by Pat Miller, President Sutter County Taxpayers Association


Yuba Community College District wants more of our tax dollars – this time $228.4 Million!  They have a lot of nerve since we are currently paying on four Yuba College School Bonds as follows. 


Series A - $29,504,047 - Ends 8/1/2031 - 11 years remaining
Series B - $65,492,278 - Ends 8/1/2046 - 26 years remaining
Series C - $34,935,795 - Ends 8/1/2050 - 30 years remaining
Series D - $26,500,000 - Ends 8/1/2039 - 19 years remaining


In reviewing the 31-item project list for Measure C, it is extremely general in nature citing such things as “heating, ventilation and cooling systems, irrigation piping systems, maintenance issues, electrical systems and wiring, automotive, plumbing, sewer and drainage systems, decaying walls, old ceiling tiles and flooring, leaky roofs” and many others.  The project list is very similar to the list provided for Measure Q approved by the voters in 2016.  The majority of the items listed should have been taken care of under the previous bond and on-going routine maintenance.  Why weren’t they? 


Perhaps it is because the District has a $52 million pension debt, a $48 million unfunded retiree healthcare debt, is paying $310,000 a year in rent for an Administration office in downtown Yuba City--which should be located on the college campus--and pays top administrators $200,000 to $300,000 a year in salaries and benefits. 


The college district includes all of Yuba, Sutter and Colusa counties and portions of Butte, Glenn, Lake, Placer and Yolo counties.


Those of you who rent should be concerned – if property taxes go up, your rent will probably go up to cover the increase. 


If approved, the total cost is estimated to be $412 million.



By Richard Crist, OMD


     "The Constitution," gives Americans the idea that the government was created for them, to protect their person, property, and liberty. My question is, "Were the founding-fathers protecting you-the-people, or were they more interested in protecting themselves from you?"


     Will the answer, shine light on: The political polarization of working/nonworking people, that pits Conservatives against Liberals? Or is that a smokescreen, the real battle being between the "Wealthy Class" verses the "Working/Nonworking Class?" And finally, is "James Madison's Federalist Paper No. 10," written in 1887, the beacon-of-light that answers these questions?


     Federalist Papers No. 10, stresses James Madison's fear of factions, the common-people's constitutional right to form them; and the affects those factions have on aristocrats and their power to govern. He wrote, "By a faction, I understand a number of citizens, whether amounting to a majority or a minority of the whole, who are united and actuated by some common impulse of passion, or of interest, adversed to the rights of other citizens, or to the permanent and aggregate interests of the community."

     Madison's concern was with the people's constitutional power to organize, advocate, and vote. Their superior numbers, and the vote gave them more power than the wealth of the aristocrats. They could vote them out of power and then take their wealth, "... measures are too often decided, not according to the rules of justice and the rights of the minor party, but by the superior force of an interested and overbearing majority." He also wrote. "A rage for paper money, for an abolition of debts, for an equal division of property, or for any other improper or wicked project ... " Listing fears where factions could take advantage of the rich and he characterized advocating against their interests as improper, even wicked.


     Madison categorized the players in these factions into classes: property owners, non-property owners, creditors, and debtors, and he worried about the divisiveness of the wealth gap, "But the most common and durable source of factions has been the various and unequal distribution of property. Those who hold and those who are without property have ever formed distinct interests in society."


     He then writes about the different purposes of factions, their economic classes, and pondered what to do with them, "There are two methods of curing the mischiefs of faction: the one, by removing its causes; the other, by controlling its effects." Madison settled on controlling, "... the causes of faction cannot be removed, and that relief is only to be sought in the means of controlling its effects."


     To control, Madison outlined the two party political system to divide and animosity for polarizing the people, as a remedy to protect aristocrts power and wealth, "...divided mankind into parties, inflamed them with mutual animosity, and rendered them much more disposed to vex and oppress each other than to co-operate for their common good."


     The divide-and-conquer technique outlined in Federalist Papers No. 10 is still enforced today; it has keep the working/nonworking people polarized, powerless, and controlled throughout history. As time passes issues change to where today the moral issues are: Abortion, Immigration, Gun-Control, and LBGTQ Rights that keep you-the-people divided and impotent.


     It's noteworthy to say that the number of people who are directly-physically effected by these moral issues in their personal-life is small, and to most the affect on your everyday-life is minor to nonexistent. Whereas, the emotional-impact of you being upset or morally-outraged by the propagandized-distortions these issues have undergone, inciting strong reactions within you, can deeply polarize large portions of the population.


     Madison pointed-out the importance to form a republic, and within it a controlled democratic process, "A republic, by which I mean a government in which the scheme of representation takes place, opens a different prospect, and promises the cure for which we are seeking."


     In Madison's Republic, a small group (aristocrats) represents the people with a functioning Democracy within it  that allows the people to vote for candidates that will govern them. Giving the illusion of freedom-of-choice and democratic-self-government. An illusion because Madison and other aristocrats got to choose the candidates; and could appoint people to power (like today). Therefore, neutralizing the people's voting power throughout the States, and making people relatively easy to control.


     The deck has been stacked against you from the very beginning. Change did start in 2016, with Trump and in 2018 with AOC's squad. None of them were picked by their "Political Party's Leadership." These "Aristocrats" don't indorse Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, or other progressive candidates or their programs either. "They" endorse Moderate and Conservative candidates, who will keep you-the-people poor/powerless and them rich/powerful, as it's always been. Although divided and weak, the power-of-the-vote is still there, it's been waiting for 232 years, how long will it take before you-the-people figure out how to use it?

Foolish California Bonds Put Taxpayers at Risk

By Jon Coupal  president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.


joncoupal hp

If you had just won the lottery, would that be a good time to go further into debt or would it be smarter to pay down the debt you already have?


Most Californians would like very much to be debt-free, and the thought of being able to pay off their mortgage, car loan and student debt is surely attractive.


In some respects, thanks to the forced generosity of California taxpayers, California has won the lottery.

Our highest-in-the-nation tax burden has left our treasury full with billions in surplus revenue.


One would think that with all that revenue, our elected leadership would be a little more circumspect in taking on new debt or at least manage the debt we have more effectively. But this is California.


The Golden State is awash in debt consisting mostly of unfunded pension obligations. Unfortunately, our leadership continues to press on the accelerator in taking on new debt.


Just a few weeks ago, this column criticized a big $15 billion school bond that will appear on the upcoming March ballot, ironically designated as “Proposition 13.”


As we pointed out, there are two big concerns with this proposition.


First is that it would borrow $15 billion from Wall Street and then make taxpayers pay it back plus 80 percent in total interest costs. That’s an additional $12 billion we’ll be forced to pay.


Second, and by far a more serious problem, a hidden provision of the bond proposal would increase the current caps on local school bonds. Lifting the caps puts homeowners directly at risk of much higher property taxes.


But as bad as the “new” Prop. 13 is, it almost looks responsible compared to what is currently being floated in Sacramento.


Senate Bill 45 is a “climate change” bond ostensibly for the purpose of addressing various climate and environmental dangers in California. The bill is a holdover from last year, when it failed to clear the state Senate.


Even a cursory review of SB45 suggests that it is little more than a grab-bag of proposals onto which the proponents have slapped the label “climate change” in the hopes getting support both within the Legislature and with the public.


As currently drafted, the $4.2 billion in bond proceeds would be split among several purposes including $1.6 billion going to wildfire and drought prevention and $1.2 billion funding safe drinking water initiatives.


Granted, some of the purposes for which SB45 would provide funding are worthwhile. There is no doubt that water quality issues, especially in the Central Valley, are an immediate and pressing problem. But that problem can be resolved with existing revenues from the general fund without going further into debt.

Finally, this bond violates all the criteria for responsible bond financing, which includes the constitutional requirement that a bond should be issued only for a “single object or work.”


That single object or work must have statewide significance if payment involves a general obligation bond that all taxpayers are responsible to repay. Moreover, the “single object or work” should have a useful life that extends beyond the term of the debt repayment.


General obligation bonds should not be encouraged when ongoing state revenues are strong and proper fiscal restraint is not being exercised in the budget process.


If voters approve this policy, there will be no incentive for necessary reforms and fiscal discipline.

Like problem gamblers, Sacramento politicians seem addicted to debt no matter what the circumstances.

But we should reject their gambling with California’s future financial security.


By Stephen Frank


The world believes a 17 year old high school dropout is the global expert on “climate change”.  This fraud, who does not do her own tweets or FB postings, flies around the world creating global warming—in order to “fight” global warming.  Hucksters and scam artists like Al Gore, making hundreds of millions from his scam—then buy for cash a mansion near the beach in Montecito, after claiming the whole of the California coast is going to be flooded by the time the Dodgers win the next World Series, now what the scam to be taught in the failed government schools.


“Assemblywoman Luz Rivas (D-Arleta) introduced Assembly Bill (AB) 1922, which will require California students to learn the causes and effects of climate change. Under this bill, climate change education will be a coursework requirement for students in grades 1 through 6, and a graduation requirement for students in grades 7 through 12, starting 2025.


Of course scientific facts showing this Change” has been around since the formation of the Earth, that Greenland was once prime agriculture land, etc.  This is another way to finance scam artists and socialist scam artists.  This is about –dis-educating our kids, making them scientifically illiterate—just like Greta Thunberg.

I am a firm believer in higher education. After graduating from Yuba City High School I enrolled at Yuba College. A great deal of time was spent at the Marysville, Sutter, and Beale AFB campuses resulting in an Associate’s degree. This humble beginning took me on a long journey, involving several years, that eventually ended in obtaining my Master of Arts degree. Although I was able to take advantage of an affordable community college education at Yuba College, I am now faced with high property taxes as a homeowner directly because of this college. Currently, homeowners in our county (and surrounding counties) are paying on four bonds for YCCD. Now the Yuba Community College District is proposing another tax, Measure C, that will cost the taxpayers $228.4 million dollars, not including interest. This is a 30 year tax. As a father of two children, I find it extremely concerning that my two kids will be paying on a debt that is being incurred on them now, when YCCD is already taking so much money in taxes from the people in our community. I will be voting NO on C and encourage all voters to do their own research and cast a vote that is educated.



Alex Cervantes

Yuba City, Ca.

The Governing Board of the Yuba Community College District on October 10, 2019 voted to place a whopping $228.4 million bond measure on the March 3 ballot.

A bond measure seeks the permission of voters to borrow money by selling bonds (debt) that must be repaid, with interest (up to 12%), over decades from higher property taxes. At current (low) interest, the total repayment amount would be about double the $228.4 million.


The total repayment depends upon the interest rate at the time bonds are sold. In this instance, the measure contemplates the sale of millions of dollars in bonds each year.  Interest rates may increase greatly and would be paid back for 30 years or more.

This is the third bond measure from this district in the last 14 years. The first was $190 million in 2006 from Measure J. The second was $33.6 million in 2016 from Measure Q. The $33.6 bond was just sold in Oct 2019 and will show up on your 2020 tax bill.


Measure C now proposes to authorize use of the next borrowed money on projects that were supposed to be accomplished under the 2006 and 2016 bond measures.


Instead of identifying just what projects would be funded, this bond measure only pledges to use the money raised for any of a broad range of purposes - guaranteeing virtually nothing.  It would give the college district administrators and their board members vast discretion in spending or squandering the money.


The Yuba College District already has a $48 million Pension Debt and an Aggregate Debt Service of $369 million since Nov 2000 Enactment of Prop 39. Adding more debt on top of the debt they already have is not fiscally sound management of the money we have already given them.


If this passes, your grandchildren will still be paying for the debt incurred today.  Our children are already burdened with too much debt, let’s not add to it or to our grandchildren as yet unborn!


Tell the District to be fiscally responsible by voting NO on Measure C.


James Seif

Yuba City, Ca.

By Richard Crist, OMD


      I would like to thank my Editor for your very good and well thought out comments about my article on "Healthcare," and for the most part I agree with you. My statement, "ObamaCare is the lesser of two evils" was stated because this healthcare program didn't do what it was supposed to do and to some extent made the problem unmanageable.


     It didn't solve the healthcare crises that faces all Americans then and today. And that's providing affordable healthcare for everyone. While trying and do that and keep all the healthcare providers happy, with all of them wanting part of the action, and keeping costs low, ObamaCare had to require everyone to belong, which a lot of people (including myself) rebelled against.


     Whether conservatives think "ObamaCare" is the lesser of two evils or not, they've been against it from the get-go, when Obama signed Executive Order # 13535 in 2010. It's repeal was the Republicans rallying cry for seven years, right up to when Senator John McCain turned his thumb down and temporally saved it. Texas Conservatives are responsible for the Court Case that has repealed Parts of ObamaCare and has put the entire program in jeopardy of being totally repealed. The Supreme Court will decide it's fate later this year.


     Liberals do like programs and regulations and conservatives don't. The problem is, contrary to what the Supreme Court says, corporations aren't human. They don't have compassion or common sense. They're designed to make the maximum amount of profit and to grow as larger as possible, and healthcare corporations are no different.


     Corporations have-to-have some regulations that protect the public from harm and from the public being taken advantage of. If not corporations will, without remorse, do anything necessary to make more profit and to expand. It's not their fault, it's what they're programmed to do, and what they do best.


     I agree that government control of healthcare has a big downside, a very legitimate concern that can't be ignored. But when I look at the Corporate Healthcare Insurance Industry, The Corporate Medical Industry, and the entire Corporate Pharmaceutical Industry; and how they've driven up the cost of someone being treated for an illness, to where it's unaffordable for everyone except the wealthy. Something different has to be done.


     It's not hard to believe that these corporations have become so greedy that they can't be trusted with our illnesses anymore, because they can't. They've taken advantage of helpless sick people, just for excessive profits, and that has-to-stop. And it seems like the only place we can now turn to is our government, which maybe another "lesser of two evils."


     Any single payer not for profit (MediCareForAll is the only one that has been suggested) will provide better coverage's and be cheaper to "administrate" than all the different healthcare plans now available for profit. The key word here is "administrate" because that's all Corporate Healthcare does. They don't provide any real healthcare services, all they do is "Shuffle Papers And Payments" back an forth between you, your doctor, hospital, and pharmacy. And look at all the profit they make for such simple work. More than doctors, nurses and other "Real Healthcare Providers." And at our expense, they've rigged it so there's minimal risk, and maximum profit.


     I totally agree it would be nice to have "True Competition" between insurance companies. And with all businesses throughout the United States, again. "True Competition" is what "True Capitalism" is all about. Many years ago when we had thousands of banks, thousands of newspapers, radio, television, and cable stations; and thousands of hardware and department stores, thousands of pharmacy's and grocery stores, just to name a few; then we had "True Capitalism" and "True Competition;" but that was yesterday.


     Today our capitalistic system is becoming or has become an oligopoly, where several giant corporations control the market for each industry.  We can thank (blame) Executive Orders from Moderate and Conservative Presidents,  Moderate and Conservative Legislators and the Conservative Supreme Court for all of this. By them ignoring our anti-trust (monopoly) laws, they've increased corporate wealth and impoverished you and me.


     Instead of having free market competition, "True Capitalism," that sets the "True Value" of a commodity or service; these Giant Corporations now set prices at "What The Market Will Bear." This means we pay more than what a product or service is actually worth. We are now paying the highest price for products and services (the maximum we can afford) rather than the least we need to pay for them (what they're actually worth). This is where we are today, and what I would like to see changed; and taking the profit out of healthcare, something that's necessary for all of us, is a good start.

Yuba Community College District is coming after the taxpayer again! Get ready Butte, Colusa, Glenn, Lake, Placer, Sutter, Yolo and Yuba counties- Measure C will be appearing on the March 3, 2020 ballot and it is a WHOPPER. This is a $228 million bond. What nerve the Board of Trustees and Chancellor Douglas Houston have in unanimously giving the green light to C, when we are already paying on 4 bonds. Check your property taxes. You will find them under Yuba Community College District Debt SVC A, B, C, and D. Curious as to how long we will be paying on these school bonds? Better sit down folks, here are the facts: Bond A ends 8/1/2031. Bond B ends 8/1/2046. Bond C ends 8/1/2050. Bond D ends 8/1/2039. Is your hair on fire yet? Keep reading.


YCCD claims that Measure C will build in ironclad taxpayer protections to ensure our tax dollars are spent prudently and wisely. What a joke. YCCD does not give a rip about the taxpayer. They are, however, very interested in our tax dollars. Yuba College promises improvements and upgrades throughout the district; meanwhile the unfunded pension liability is a growing, out of control behemoth. The posh office space located at 425 Plumas Street costs the taxpayers $310,000.00 a year in rental fees alone. The outrageous salary of Chancellor Douglas Houston is north of $303,000.00 according to Transparent California for the calendar year 2018. Wake up people. The waste, fraud and abuse of Yuba Community College is real. Say “No” to Measure C. It is a horrible deal for the taxpayers. Please join us in our social media fight by liking our Facebook Page, Yuba College Bond #5 - Vote No.



Liz Cervantes

Yuba City, CA


yuba sutter Narinder Dhaliwal Head Shot

By Narinder Dhaliwal, President - Yuba Sutter Arts Board of Directors


“All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. All these aspirations are directed toward ennobling man's life, lifting it from the sphere of mere physical existence and leading the individual towards freedom.”  Albert Einstein.


With those prophetic words in mind, the Yuba Sutter Arts Board and Staff renewed their commitment this past year to bringing new, innovative and life changing programs for all residents; a veritable smorgasbord of artistic and cultural offerings.  We began our Street Pianos project placing highly decorated pianos in public places in Marysville and Yuba City to enable spontaneous moments of music by passersby.  We developed other music programs like our monthly Jazz Jams and Songwriter Workshops while continuing our very successful Yuba Sutter Youth Choir now in its fourth year.


Public art, from our Cover It! Utility box mini murals in Yuba City to the new Murals of Live Oak, far exceeded our expectations in terms of engagement.  Quite simply, the positive response has been overwhelming. Veterans Arts projects reached hundreds of new veterans in our community as well as active duty military and their families from nearby Beale Air Force Base.  Our Jump StArts grant from the California Arts Council has enabled our teaching artists to engage with at-risk and otherwise system-engaged youth in high schools in both counties and juvenile hall as they learned new and meaningful artistic forms of expression.


I could not be more proud of all that Yuba Sutter Arts has accomplished this year.  It has been a time of remarkable growth not just in terms of financial capacity, but as you can see, also in terms of the depth and breadth of our programs and events and our outreach into new segments of the community.


As 2020 approaches, we look forward to helping commemorate and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote.


“Women have sat indoors all these millions of years, so that by this time the very walls are permeated by their creative force, which has, indeed, so overcharged the capacity of bricks and mortar that it must needs harness itself to pens and brushes and business and politics.”
Virginia Woolf


Yuba Sutter Arts will help orchestrate community-wide art and culture projects and events around this important milestone including presentations by actors portraying leaders of the suffrage movement like  Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony.


While our grant writing efforts and fundraisers help fuel our special programs and projects, we are a membership driven organization.  More and more, the local community is recognizing, appreciating and supporting our accomplishments.  Our last year-end appeal was the best ever and our future is brightened by support close to home.


In the year ahead, we will look to fill in any gaps in our outreach, work to ensure engagement with all within the community, both young and old, and continue to support all of our local artists with even more challenging opportunities and projects.


Thank you to all our supporters great and small. You make a world of difference to us and to our community and our success depends on you.  “The best is yet to come!”

By Richard Crist, OMD


     To understand what's going on with the healthcare system in the United States, you have to follow how the two political parties, their officeholders, their candidates and the corporate media are treating this issue. It's very interesting, not that complicated, but might be a little confusing when following the money trail to clarity.


     The Insurance Industry is one of the largest, richest, most powerful and profitable industries in the United States, spending second only to Big Pharma on lobbying congress and on campaign payments to candidates that support them in keeping the "Status Quo" (to remain the same) on their monopoly of being your third or forth largest expense in your budget. Usually after rent, auto, and food, but sometimes before them.


     Thanks to the exorbitant amount of data that produces an excessive amount of confusing statistics that drive up rates. These companies have unaccountably enjoyed unprecedented wealth and high profits through tax breaks and deregulation; thanks to your elected officials in Government.


     With their ever-increasing ability to exempt themselves from high risk claims, thanks to candidates they've supported and lobbying efforts in changing rules, regulations, and laws to their benefit; what's also called deregulation. And, to do all of this they support candidates that are "Conservative" or "Moderate;" because they support the Status Quo.


     The Democratic Primary is a perfect example of what's going on. Pay attention to what the Democratic Party leadership (DPL), their moderate congresspeople, the candidates they support, and what the left-winged corporate-media are doing. You'll see the majority of them support "Obamacare," a very flawed insurance system that has usually been proven to be better than anything else available (the lesser of evils).


     The DPL is against "MedicareForAll," a system that would drastically take the profit out of healthcare, would benefit practically everyone in the working/nonworking class (80% of the people), and equal to or better coverage's. It would be financially disastrous to the Insurance Industry, who are quietly lobbing against it through candidates they've contributed to. If they lose healthcare they might have to chose between penthouse offices, high salaries, and bonuses; or reducing lobbying and other donations (payments) that keep them in power.


     The DPL and the left-wing corporate-media, support moderates Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, and Amy Klobuchar, who take PAC[i] and WORM[ii] funding. They support "858[iii]-Private Corporate Health Insurance Companies," 225 under Obamacare, with their "Healthcare Plans." While the media and DPL are against Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who don't take PAC or WORM funds and are for "MedicareForAll." So who's for the Corporate Insurance Industry and who's for the people?


     When you throw the Republican Party and right-wing corporate-media into the mix it's a "No-Brainer." The media and the entire Party, minus their constituents (you-the-voter), they're 100% united for the Insurance Industry. Just like the moderate DPL, their moderate congresspeople and the moderate candidates they're supporting for 2020. In 2020 politics moderate and corporate are synonymous, both point to the same goal; the status quo. This issue is all about "Corporate Profit And Greed" vs. "What's Good For The People," and only one will win.


     So who pays? Cost estimates, for MedicareForAll, are from 22 to 30-trillion over ten years. When stated that way it sounds gigantic. To get-real look at it annually, 2.2 to 3-trillion per year, which is better but still very big numbers; until you take into consideration that you and everyone else spent 3.65-trillion in 2018 (36.5-trillion over ten years) for healthcare, and more in 2019. Looking at those numbers there seems to be a savings of 650-billion, or 6.5-trillion over 10-years, if Bernie is right, and much more, 14.5-trillion over 10-years, if Elizabeth is correct.


     Those numbers don't take into consideration the working/nonworking public will have no more healthcare payments or deductions from their paychecks and no more co-pays, saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars per year. There's more, everyone will be covered, no matter who you are, or what you have. This is starting to look like a great deal for you and the rest of the 80%, so where's the ketch.


     For you it's a winner, which you deserve. It's a gigantic loser for the Insurance Industry, and a big loser for WORMs and other rich people, they will have to start paying their fair-share, which they deserve for living and prospering here; and long overdue. These losers will be trying very-hard to convince you that "MedicareForAll" is "Socialism" and "a bad deal," for you it's neither, so don't listen to them.


Editors Note:  Conservatives do not believe that Obamacare is the lesser of evils by any name. "MedicareForAll and "Socialism" both are dependent on bigger government and more regulations. The concern is very legitimate that government control of your healthcare is a great loss in personal freedom. Liberals like government programs and regulations. Healthcare needs an overhaul but; in the private sector, starting with catastrophic coverage. Government can get out of the way and let true competition between insurance companies take place.

by Orrin Heatlie.


How did we get to this point in California?


I asked an old timer this question and he replied by asking if I knew how to trap wild boar?  

He said “First start by placing a food trough in an open field”.  


Soon they will become accustomed to eating out in the open.  

Next, place a fence panel behind to the trough.  


Soon they will eat like it’s not even there!  Others will begin to join them.


Once they are acclimated to the changes, place another panel beside the trough and let them grow accustomed to this change.  


Repeat this until they are all but boxed in.  


Close the gate little by little each day. 


Soon they will be coming and going through the gate as if the fencing doesn’t exist at all.  The last thing to do is reach out and close the gate, locking them all inside.


This my friend is a proven and effective strategy!  


Whether it is boiling a frog, trapping wild boar or taking our freedoms away, it is all done in small increments, slowly over time so that we are all affected little by little, until one day it’s too late.  


We have now allowed ourselves to become trapped here in California. 


The democrat legislators (super majority) and this rogue Governor Gavin Newsom have closed all branches of government in around us and Gavin Newsom is standing at the gate ready to close it.  


There is a petition going around our state to begin the process to eliminate Prop. 13 to raise our property taxes through the roof!  


We already have the; Highest corporate taxes, income taxes, fuel taxes, sales taxes, DMV fees and vehicle taxes, water taxes, property taxes and the highest homeless population of the nation.


Feel those walls closing in around you?!


Well there is another petition out there this one is to recall the governor. 


It won’t fix all our problems!  But it will break us out of this trap, we have allowed them to enclose around us.  Then we will begin to turn our state around and return some sense of sanity to our way of life!


Visit and SIGN the recall petition!  Stop the insanity, put an end to this madness!

This is a movement of the people, by the people.  


Join our volunteer coalition on: Facebook, "California People's Coalition"

Twitter @2MC Recall Gavin

My husband owes his life to Adventist Heath Rideout Hospital several weeks ago he hemorrhaged profusely. He was admitted to the emergency room, where Dr. Orchard and his staff fought valiantly to save him. They administered to him for seven hours. With as many as five assistants at a time in his room. Miraculously, he survived. He was then transferred to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, where he received the same level of expert, life-saving care.

Our family’s gratitude knows no bounds. How fortunate our community is to have such an outstanding health care facility in our midst.


On the entrance wall of my home hospital, many years ago, was this inscription: 'to build an inn for the ills that flesh is heir to is the Imperishable gift of man to man.''


Adventist Health-Rideout Hospital truly exemplifies this dedication. Thank you.


Jan Casey

Yuba City, Ca.

Some Big Dogs in the Witch Hunt against President Trump are finally under the gun by U.S. Attyn. John Durham. The most blatant outspoken critic against President Trump has been John Brennan…let’s see what he has to say to Big Bad John (Durham).


The following is an article, in part, from Jerry Dunleavy of the Washington Times about the investigation.


John Brennan on the Hot Seat by U.S.

Atty. John Durham…Others to Follow

December 20, 2019

Top of Form


U.S. Attorney John Durham is scrutinizing former CIA Director John Brennan as he seeks answers on the intelligence community’s assessment of Russia’s 2016 meddling.


The federal prosecutor, hand-picked by Attorney General William Barr to lead the inquiry into the origins of the FBI’s Trump-Russia counterintelligence investigation, has asked for Brennan’s electronic communications, phone records, and other documents from the CIA, per a source cited by the New York Times.


Durham wants to know what Brennan thought about British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s dossier and the conversations he had about it, whether it was used in the January 2017 intelligence community's assessment dealing with Russian interference in the race between Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, why former FBI Director James Comey and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe insisted upon it being part of the assessment, how allegations from the dossier ended up in the assessment's appendix, and whether Brennan had been misleading in his public statements about the dossier’s use by the intelligence community.


Durham’s scrutiny of Brennan and the dossier is likely connected to new revelations by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz from his investigation into Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuse by the Department of Justice and the FBI. Horowitz concluded Steele’s dossier played a " central and essential" role in the bureau’s pursuit of surveillance warrants against Trump campaign associate Carter Page. The DOJ watchdog also found that Comey and McCabe spent weeks pushing for the dossier to be included in the postelection intelligence assessment ordered by President Barack Obama.


Horowitz said the CIA “expressed concern” about using the former MI6 agent’s salacious and unverified allegations, and the allegations ultimately did not make an appearance in the body of the assessment of Russia’s activities during the 2016 election. The inspector general’s report noted that the CIA believed Steele’s dossier “was not completely vetted and did not merit inclusion in the body of the report,” and an FBI agent told Horowitz the CIA dismissed Steele’s allegations as “internet rumor.”


Robert Mueller's two-year special counsel investigation concluded the Russian government interfered in a "sweeping and systematic" fashion but did not uncover any criminal collusion between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign.


Brennan said in 2018 that the dossier “did not play any role whatsoever in the intelligence community assessment that was done and that was presented to then-President Obama and then-President-elect Trump.” The former CIA head said, “There were things in that dossier that made me wonder whether they were in fact accurate and true” and that “it was up to the FBI to see whether or not they could verify any of it.”


The FBI, the CIA, and the National Security Agency worked jointly to prepare the 2017 report. Horowitz said, "The FBI first shared Steele's reporting with other U.S. government intelligence agencies in December 2016,” during the drafting process. FBI leaders told the CIA that Steele's information was “reliable." Horowitz said, “Whether and how to present Steele's reporting” in the assessment was “a topic of significant discussion” among the drafters.

Ultimately, Horowitz said the final intelligence report “included a short summary and assessment of the Steele election reporting” in an appendix as a compromise between the bureau and other intelligence agencies, concluding there was "only limited corroboration of the source's reporting” and that Steele's allegations were not used “to reach analytic conclusions.”


Brennan said in late October that “John Durham has a very good reputation” and “I would like to believe that any such review or investigation will be conducted in a professional, fair, and apolitical manner.”

"I look back on it, and I feel good about what it is we did as an intelligence community, and I feel very confident and comfortable with what I did, so I have no qualms whatsoever about talking with investigators who are going to be looking at this in a fair and appropriate manner," he said.


Brennan said Durham's investigation could be justified “if the effort is to try to look back and to ensure that things were done appropriately” but said it would be problematic if it veered into “questioning the analytical assessment that was done and the judgments that came out of it.”


By Richard Crist, OMD


     There're three facts that are hard for Joe Biden and his son Hunter to explain: (1) Burisma was under criminal investigation when they hired Hunter Biden (2) Burisma paid Hunter $50,000 per month to sit on it's board with no expertise in their field; and with no reasonable explanation he should be there except he's Joe Bidens son. (3) After he was hired the prosecutor that was investigating them was fired, at Joe Bidens request, and the investigation stopped.


     It smells of wrongdoing, but it could be a coincidence; because nobody has found or looked for any hard evidence. Unlike all the evidence that showed Trump's "bribery" attempt, along with plenty of evidence that shown Trump had also attempted extortion.


     Over the last three years Americans have had political corruption viewed to them on a weekly basis, to where people have got use to it, to the point, to where it's become normal. That's why Trump's impeachment seems so trivial in comparison to what has already transpired in the past. This is how it works for Trump.


    Trump breaks the law or does something else that's really stupid, he denies any wrong doing or calls his actions "perfect," never taking responsibility, even if they were done in front of everyone. He then changes the subject with the media's help, by doing something else stupid, and the people "get over it" and move on. Then Trump goes on to the next drama. Trump's not stupid, this is all planned. He does it all the time, he gets away with it, Americans get over it, and they move on. Or Do They?


     Trumps actions have really been educational for your children, especially the ones who are aspiring to become conmen or for those children who just want to shun all responsibility and to know how to lie their way out of anything by repeating the lie often enough until you believe it, or become numb to it, just like when Trump does it to you.


     The Bidens involvement in the Ukraine " quid pro quo" scandal would have been forgotten long ago if they were Trumplicans, because "they do it all the time," and everyone would have "gotten over it" by now. Republicans and Democrats have demonstrated in the past that they are better than that.


     Democrats need to hold Joe and Hunter to a higher standard. They have to convince Joe it's time to retire, just like Al Franken, John Conyers, and Katie Hill; or hold the Bidens to the same standard they're holding Trump, by investigating them too.


     Most Democrats, everyone in the working-nonworking class, want progressive changes now anyway, Joe is definitely to conservative, his long record shows him to be a corporate puppet, and he would be against any change that would hurt WORMs (White Old Rich Men) like himself.


     It doesn't seem fair that Trumplicans could shoot someone in Union Square and get away with it. While Republicans just have to hide behind Trumplicans to survive. And, Democrats who are accused of anything have to resign. Life doesn't seem fair, so Republicans if you keep hiding, you'll have to move over for the "New Moral Majority." Although their not quite there yet, Democrat's are becoming the New Sheriff In Town.

What really scares me about Democrats: I have read their book on what the democrats party is all about that's why I am a Republican. The Democrat Party was formed to fight for slavery. Their only complainant was making slavery illegal would destroy the slave owners way of life. The party was formed by slavery owners to fight for slavery against the Republican Party led by President Lincoln who was a Republican an freed the slaves


Donald E Lewis
Marysville, Ca.

Older folks, are most likely, to stay with their Christmas traditions, that they were raised with. For myself, I want to hear, the old standard Christmas carols, sung out of the church hymn book by a choir. This always helps me focus on the true meaning of the holiday, and that is the birth of Jesus. The Bible teaches that God’s son was born in Bethlehem, Israel,  please see Titus 2v11-14. Here the apostle Paul gives us, the foundation truth, about why our savior was born long ago of the Virgin Mary. That truth about Jesus never changes. For God’s word is permanent, please read Isaiah 40v7-8 and 1st Peter  1v25-“But the word of the Lord endures forever. And this is the word (Bible), which by the gospel is preached to you.” in King James version.


None of us will be here, 150 years from today, but the Bible will still proclaim God’s truth then, as it does in 2019. The good news for all generations of God’s sure way to Heaven, that never changes. Older folks like that security.


Thank you for reading this and Merry Christmas,


Larry Matulich

Stockton, Ca

Sixty years ago, Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research for whom I worked was doing experiments on Ponderosa pines in Crystal Bay Nevada where Incline Village is now located. Before we began there was a meeting of private landowners, the US forest Service, forestry professors and forest entomologists from Germany, UC Berkeley, Humboldt State College and Oregon State University at Corvallis. The gist of the information conveyed to the people gathered there was drastic thinning was required of the second growth forest that had sprung up after the area had been literally clear cut for timbers for the Comstock lode at Virginia City Nevada. The sandy soil didn’t have the water retention required for such a forest.


The thinning never occurred and, in a few years, a minor infestation of the mountain pine beetle attacking the Ponderosa pine became almost a total removal of Ponderosa pine from the Tahoe basin.


Our crew was taking oleoresin (pitch or resin) exudation pressures of the Ponderosa pines.


Before dawn the resin pressures would be above 100 psi. But soon as the sun rays hit the pine needles the resin pressures would drop often to zero. In order to get enough CO2 for photosynthesis the stomata had to open wide, but this led to the transpiration of much needed water. And the soil didn’t have enough water to replace the water lost to transpiration. When this happened the resin pressure dropped as water is a necessary ingredient to maintain resin pressure. At over six thousand feet elevation the Tahoe basin has thin air with low CO2 and insufficient water in the soil for thick healthy forests. So, the trees were in CO2 and water starvation. High resin pressure is the trees natural defense against bark beetle attack. When bark beetle populations get high even healthy trees with high resin pressures are susceptible to beetle attack. It is called a mass attack and is like turning on hundreds of water faucets in a home at the same time with the pressure dropping to zero. The tree may be able to flood out a few attacks but not hundreds.


Taking Biochemistry at UC Davis I came to understand the miracle of photosynthesis and the vast amount of energy it removes from the environment during the conversion of light energy, CO2 and water into glucose and oxygen. Increasing the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere increases the rate of photosynthesis taking more energy out of the atmosphere causing most species of plants to grow faster and letting them encroach on drier regions as they don’t have to open their stomates as wide reducing transpiration. To see the effect of photosynthesis put your hand on cement on a hot summer day and it will burn, then put your hand on a lawn and it will be cool. And we haven’t discussed the vast amount of photosynthesis that takes place in our oceans.


Most of the CO2 present in our atmosphere and oceans millions of years ago is today locked up in rocks such as limestone, dolomite and other rock assemblages.


There have been ice ages where the CO2 concentrations in our atmosphere were much higher than it is today, as determined from ice cores from Antarctica and Greenland.


So, the question is does increasing CO2 lower the temperature offsetting its greenhouse effect? 


Patrick Hurley

Grass Valley, Ca.

Following is the celebrated December 17, 2019, letter from President Trump to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, in part:


Trump’s Letter to Pelosi
Protesting Impeachment


Dear Madam Speaker:

I write to express my strongest and most powerful protest against the partisan impeachment crusade being pursued by the Democrats in the House of Representatives. This impeachment represents an unprecedented and unconstitutional abuse of power by Democrat Lawmakers, unequaled in nearly two and a half centuries of American legislative history.


The Articles of Impeachment introduced by the House Judiciary Committee are not recognizable under any standard of Constitutional theory, interpretation, or jurisprudence. They include no crimes, no misdemeanors, and no offenses whatsoever. You have cheapened the importance of the very ugly word, impeachment!


Your first claim, “Abuse of Power," is a completely disingenuous, meritless, and baseless invention of your imagination. You know that I had a totally innocent conversation with the President of Ukraine. I then had a second conversation that has been misquoted, mischaracterized, and fraudulently misrepresented. Fortunately, there was a transcript of the conversation taken, and you know from the transcript (which was immediately made available)that the paragraph in question was perfect. I said to President Zelensky: “I would like you to do us a favor, though, because our country has been through a lot and Ukraine knows a lot about it.” I said do us a favor, not me, and our country, not a campaign. I then mentioned the Attorney General of the United States. Every time I talk with a foreign leader, I put America's interests first, just as I did with President Zelensky.


You know full well that Vice President Biden used his office and $1 billion dollars of U.S. aid money to coerce Ukraine into firing the prosecutor who was digging into the company paying his son millions of dollars.

You know this because Biden bragged about it on video. Biden openly stated: “I said, “I'm telling you, you're not getting the billion dollars'...I looked at them and said: “I'm leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you're not getting the money.' Well, son of a bitch. He got fired.” Even Joe Biden admitted just days ago in an interview with NPR that it “looked bad.”


Now you are trying to impeach me by falsely accusing me of doing what Joe Biden has admitted he actually did.

President Zelensky has repeatedly declared that I did nothing wrong,and that there was No Pressure. He further emphasized that it was a “good phone call,” that “I don't feel pressure," and explicitly stressed that “nobody pushed me." U.S. Ambassador Sondland testified that I told him: “No quid pro quo. I want nothing. I want nothing. I want President Zelensky to do the right thing, do what he ran on.”


Congressman Adam Schiff cheated and lied all the way up to the present day, even going so far as to fraudulently make up, out of thin air, my conversation with President Zelensky of Ukraine and read this fantasy language to Congress as though it were said by me.


His shameless lies and deceptions, dating all the way back to the Russia Hoax, is one of the main reasons we are here today.


There is nothing I would rather do than stop referring to your party as the Do-Nothing Democrats. Unfortunately, I don't know that you will ever give me a chance to do so.


After three years of unfair and unwarranted investigations, 45 million dollars spent, 18 angry Democrat prosecutors, the entire force of the FBI, headed by leadership now proven to be totally incompetent and corrupt, you have found NOTHING! Few people in high position could have endured or passed this test. You do not know, nor do you care, the great damage and hurt you have inflicted upon wonderful and loving members of my family. You conducted a fake investigation upon the democratically elected President of the United States, and you are doing it yet again.


There are not many people who could have taken the punishment inflicted during this period of time, and yet done so much for the success of America and its citizens. But instead of putting our country first, you have decided to disgrace our country still further. You completely failed with the Mueller report because there was nothing to find, so you decided to take the next hoax that came along, the phone call with Ukraine — even though it was a perfect call. And by the way, when I speak to foreign countries, there are many people, with permission, listening to the call on both sides of the conversation.


You are the ones interfering in America's elections. You are the ones subverting America's Democracy. You are the ones Obstructing Justice. You are the ones bringing pain and suffering to our Republic for your own selfish personal, political, and partisan gain.


Before the Impeachment Hoax, it was the Russian Witch Hunt. Against all evidence, and regardless of the truth, you and your deputies claimed that my campaign colluded with the Russians — a grave, malicious, and slanderous lie, a falsehood like no other. You forced our Nation through turmoil and torment over a wholly fabricated story, illegally purchased from a foreign spy by Hillary Clinton and the DNC in order to assault our democracy.


I have been deprived of basic Constitutional Due Process from the beginning of this impeachment scam right up until the present. I have been denied the most fundamental rights afforded by the Constitution, including the right to present evidence, to have my own counsel present, to confront accusers, and to call and cross-examine witnesses, like the so-called whistleblower who started this entire hoax with a false report of the phone call that bears no relationship to the actual phone call that was made.


Once I presented the transcribed call, which surprised and shocked the fraudsters (they never thought that such evidence would be presented), the so-called whistleblower, and the second whistleblower, disappeared because they got caught, their report was a fraud, and they were no longer going to be made available to us.


History will judge you harshly as you proceed with this impeachment charade. Your legacy will be that of turning the House of Representatives from a revered legislative body into a Star Chamber of partisan persecution.


One hundred years from now, when people look back at this affair, I want them to understand it, and learn from it, so that it can never happen to another President again.


Sincerely yours,

Donald J. Trump

President of the United States


Charlie’s Comment: For the full transcript of 2,823 words, of which only 1,083 are reported here, pull up, December 17, 2019.

by John Mistler


Advertisement John Mistler picture Impeachment is the process by which a legislative body levels charges (accusations) against a government official. Impeachment does not in itself remove the official definitively from office; it is similar to an indictment in criminal law, and thus it is essentially the statement of charges or accusations  against the official. ( A political action not based on our law of due process).


Once an individual is impeached, (by a majority of the House of Representatives vote on agreement of the accusations) they must then face the possibility of conviction on the charges or accusations by a legislative vote, which is separate from the impeachment, but flows from it, and a judgment which convicts the official on the articles of impeachment entails the official's definitive removal from office. ( A political action by a majority vote of the Senate, not based on the law of due process).


Because impeachment and conviction of officials involve an overturning of the normal constitutional procedures by which individuals achieve high office (election, ratification, or appointment) and because it generally requires a supermajority, they are usually reserved for those deemed to have committed serious abuses of their office. In the United States, for example, impeachment at the federal level is limited to those who may have committed "Treason, Bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors".


Article One of the United States Constitution gives the House of Representatives the sole power of impeachment and the Senate the sole power to try impeachments of officers of the U.S. federal government.


Impeachment is only the first of two stages, and conviction during the second stage requires "the concurrence of two thirds of the members present".


Although the subject of the charge is criminal action, it does not constitute a criminal trial; the only question under consideration is the removal of the individual from office, and the possibilities of a subsequent vote preventing the removed official from ever again holding political office in the jurisdiction where they were removed.


As of this writing the Speaker of the House is refusing to forward the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, the next step in impeachment. The Senate could reject the Articles or begin a due process to determine if the Articles are legitimate or meet the standard of impeachment rising to Treason, Bribery, or other crimes and misdemeanors. The Senate does not have too, but could call witnesses to refute the accusations; this side of the story has not been told yet.


A majority of Democrats in the House of Representatives said they voted for impeachment "for the children."

When Liberals can't solve a problem they say, " It's the "New Normal".


When they pass legislation that cannot be defend they say, " We need to do it for the children."

The following are tidbits from three news sources, in part, paint interesting pictures of impeachment.


Impeachment has blown up in the faces of Democrats, and it's their own fault

by Eddie Scarry, Washington Examiner, December 12, 2019.


Rick Wilson, the anti-Trump political consultant most famous for his 2016 meltdown, believes Democrats have really screwed up their freak show of an impeachment. He’s right about that, but not for the reasons he gives.

Wilson wrote this week in a column for the Daily Beast that Democrats are “blowing” impeachment because they don’t “fight.” He is specifically unhappy that they took a moment to reach an agreement on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, which, in addition to being good for American workers, may have the added benefit of being politically good for President Trump.


To start, the USMCA deal was as good for Democrats as it was for everyone else. Labor unions, which usually support Democrats, got everything they wanted. And second, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would rightly take issue with the notion that House Democrats don’t know how to fight. Having initiated the most drastic measure constitutionally possible against a sitting president of the U.S., based on what he said in a phone call, she knows how to fight.


If that’s not fighting, then Rick Wilson isn’t bald.


The real issue, as the polls show, is that impeachment has not at all gone the way Democrats hoped. Support for it in swing states has fallen since the hearings last month, and it has done nothing to help the flailing cast of Democrats running for president.


But it’s not as if Democrats slipped on a banana peel while dribbling toward a slam dunk. This impeachment effort was always going to be a sticky mess for them, and a big reason they’re in it is precisely because of hysterics from people such as Wilson.


The push for impeachment started among Democrats and liberals in the news media literally on Inauguration Day, and it hasn’t quit since then. Democrats took the House and thought they’d have their chance with the Mueller report, but then that turned up nothing. Then September came around, and with the party’s presidential candidates embarrassing themselves, and with the Wilsons of the media calling Trump the Antichrist, Pelosi knew she needed to do something fast.


Unfortunately for her and the rest of the Democrats, the issue they picked for impeachment was stupid. It’s also proving nearly impossible to explain to the average voter without a flowchart, timeline, and an intermission.

The “Trump called for Ukraine to interfere in our election” slogan is ridiculous on a bumper sticker, and it also raises a million questions, none of which have answers that are good for Democrats.


Why Ukraine? Because it appears Joe Biden and his adult son were involved in some corrupt business there. Anything else? Yeah, Ukraine also directly influenced the 2016 election for the purpose of hurting Trump’s campaign. Its government is basically responsible for landing Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, in prison.

If Democrats, with a big assist from people such as Wilson, hadn’t been so eager to impeach, we wouldn’t be here right now. But “shoulda, coulda, woulda.”


Rick Wilson has no one to be mad at but himself.


                                                   * * *

CNN's Toobin

Concedes Trump

Win in 2020


by Madison Dibble, CNN, December 12, 2019.


CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin acknowledged that President Trump is landing some victories as the impeachment process continues in the House.


On Thursday, the House Judiciary Committee debated the two articles of impeachment filed against Trump. House Democrats believe Trump abused his power and obstructed justice in connection to his phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.


During a recess, Toobin offered his analysis on the situation and revealed that Trump had several wins throughout the hearing. He noted that Republicans on the committee had successfully pivoted the conversation away from impeachment and toward Trump’s defense, especially when it came to discussing Hunter Biden and possible corruption with Burisma Holdings.


“What struck me about this hearing was how Donald Trump, in a way, has already won,” said Toobin. “How much did we hear about Hunter Biden? Over and over again, about Hunter Biden. That’s what the Republicans are talking about constantly.”


He added, “There are questions about Hunter Biden’s behavior, and so, I mean, this incredible shift of emphasis.”

Toobin claimed it would be difficult for journalists to focus on impeachment while covering the topics being discussed by Republicans. He explained, “I just don’t know what our responsibility is as journalists because it’s not the point, but this is the news. And this is what’s there.”


During the phone call that is now the cornerstone for impeachment, Trump asked Zelensky to look into Biden’s high-paying board position at Burisma. Republicans have claimed he was justified in doing so because of Biden’s controversial past.


                                                   * * *

Why Steele, and Ohrs

never should have

become DOJ sources


By John Solomon — 08/15/19


The views expressed by contributors are their own and not the view of The Hill


One of the inevitable outcomes of the Russia case will be that the Department of Justice (DOJ) almost certainly will need internal reforms.


The first reform is the most obvious, given the unraveling of the Russia collusion narrative: a new set of rules governing when the FBI can investigate or spy on a First Amendment-protected political campaign during an election.


The FBI never should have been allowed to sustain a counterintelligence investigation into Donald Trump’s campaign based on hearsay from Australian diplomat Alexander Downer, who helped to arrange a $25 million Australian government donation to the Clinton Foundation, and on a “minimally” verified dossier written by British spy Christopher Steele, who was working on the Hillary Clinton opposition-research team.


The second reform may be less visible but becomes painfully obvious, thanks to a series of internal DOJ investigative memos released this month that expose glaring issues with the handling, vetting and weighting of “confidential human sources.” That’s a fancy term for people — sometimes called “snitches” or informants, in street vernacular — who secretly provide evidence to law enforcement. 

By Richard Crist, OMD


Raindrops is a 1961 hit by Dee Clark that's descriptive of what's being said recently from Billionaires Cooperman, Gates, and Bloomberg. The 607 billionaires that makeup this Class in the United States are mainly comprised of WORMs (Wealthy Old Rich Males), and the hypocrisy of their crying about the programs that Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are proposing needs to be questioned.


These WORMs seem scared that one of them might be elected President, those programs will get enacted, and they will have to pay for them. As they should, because these "Social Programs" will help reduce the wealth gap by providing needed help so that working/nonworking class families will be able to live sustainable lives. Like back in the 1950's. Those were the peoples "The Golden Years," which took the WORMs 50-years and billions of dollars of corrupting the government and the media to change it back for themselves; and it could all be coming to an end.

What's really causing raindrops is the 2% wealth tax. WORMs can remember back to 1916 when their predecessor WORMs promoted the 2% income tax to pay for the "National Debt," which hadn't been created yet by the newly created Federal Reserve Bank that the WORMs got in 1913 by supporting Wilson for President. These WORMs know that what worked for them back then could work again, but this time it would work against them.


As a side note, this shows you who writes the history books. Woodrow Wilson created the FED, income tax, and got us into WWI; and he's been portrayed to have been an excellent president. Those three things were very good and profitable for the rich, but they were disastrous for the working/nonworking class. It was the beginning of enslavement to the future National Debt, and the loss of the "Gold Standard” in 1933 and 1971, made that debt impossible to pay back. Locking the people into servitude, forever. The WORMs profit from war, get bailouts, and the people pay.


The Social Programs that Warren and Sanders are proposing are not a Right vs. Left battle, as these WORMs would like everyone to believe. This is a "Class Battle For Power," one between the WORMs (super rich 1%) with their minions (rich 19%) against all of you, no matter who you are. The majority of wealth, who owns practically everything against the majority of people, who when united own the vote, the WORMs worse fear.


If you will sit down and think about what has been happing to you politically, you will discover that all of you have been pitted against each other on issues that don't effect you economically. This is so you won't relize what's really happening with deregulation, tariffs, foreign policy, global warming, and the damage to your environment. Things that affect you economically, and the things that keep WORMs rich. It also totally neutralizes your power to rise up against them. WORMs are smart.


What about the other side of the "Greatest Wall Street Economy In History" that their having, and things your being distracted from? Like your cost of living (rent, food, utilities, bills), your menial job(s), low wages, no job security; the cost of education and healthcare. What about the rising homeless problem and the people who are working and still can't make ends-meet? Do you see WORMs crying about these issues? Issues that can be addressed with Social Programs paid for by WORMs, as they should be.


There never seems to be enough money to address your problems that of the working and nonworking class. For government to make ends-meet Social Programs are often cut to offset tax cuts for the wealthy, like what's happening now. Where does all that wealth go that's being generated by the great Wall Street economy?

They may be crying on the outside, but those WORMs are smiling on the inside. What's that called besides "they're happy worms?" (Hint: hy _ _ _ _ _cy)