Once long ago, as a teenager, my young friends and I enjoyed a Life Magazine, and—a few years later---graduated to Time Magazine, both I believe, by the same publisher. They were entertaining and informative. How things have changed overtime; Life Magazine---full of interesting photos and articles---can no longer be found, and Time Magazine has morphed into a full-time propaganda vehicle for the Democratic Party machine.

Any current reading of “Time” should prove that comment self-evident; but page 66 of the June 31st issue puts the frosting on the cake. It is a somewhat cloying and worshipful interview with Al Gore, which opens with what appears to be an attempt to provide justification for Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’, which has turned out to be a more thunderous bomb than the ‘Prequel’.

Although relatively softball throughout, the article has one really significant part; moreover, it is specifically enlarged on the margin, and vividly highlighted in red by ‘Time’; this quotation by Mr. Gore: “It would now be much better for our country to adopt a popular vote for determining the outcome of presidential elections.”

With this kind of worshipful presentation, it is very difficult to assume that ‘Time’ would choose to take offense at Gore’s statement. Never mind that altering the American Constitution to do so would enable two Democrat -controlled states –New York and California—with just a little help from others, to eliminate any meaningful need for presidential candidates to be wasting their time on all the states and all the voters in between. The result: The end of truly representative government, and the death of a nation, to be replaced by their still so longed for Obama –Clinton regime. This stated goal of those who so generously fund the mobs who are already recruited and out on the streets, violently attacking our founding principles, our citizens and our constitutionally elected president. Don’t let them win!

Robert Mackensen

Yuba City, Ca.

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