  * A good read in these dog days of August is “Cadillac Desert” by Marc Reiner. He presents a sound lesson on water problems in the west. It was first published in 1986.What have the politicians done to address the problem? Nothing of value. Of course that is what politicians mostly do – nothing of value.
  •  * Congressman Castro of Texas should be investigated for potential terrorist threats. His tweets of a list of Trump supporters are definitely a form of a hit list. Is it because he’s a Democrat that he is not held accountable for endangering others?
  •  *There has been a lot of finger-pointing recently about racism in America. In truth the Democrat Party—the founders of Jim Crow Laws, the KKK and opponents of Lincoln ending slavery - remains the primary problem. Consider the recent example of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) conducting a staff shake-up to create additional diversity. In their warped view, there were not enough “people of color” to meet the requirements of this organizations’ progressives. A wholesale number of firings recently were based solely on skin pigmentation. Performance and experience were no longer a criterion for retention. Caucasians were replaced with those who have darker complexions. The DCCC deliberately committed reverse discrimination to meet their utopian goal of creating a more diverse environment. All, illegal of course, but since they are Democrats there will be no consequences.
  •  * Why is Kamala Harris still in the race for President?  Why is she still in the U.S. Senate?  As Attorney General she gave a serial sexual harasser, fellow Democrat San Diego Mayor Bob Filner a get out of jail card.  In 2013, about 20 women accused Filner, a Democratic congressman who became San Diego mayor, of sexual harassment and misconduct
  •  * Harris’ office drew criticism for allowing Filner to plead guilty to state charges of false imprisonment and battery against three Jane Does in exchange for a light sentence. Filner could have faced up to five years in prison, but the plea bargain instead gave him three months of house arrest, three years’ probation, and partial loss of his mayoral pension.
  •  * This is part of the strong criminal justice system created by Harris.
  •  * Have you noticed the number of law firms advertising about the Roundup court decision? Throw money out the window and the lawyers will run over each other to get their share.

By Boots Johnson


Reports tell us salmon are being taken in the Sacramento area to the south and the Red Bluff area to the North. Local fishing in both the Sacramento and Feather Rivers has been somewhat productive but is extremely slow at this time. Local resident Ted Johnson fished the Feather River last week and managed to land one eleven pound buck salmon. He caught the fish above Boyd’s Pump boat ramp. Boats have been  seen on the waters but are few and far between.

Most trout in reservoirs and lakes in the valley and above have gone into summer mode which means they have gone deep to find cooler water. Downriggers will be necessary from now until Fall but those without them and who have a boat can also score with jigs and bottom fishing with bait and a sliding sinker.

Mono and Inyo Counties received most of the trout plant last week with fish also planted in Lassen, El Dorado, Shasta and Tehama counties in the usual streams and reservoirs.

We hear from Lake Davis near Portola. The trout here are cooperating and anglers using lures or trolling with night crawlers are scoring big at this time. Fish are running from 18 to 22 inches.

We recommend not fishing in the Thermolito after bay at this time, but to concentrate on Lake Oroville for bass.  Kings are also being taken for those who fish for them. The bass population can be found in waters between 40 and 60 feet at this time. Find a school and have a ball.

The catfish bite is still in full swing at Collins Lake above Marysville.  We hear of a catfish which was huge and was said to be over three feet long. What did it weigh? Well, the darn fish was not weighed or accurately measured so we have several different weights from folks at the scene. Some say over 20 pounds while others say maybe 15 pounds or so. Either way it was a”BIG ONE”.

Closing thought: “The opening of the school year is just around the corner so look out for the kids.”

Well you have to admit, crazier things have happened but not many. Bernie Sanders, presidential candidate and democratic socialist (kind of like being half pregnant and a contradiction in terms) and millionaire (go figure) posts some strange endorsements on his official campaign website page.

That a semi-socialist would run in a capitalistic country (still thank God) and think he has a chance to win is odd enough, but what his endorsement section looks like makes one wonder just how sane this 77 year old is.

Not that I am knocking or endorsing him myself mind you, but being an economic guy and self-professed capitalist, I have to call out folks who I perceive are posting stuff that makes one question if the grey matter within their head is sound enough to run a small country, let alone the most powerful one on the planet.

Apparently other likely much smarter folks then me have entertained that thought as well and it becomes rather obvious when you look at what some pretty powerful and successful people are saying about him. Bernie had the guts (maybe there’s a better word for it) to actually list what’s being said about him on his official page, thinking these types of things will help him get elected. Quoting Franklin Roosevelt on the section above the anti-endorsements: “Judge me by the enemies I have made”.  Ok Bernie, we will do just that.  

  • ·         “In 2016 I saw Bernie Sanders and the kids around him. I thought: ‘This is the antichrist!'” — Home Depot Co-Founder Kenneth Langone
  • ·         “If Bernie Sanders became president, I think stock prices should be 30% to 40% lower than they are now.” — Billionaire hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller
  • ·         “Just because it resonates doesn’t make it right.” — JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Sanders’ wealth tax proposals on the rich
  • ·         “Bernie Sanders, in my opinion, doesn’t have a clue.” — Leon Cooperman, a former partner at Goldman Sachs
  • ·         “The senator’s uninformed views are, in a word, contemptible.” — Former Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam
  • ·         “All of these proposals, Sanders’ proposals, they are just going to kill growth.” — Hardees and Carl’s Jr. CEO Andy Puzder on Sanders’ plan to raise the minimum wage
  • ·         “How many jobs have you created?” — Disney CEO Bob Iger on Sanders’ calls to raise wages at Disney
  • ·         “GE operates in the real world. We’re in the business of building real things and generating real growth.” — Former GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt after Sanders called out the company’s greed
  • ·         “It has the potential to be a dangerous moment,” Former Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein said of Sanders’s campaign
  • ·         “Remember, the basic problem of inequality is a fact that people are born that way.” — Former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan on Sanders’ agenda
  • ·         “He’s the enemy of every entrepreneur that’s ever going to be born in the country and has been born in the country.” — Home Depot co-founder Bernard Marcus

I really get a kick out of Alan Greenspan’s quote. Born that way Alan? No comment but although it is said all men are created equal, you have to wonder sometimes.

In any case, there is a lot of pretty accomplished people in the lineup against Sanders here and all of them have a LOT of real business world experience. Again look at their job titles.  I might repeat Disney’s Bob Iger’s quote by asking “Hey Bernie, just how many jobs have you created?”

One might argue these folks are all capitalists and yes, anyone in business is or least should be if they are to be successful. In fact I never knew a business man who stayed one adopting socialistic principals. To be successful you pretty much have to be a capitalist in my opinion.

Concluding now, I doubt Sanders has a snowballs chance in you-know-where and more likely the Democratic candidate will be another multi-millionaire, Joe Biden, perceived by many to be more moderate. He’s just as rich as Sanders if not more so.

You can’t make this stuff up. Comedy Central here we come.

Marc Cuniberti hosts “Money Matters” on KVMR FM aired on 65 radio stations nationwide. He is a financial columnist for a variety of publications. Marc holds a BA in Economics from SDU with honors 1979. His website is and he can be reached at (530) 559-1214. Visit him on Facebook (FB) under Marc Cuniberti and also on the "Money Matters” and “Money Matters Investing in Community" FB pages. The views expressed are opinions only.

            Please plan a visit to Yuba Feather Museum in Forbestown sometime soon; they will be closing for the summer on August 31. They are open on weekend afternoons from noon until four until then. There is an ice cream social on Aug. 18 and again on closing day. The displays in the museum itself are interesting and the replica village is a great place to imagine life around here more than 100 years ago. Yuba Feather Historical Ass. is always looking for new members, too. Come join the fun.

            Time to go to the Farmer's Market in Brownsville this Saturday. Produce is beginning to come in, so they have many things for sale: blueberries, peaches, watermelon, cucumbers, cabbages, corn and more. In addition there are home baked goods, jellies and jams, jewelry, soaps, and crafts. There is room for a booth featuring a bake sale for a non-profit organization. One can set up a booth pretty easily, so come on up and check it out. Have a great lunch and visit with friends and neighbors. Enjoy the fruits of our local farmers' labors and help support this local effort.

            Are you interested in learning how to play the piano? Well, we have a wonderful piano teacher right here in our own backyard. Gail Creel would love to teach you how to tickle those ivory keys. If you are interested in lessons please call Books and More at, 675-3275, to get Gail’s phone number. And, as long as we are on the subject of piano lessons, the Hillside Community Church has a free piano and or organ they wish to give away. If you are interested you can contact the church at 530-675-2151.

            These hot summer days are a good time to sit in the shade with a cool glass of lemonade or ice tea and read a good book. Books and More, in Brownsville, is the only bookstore in Yuba County and they have an extensive array of genres, titles and more. What you can’t find they can order for you. Stop in and browse the many isles and shelves of books that can take you to far away places, introduce you to interesting and or unusual people, wander in the jungle with wild animals, fall in love with a prince, or take a flight on a magic carpet. The possibilities are endless. Books and More is located on Willow Glen Rd. in Brownsville.

            Look Back in Time – In 1933 Mae West said that the secret to her curves was a diet of thick cream, pies and pastries, rich sauces and wearing a padded corset (wonder what her cholesterol levels were).

            Hope to see you in Brownsville soon.            Christine and Yvonne

By Don .Rae

  • * Berkeley is usually front and center of every leftist idea which floats through the ether. Berkeley City Council is voting on an ordinance that would eliminate masculine and feminine pronounsfrom the city’s municipal code, changing gender-specific language to gender-neutral language. Well, in August, 1973, Western City Magazine  published an article about the City of San Diego doing the exact same name-change routine. Seems like Berkeley, the left-leaning king of the world, missed this one.
  • * It took 25 years to obtain permission to build 22,000 homes in the Grapevine area of Southern California.  Just imagine the jobs that were lost during that time, how much higher the costs are for the homes, how much tax revenue was lost. Still, the environmentalists did everything possible to keep these houses from being built. Newsom and the Democrats cry crocodile tears about the housing shortage, but they have done all they can to make it worse by helping the insane environmentalists..
  • * Democrats are running around saying Trump is Hitler and a racist for maintaining that Baltimore is a disgrace to the country.
  • * Huh? Pelosi is reported to say “Illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities are law-abiding citizens.”
  • * The Democrats fired a woman staff member because she was white. Isn’t that action a crime under the law? If she were Black and was fired, all hell would break loose. Apparently, diversity means “anything that is not white”.
  • *  “In the 1970s, we were told we were in a cooling crisis and if we didn’t do something immediately we’d find ourselves in a new ice age.” says Nick Loris, deputy director of Heritage’s Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies and a Herbert and Joyce Morgan Fellow in energy and environmental policy. Obviously that crisis didn’t happen. So the “cry wolf” crowd changed their tune and we were told that “entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend was not reversed by the year 2000.” Obviously that didn’t happen either. Remember the experts also told us that Y2K would destroy our electronic infrastructure. Nope. Didn’t happen. How many more manufactured crises will we have to endure by “experts” before we get wise to ourselves?
  • * Replacing gasoline-driven cars in California would require 134% of current global cobalt production, 67% of current global neodymium production, 50% of current global production of lithium, and 34% of current global production of copper. As said by folks who have done the research; “They can no more decree an EV fleet to be so than they can change the color of the sky.”
  • * Haven’t heard too much about toxic masculinity recently. We still don’t know exactly what this terrible condition is. Is this condition covered by our health insurance?
  • AOC and Pelosi met alone in Pelosi’s octagon. Claws and teeth were the weapons of choice. Result? Nothing. They both are committed to continue to spout insanity to the detriment of the nation.
  • * The Republican Party has 19 members of the State Assembly out of 80.  They have 11 in the State Senate, out of 40;  and 7 congressional members in a delegation of 53.  The GOP has no Statewide officers.  In the last report the Republican Party had about $770,000 cash on hand, while the Democrats had over $11 million.  The State GOP has not had, and still does not have, a voter registration program.  With this fact, it is certain that Republicans will win the next election. Not.


  • *Joe Biden claims to be a “moderate”.  In the Democrat Party, that means being a “totalitarian Socialist.”  He wants to make illegal invaders citizens immediately.  That policy position shows how desperate the Democrats are to get votes for 2020. 
  • * A quote from the internet:  "...a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing."  Shakespeare wrote those words four hundred years ago -- he must have known ol' Schiff-for-brains would show up sooner or later.
  • * Al Franken says he regrets resigning from the Senate. We don’t.
  • * So far this summer there haven’t been any heat records. But the phrase “climate change” continues to be a regular insert in the mainstream media. And according to the brilliant AOC the earth has only 12 years left before it kills us all off. So, the ignoramuses demand cheap power and the end of fossil fuel. How do we do that? Why, by blowing up all our hydroelectric plants which produces the cleanest power available, with the exception of nuclear.
  • * It was sad to watch Mueller stumble about in the recent hearing. He didn’t even know what FusionGPS was. His handlers should have put the kabash on his appearance. It was a horribly unfair destruction of his reputation. Of course, Nadler and Schiff didn’t give a wit. They had to come up with something to justify their claims of evidence spouting out of their lying mouths for the past two years. Not only did they fail miserably, but they proved themselves to be horrible examples of Americans. Hopefully their constituents will take appropriate action and retire them quickly.
  • * San Franciscans are fighting homeless shelters. It appears they like the present conditions on the streets. Maybe some of them want to set up toll boxes so tourists can tour the mess.
  • * Pelosi calls Elijah Cummings a hero. A hero of the rat infestation. A hero of the homeless. A hero of trash. Of course, Pelosi is a hero of the came ilk, as she is from San Francisco which shares some of the blight of Baltimore.
  • * Leslie Marshall lies. She claims that Trump only goes after jurisdictions which are run by minorities. She conveniently forgets that Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Oakland – among many others – are not run by minorities but they are as filthy as those which are.
  • * Federalist 10(Madison) says “The first object of government is the protection of different and unequal facilities of acquiring property.”
  • * Newsom wants private tax returns from presidential candidates or he will remove their name from the ballot in California. Newsom, take a long walk off a short pier.
  • * Ricardo Lara, California Insurance Commissioner, should resign.  If not, he should be recalled from office. This Democrat is using his office as a gateway for the favored donors—which means unless you gave him money, he will use his office to harm you.  This is called pay to play and is illegal, unless you are a Democrat in California.   Years ago a Republican, Chuck Quackenbush, holding that office and was forced to resign when Democrats pointed out the corruption—.  Why are they silent now?

By Boots Johnson


The opening of salmon season on local rivers proved to not be as good as expected. Apparently the warm water conditions on the Sacramento had a lot to do with the bite. When the second season opens on August 1st some say it will be more productive. It is a known fact that more salmon will be moving up rivers as the run continues.

Catfish are the way to go at Collins Lake at this time. The stinker the bait the better chance to hook into a big catfish. If you use power bait the fish will also be available, but smaller. Live Oak angler Jerry Freeman caught a nice six pound cat recently at the bridge using beef brains and chicken liver. Kudos Jerry!!

Folks are limiting out on nice sized Kokanee Salmon at Stampede Reservoir. Some spinners and other small lures have been productive. Flashers seem to attract these land locked fish and the best bet is to find the schools in deep water. Angler Dave Quinn,  address unknown at this time, went after mackinaw lake trout using a jig while fishing off the dam and landed a dandy 17 pounder. Congrats Dave!!

Englebright Reservoir, above Browns Valley, is having a run on rainbow trout. The fish are holding in 30 to 40 feet of water. Reports tell us drifting night crawlers is working best.

Loon Lake, which is located in El Dorado County, was planted with catchable trout last week and the North Fork of the Feather River near Lake Almanor also received a bunch of trout.

Black Butte Reservoir which is located near Orland is going crazy with the bass bite at this time even though all conditions show poor fishing. The early morning and late evening hours are the best time with a reminder that if you wish to catch bass start before first light because as soon as the sun hits the water the surface fishing is over until evening. The lake is dropping so much it has exposed the hyacinth plants, which attract the fish.

Closing thought: “We might look good on the outside, but are we really as good on the inside.”


Starring: Kaya Scodelario, Barry Pepper, and Morfydd Clark

Rated: R  Runtime: 1 Hour 27 Minutes



A collegiate swimmer takes a trip to check on her father during a hurricane in Florida. She out maneuvers the law in order to accomplish her task. Little does she know of the horror that awaits her…..Crawl.  There is nothing like the look of hope and excitement on a young child’s face as he clutches his own bag of popcorn and climbs the steps of a dimly lit theater. Giant screen flickering behind him as he eats a piece of popcorn right out of the bag without the use of hands, not knowing that in the span of an hour a lifelong phobia of alligators will be cemented into his soul.

            Crawl, earns two out of five, Not Brick Breaking Monkeys. The story is one that is made up in a leaking basement while waiting for a hurricane to pass, somewhat preposterous and moist. The acting is not bad at all and the effects are very well done. I had low expectations for this film and they were met in perfect fashion. The absurdity of some scenes was humorous and the jump scare scenes were very well done and appreciated. This is a fun movie to watch, but not quite fun enough to justify the cost of a trip to the big screen. Please, don’t take the little tykes to see this film. The Lion King, is out, that is a much better choice of an animal movie for kids.

 Farmers visit Capitol Hill on behalf of USMCA

Seeking action on a pending trade deal, California farmers and ranchers conduct a "fly-in" to Washington, D.C., Wednesday, to urge congressional ratification of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement. Farmers will visit the California congressional delegation, asking members to support the USMCA. Supporters say the agreement would strengthen relations with two key markets for California agricultural exports.  

New methods, law aim to reduce rural crime

Crimes of theft, vandalism and trespassing plague rural California. Farmers and sheriffs deputies use a number of techniques to combat rural crime, combining new technology with tried-and-true information sharing. Recently signed state legislation creates a new crime category--grand theft of agricultural property--and invests fines collected from those crimes into rural crime-prevention programs.


Winegrape harvest may be delayed

As winegrapes ripen in California vineyards, farmers wait to see how cool, rainy spring weather affected the crop. Farmers expect their harvests to come 10 days to two weeks later than usual, because of the cooler temperatures. Individual farmers say the crop looks smaller, but the leader of a Fresno-based growers cooperative says he believes the winegrape harvest will ultimately be as large or larger than last year's record crop.


Controlling weeds would lessen chance of wildfire

Invasive weeds worsen California's wildfire threat, and a University of California specialist says one particular group of weeds--from the genus Bromus--has become a pervasive concern. Cheatgrass and other Bromus species can be found in wide swaths of the state. The grasses can be controlled through livestock grazing, mowing,  herbicides and other methods, but have to be tackled at just the right time, before their seeds mature.   


Famous investor Warren Buffet, in a recent article New York Times articles entitled: “Warren Buffett’s Case for Capitalism”, claims a capitalistic society is the best system for America. “I’m a card carrying capitalist” said Buffett.

In recent years, capitalism at least in some circles has been blamed for income inequality, the rise of excessive corporate greed and the plight of the American worker.

On the surface, the negatives to our capitalistic system seem valid. The average worker is finding it harder and harder to make ends meet as the stock market hits all-time highs.  The polarization of the two seems clear and it’s easy to draw the cause and effect conclusion that one has led to the other.

That would hold true if our system was truly capitalistic. And although the American economy does retain some aspects of a capitalistic system sadly, many of the most important checks and balances of capitalism have been removed or compromised by meddling governments over the decades.  

Those hating on capitalism largely get their information from the many news media outlets, most of which also don’t understand capitalism and hence don’t report on the important aspects that are missing in today’s America. Without such education and hence media exposure, Americans are left to only misinformation about their economy, and hence push unknowingly to destroy it.

Capitalism is not synonymous with corporation greed and income inequality. In fact, capitalism will correct most of both corporate greed and income inequality as well as many of the other negatives we see in today’s American economy.

To begin to understand these concepts, know that at its roots, capitalism is nothing more than someone going to the store and buying something with their own money at the price they find acceptable and from someone who is willing to sell that something for a price that is acceptable to them. 

Everything else the economy functions on are just offshoots of this basic premise. Some of the basic concepts of capitalism include free choice, the right to private property, the right to work and the right to negotiation. Sounds logical, and it is.

Left alone capitalism allows for and protects these basic premises. Start tweaking capitalism and distortions arise. Think of a tire that is perfectly round and each tweak of capitalism adds a lump in the tire. The tire now starts to wobble and its efficiency wanes. The more you tweak it (add more lumps) the worse it rolls.

Such is the result of the interference in capitalism, which is usually caused by a central government.

Capitalism isn’t perfect. No system is. But it is the best system. All others are worse, and some economically fatal.

But in the imperfection that mankind and our world is by nature, some think they can improve on this reality.

Of all the imperfections that is our physical world, the economic reality with the most effect is economic truth known as scarcity.

Simply put, there is not enough to go around for everyone to have everything they want. That some won’t accept this fact is delusionary. It’s a fact, and no amount of hoping, wishing or economic manipulation will change that fact.

Enter Capitalism, the most efficient method for distributing the inherent scarcity of goods. It’s not a perfect system, but it’s proven to be the best there is. A perfect system would have to eliminate the reality of scarcity, but scarcity is an economic fact and it cannot be eliminated.

To accomplish the distribution of scarcity in the fairest way possible, free will must be maintained. Only the voluntary construction of goods for an agreeable exchange allows the continuance of the economy.

Introduce mandate or remove incentive and the system eventually collapses. Incentive is simply the reason people work and hence produce. Remove the incentive and forced labor by some means is the only alternative. Either that or starvation, neither of which is an improvement over scarcity. Scarcity isn’t perfect, nor is it always comfortable, but it is a fact. There will always be scarcity. And instigating any system that removes incentive will lead to more scarcity. For without incentive, some will not work, and hence not produce.

Capitalism maintains incentive at its highest and therefore allows for the most production of goods and services, which minimizes scarcity the most over other economic systems.

It’s the best we have.

Specifically, in capitalism, excessive profits are throttled by competition (without cost to entry which is usually increased by government), and although owners will always make more than workers (there’s that incentive we talked about to start a business) income inequality is reasonable by maintaining sound money where as unsound money (inflation) which increases income inequality, is brought about by government.

Reasonable employment opportunity is maintained by the healthy economy brought about by the previous two mentions and maintained by incentive (if though shall not work, thou shall not eat). Again we find government at contributory fault as government has a tendency to remove incentive through taxation and entitlement programs (free money). Criminality is punished in a capitalistic system unlike today where our lobby system and the big money get-out-of-jail card is fostered by and encouraged by government and their cronies.

The few holes in the capitalistic system (environmental and monopolies) can be easily monitored by a minimal (MINIMAL mind you) central government.

Capitalism is not a perfect system, but it’s the best we have.

Its premise is liberty, which is free will and the right to perform, or not perform, as the choice may be.

You have the right to do what you want, as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of another. Pretty simple stuff. All the other systems they’re proposing are merely pipedreams.

Not surprising considering what they’re allowed to smoke nowadays.

Marc Cuniberti hosts “Money Matters” on KVMR FM aired on 65 radio stations nationwide. He is a financial columnist for a variety of publications. Marc holds a BA in Economics from SDU with honors 1979. His website is and he can be reached at (530) 559-1214. Visit him on Facebook (FB) under Marc Cuniberti and also on the "Money Matters” and “Money Matters Investing in Community" FB pages. The views expressed are opinions only.

Farm groups evaluate changes to agricultural visa program

A proposal from the U.S. Department of Labor to modify the existing agricultural visa program has been met with initial support from farm leaders. California Farm Bureau President Jamie Johansson says he's encouraged by the administration's efforts to improve the system, known as H-2A. Johansson says farmers also need congressional action on wider improvement to immigration laws, to help address chronic employee shortages.  


Irrigation districts recharge groundwater aquifers

Wet winters such as the one California just had help replenish underground water supplies, and a number of irrigation districts help the process along through a technique called "conjunctive use." The method coordinates use of surface water and groundwater supplies within a region. One Fresno County water district says it has been using the technique for 100 years, moving water into recharge basins to percolate into underground water tables.  


Rural areas suffer from lack of broadband service

Many urban residents now take broadband internet service for granted, but it remains scarce in some rural areas. An estimated one-quarter of rural Americans lack sufficient broadband service, including many in California. Farmers say more-reliable service would allow them to adopt technology to improve precision of water and fertilizer use and animal care. Fitful internet availability also hampers delivery of public services in rural regions.


Longtime farms, ranches to be honored

Eighteen farms, ranches and agricultural organizations that have been in continuous operation for at least 100 years will join the California Agricultural Heritage Club Wednesday. The California State Fair inducts new members into the club each year. Two farms or ranches will be honored for 150 years of operation. The Grohl Family Ranch in Stanislaus County and Wilbur Ranch in Sutter County each started in 1869.

In my opinion, no one group arguably played a bigger part in fostering the housing boom then the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and their member agents.

Raking in millions in real estate commissions throughout the bubble, this group has strangely enough avoided almost all blame from the media for the 2008/09 real estate blowup that almost brought down the world’s financial markets.

By selling all those homes, in my opinion the realtors had a direct hand in placing millions of families in over priced homes subsequently causing the devastating losses to families and their balance sheets when this house of cards came crashing down.

Self professed “experts” in real estate, you have to wonder how this group was taken entirely by surprise when their asset of expertise was in an obvious bubble apparent to anyone caring to look at the figures instead of the hype.

History is rife with examples of asset bubbles and their collapses and many of which occurred in real estate. In most recent decades occurring in Japan in the 80s’, the Hawaiian real estate bubble driven by Japanese demand, Texas real estate during the onset of the oil boom and even reoccurring bouts in Florida, the vacation spot of the working class.

Although mainstream media and even Washington overlooked what was happening, many analysts, including this one, (listen to my Money Matters show entitled “Real Estate” which aired in 2006) shouted from the roof tops that housing was severely over valued and was in the midst of the biggest bubble in economic history. It literally encompassed everyone from investors to mainstream America.

Placing millions of families in the largest investment of their lifetimes, one would think the NAR would have dug a little deeper into what was really going on in their asset of specialty. After all, the signs were visible to anyone who bothered to search farther then the evening news.

Once the housing boom started to implode, housing groups went crawling to Washington

for bailouts, tax credits and incentive programs, all paid for with public monies.

The size of the realtor lobby is huge, and coupled with the sad stories of homeless families, public monies were soon showered into real estate markets via incentive programs, promoting more home sales and adding even more to the commissions received by sales agents.

Add in the foreclosure glut, short sales and distressed property liquidations and the commissions kept flowing in a seemingly never ending stream to the same people that had a major hand in promoting the mess.

Still touting the same old mantra “It a good time to sell or a great time to buy”, I can’t remember a time when it wasn’t either a good time to sell or a good time to buy according to the realtor members.

The bottom line here is if you believe this malarkey, then it’s always coincidently a good time for them and their commissions as well. No wonder it’s always a good time buy or sell.

You have to wonder with all the head hunting that went on looking for fish to fry for the 2008 housing blowup, why hasn’t anyone named the pushers of the very thing that caused it all, the realtors?  The starched-haired guys and gals that sold all those homes.

These so called, self-professed “experts in real estate” got more egg on their faces when it all went to hell yet they ended up raking it in once again on the foreclosure bonanza in the years that followed. Talk about double dipping.


It’s about time somebody named them and I just did.


This article expresses the opinion only of Marc Cuniberti, host of Money Matters and radio shows carried on 65 stations nationwide. Mr. Cuniberti holds a degree in Economics with honors, 1979, USD, is a registered financial advisor representative for Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc, a registered financial advisor, His website is Licensed California Insurance Agent #0L34249. He can be reached at (530) 559-1214.

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            Look Back in Time – In 1903 Miss Capurra, Empire Hill teacher, killed a 2 foot rattler at the school near Woodleaf (it is the season, be careful!).


Hope to see you in Brownsville soon.            Christine and Yvonne

Starring: Dave Bautista, Kumail Nanjiani, and Mira Sorvino

Rated: R   

Runtime: 1 Hour 33 Minutes



            A Los Angeles police officer loses a partner to a murderous drug trafficker. When the opportunity arises to bring him down he doesn’t let anything stand in his way, not blindness, walls, or hot sauce. His new ad hoc partner is willing to do nearly anything for a five gold star Uber rating.

            Stuber, earns three out of five, Propane Bottle Monkeys. The story runs blindly through the plot, dragging entertainment and laughs in its wake. The acting is as good as can be expected and the action of the film is coarse and bloody. It takes a base sense of humor to enjoy this film. That is why I laughed so much watching it. Be warned there are naked folk in a few scenes and some amazingly gory parts. Stuber may not appeal to the more refined movie goer


  By Boots Johnson


Reports indicate salmon fishing in local rivers will be better than average this year when the season opens on July 16th.

The holidays of summer usually slow down the bite in local reservoirs. This year is no different as reports tell us the slowdown of active fish is taking place all over the Sacramento Valley and foothills with some exceptions. Clear Lake is still going full speed ahead on the catch and landlocked kokanee salmon are filling stringers at Stampede Reservoir, Lake Berryessa, Whiskeytown Reservoir and Bullard’s Bar Reservoir.

We have word that the landlocked king salmon in Lake Oroville have started schooling and are moving out of the arms of the reservoir and close to or into the main body of water. Once the boat traffic slows down the kings should be producing some excitement for those who fish for them.

Up Eagle Lake way the fish are on a heavy feeding cycle due to the hatching of the caddisflies. Fly fishermen are catching limits at this time.

Lake Almanor is the place to go if you fly fish. Bug hatches have the bass and trout feeding and are available to those who use the fly rod. Bait fishing and trolling is not doing well at this time.

Even though Little Grass Valley Reservoir received a trout plant last week the action here is slow. Some anglers are only interested in the big brown trout this reservoir is famous for.

Closing thought: “Make sure you have a life jacket in the boat for every passenger.”

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            Has this weather been wonderful or what? Haven’t had to use our AC and have been able to leave the windows open all day with the cool breeze blowing through. I can go outside and swing in the hammock, eat out on the deck, and just enjoy the great outdoors without dying in the heat. Now this is what I call summer. But, I do realize that the hot weather could be waiting to pounce. Then the whining will begin.

            Look Back in Time – In 1903 George Newell arrived at Woodleaf with D. L. Falcks twelve-horse freight team and a load of general merchandise (be glad when our groceries arrive at Gold Eagle again).


            Hope to see you in Brownsville soon.            Christine and Yvonne

 ence to hold trade discussion in Central Valley

The topic will be trade when Vice President Pence visits the Central Valley Wednesday. Pence is scheduled to speak at a farm in Lemoore, during an event promoting the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement. Supporters say the agreement will improve agricultural trade among the three countries. The agreement awaits ratification in the U.S. Congress and Canadian Parliament; Mexico has ratified it.  


Black-eyed peas could lend drought tolerance to other crops

Breeding more drought-tolerant crops could be one result of the genetic decoding of black-eyed peas. Scientists at the University of California, Riverside, announced Tuesday they had unraveled the crop's genetic code. Also known as cowpeas, black-eyed peas provide a staple source of protein in much of the world, and tolerate drought and hot temperatures. Researchers say their work could ultimately help other crops acquire those traits.  


Data can help grape growers forecast crop performance

Decisions that grape growers make could have a 25-year impact on their vines, and computer engineers want to give farmers better information to guide their choices. Professors from Purdue University in Indiana have been working with California winegrape growers to help them adopt new technology. The project includes harnessing data growers can use to forecast how their decisions might affect the long-term performance of their vineyards.


Advisors seek new market for California-grown moringa

Grown for its leaves and fresh pods, the tropical tree moringa has been cultivated on a small scale in the San Joaquin Valley. Now, University of California farm advisors hope to create a new market for the crop: selling dried, powdered moringa leaves as a dietary supplement. Most moringa powder sold in the U.S. is imported. The UC advisors have been working with small-scale Fresno County farmers to process local moringa powder.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Starring: Tom Holland, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jake Gyllenhaal

Rated: PG:13  Runtime: 2 Hours 9 Minutes


            Peter Parker is looking forward to a nice relaxing vacation. After the events of Avengers: Endgame, he really needs a break. Does he get one? If he did, they wouldn’t make a movie about it would they? Peter must fight is way across Europe to save the world, yet again. All the while gathering the courage to tell the girl he like his true feelings.

            Spider-Man: Far From Home, earns five out of five, Assassin Drone Monkeys. The story is very well laid out. It deals with awkward plot devices that must be done right or they come out hokey. The director and editors did an amazing job. The actors did a great job and earned every bit of the cheddar they get. Definitely worth the cost and trip to see on the big screen. Be sure to sit all the way through the final credits.