Yuba County Supervisors should consider funding Sheriff’s Department & Dispatchers (live bodies). (not email – some don’t have email). So, it is

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One problem is people don't understand stand the meaning of the word. I hear Teachers crying and caring signs demanding respect, Talking heads saying

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by Charlie McNiff Promises Made and Promises Kept – that is what Donald J. Trump ran on as a candidate and that is what President Trump is in the

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It is now official! We have lost our Republic and are ruled by Our Government Masters! The IG report came out and basically covered up for the FBI and told the FBI to CYI better, and even gave them tips on how they need to clean up their act so they never get caught again. Once again the Pravda News propaganda is spewing the same old crap either for or against the findings that are nothing short of NOTHING! This blatant treasonous vile contempt for you the citizens is amazing! They not only think you are all stupid sheeple, they really believe you are idiot fools that will not care or bother to say anything about it! They are once again playing the people, and praying the sheeple will just bah bah bah along and do what they do best when it comes to corruption in the government... absolutely NOTHING!

RW Gless

Marysville, Ca.