Nail the Bad Guys by Arming the Border Patrol with Snare Guns!! The Mexican Ambassador to the United States, Geronimo Gutierrez, commented to Laura

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You can still get your Territorial Dispatch at Whitehorse Ranch and Feed. Where we still believe in the 1st Amendment and back it up with the 2nd. A.L.

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As you are reading this, voting in the mid-terms are only a few days away. You will be taking part in one of the most important elections that has

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People ask me if I have been following the news. My reply: I would get more news from the Cartoon Network than major news outlets. It is funnier,

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The operation at the California Department of Motor Vehicles is ridiculous. The wait times are very excessive and the procedures are stone age. How

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By now you have heard that Starbucks Coffee has opened in Williams. This new store adds to the City’s array of stores geared for travelers. However


We can’t have the Hard Left in positions of power to use Mob Rule to dictate ruinous socialistic policies on the people of this country. Just imagine

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The question is, will Dr. Padgett-Flohr, contender for a position on the North Yuba Water District Board, vote to take water away from existing users?

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As I pass Alton Wright’s campaign signs for Yuba Co. 5th district supervisor, I read the statements, integrity, conflict free, fresh, fair, change,

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I have known John Mistler for a long time and I know he has worked for the benefit of the citizens of Yuba County for all that time. Supervisor

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The Sutter-Yuba Republican Women Federated are holding a luncheon in Yuba City to showcase candidates Fletcher, Mistler and Vasquez, as well as other

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My vote goes to Gretchen Flohr for division four. She is capable, dependable, reasonable and has communication skills. She also actually cares about

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prop 3 Hastey 110 17By Brent Hastey, Yuba Water Agency Board Chairman

In November, voters will face a string of initiatives. As the chairman of the Yuba Water Agency and the president of the Association of California Water Agencies, I encourage you to take a good, hard look at Proposition 3, the Water Supply and Water Quality Act of 2018.

The Yuba Water Agency Board of Directors voted to support this proposition earlier this year, but ultimately each voter should consider the pros and cons of this measure.

If approved by the voters, the State of California will sell $8.9 billion in bonds to upgrade, repair and modernize California’s water infrastructure. Bonds are not taxes. They are used by governments to supplement their budget to finance projects that meet specific requirements. All state general obligation bonds, such as Proposition 3, require voter approval in California. And none of these funds can be used to fund any part of the California WaterFix project (the Delta twin tunnels).

What Prop 3 could do is provide significant social, economic and environmental benefits for the people of Yuba County. It would make funds available for groundwater management, to improve fish and wildlife habitat, and to meet many other needs. One of the biggest potential benefits for our region is funding for projects that can significantly reduce our flood risk, which is critical to our economic revitalization. Our planned $160 million secondary spillway at New Bullards Bar Dam is an example of a project that could receive significant funding from Proposition 3. This essential project will lessen our flood risk and enhance the safety of the dam.

Our region has been well served by prior bond measures. In the last 20 years, our community has successfully leveraged hundreds of millions in state bond dollars with local and federal funding for important projects. For example, the Feather River Setback Levee, which reduces flood risk in Plumas Lake, Arboga, Linda and Olivehurst and includes more than 1,500 acres of riparian habitat, was largely funded by state bond money.

More recently, our community received a $1.26 million dollar grant from the Department of Water Resources to supplement local funds to help improve drinking water supplies in Gold Village, a disadvantaged community.

Prop 3 is supported by a broad array of agricultural, business and conservation interests, and water organizations such as the Association of California Water Agencies, the Northern California Water Association, Ducks Unlimited, the California Waterfowl Association and hundreds more.

Its opposition, led by the Sierra Club in California, believes that the proposition benefits special interests and not enough Californians to ask all citizens to pay for it. They also express concerns about how the funding will be overseen.

Whatever your thoughts on this issue, the most important thing is that you vote on November 6.