Caltrans seems bent on what they term a safety project; widening State Route 70 through District 10, north of Marysville to the Butte/Yuba county

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Ms. Gillespie, editor of the Rabbit Creek Journal, would have her “answers” had she not huffed off my FaceBook (FB) page several months ago just

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Jeff Pierce worked as a deputy and Sergeant for me when I was a captain and undersheriff at Sutter County sheriffs department. He was a good officer.

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Adding to last issue’s commentary on Denmark’s immigration woes, following are excerpts of an article by Margaret Wente of Sweden’s immigration

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I’ve given it a lot of thought. John Mistler is our best bet for supervisor this time around. I’m glad he has latched on to an important issue, i.e.

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Last Tuesday, Sutter County voters received an automated call from Assemblyman Gallagher and Senator Nielsen lying about me and urging a vote for DA

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As a hardworking, conscientious appraiser, Steve Souza is held in high regard in the foothills. Steve will bring fresh thinking to the Yuba County

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No new controversial opinions will be placed in the May 30th issue. Any controversial opinions in the May 23rd issue will be allowed to rebut in the

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(Information the Fake News Media doesn’t wish to share with a big hunk of the U.S. mean us deplorables!) Middle Eastern migrants are

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Wright has questions but no answers In a full page ad running in the Territorial Dispatch, Alton Wright (candidate for Yuba County Supervisor District

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On Monday May 1st, the Yuba County Water Agency accepted payment in full from the North Yuba Water District for a series of loans in the amount of

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No water, no irrigation, no fire protection, loss to wildlife and endangered species, no groundwater recharge and loss of property values. Dobbins and Oregon House are in serious trouble!

All this due to one man's decision, and the North Yuba Water District (NYWD) Board of Directors is not questioning this decision. A Board of Directors should have more integrity and do their homework!

There are over 300 paying and receiving irrigation customers, and we know there is water but by one man's decision it is turned off. Plus there is another 1500 annexed customers who have been paying taxes to this district receiving no water at all!

This is an outrage...turn our water on now! Call for a complete audit of NYWD. Stealing water is a crime!

Don Bartel

Dobbins, Ca