Today we’re straying off money economics and delving into the topic of investing in a sport.  And why not? Investing your time into learning a

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Nicaraguan Military Arrests Four ISIS Terrorists Stops Their Smuggling Into the United States   By Charlie McNiff   It is truly amazing how

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by Donald Lewis Marysville, Ca.   I would like to point out to Democrat voters. Democrat's are not only socialists and Racist

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by Judy Mann   I’m sharing this because I’ve had the pleasure of working for a small independent bank when I first moved to Yuba City and

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by Louise Ahart Marysville, Ca.   In the USA, we have 4 Big Beef packers and 2 from Brazil; JBS and Morgridge. John Batista Sobrinho spent time

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by Lou Binninger   A local juvenile, when asked why he “held-up” a convenience store, said he needed money because he was living on the street

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by Lou Binninger   Burgess Owens, former Oakland Raider Super Bowl XV Champion, entrepreneur, bestselling author and speaker said, “I used to be

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By Boots Johnson   There were many people who took advantage of the free fishing day last Saturday with some trying their luck for the first