Gold Lake Campground Improvements

Quincy, Ca.

In the short term, ever resourceful Gold Lake 4x4 campers are providing their own portable “pack it in-pack it out” restroom accommodations as the last of the infamous pit toilets (or large capacity cesspools as they are known in the trade) have been removed from the Plumas National Forest. The 4x4 Campground is located in the Lakes Basin Recreation Area in the eastern portion of the Forest.

Restroom logistics for this campground are tricky according to Beckwourth District Ranger Matt Jedra, who is responsible for the area. “This campground is accessible only by four wheel drive vehicle or boat and visitors want to maintain that experience,” he said. Because it’s impossible to negotiate the rugged trail access in order to pump a vault restroom unit, the Forest’s facility engineer found a different solution in new evaporative units which will be installed in time for next season’s campers.

“Until the new units are in place, campers are utilizing the ‘pack-it-in, pack-it-out’ system which hasn’t been a problem so far,” according to Jedra. The 16 unit campground has no fees, water or garbage pickup.

Questions about the Gold Lake 4x4 Campground and other recreation opportunities in the area may be directed to the Beckwourth Ranger District, Plumas National Forest at (530) 836-2575.

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