Did some enquiring into getting our own well drilled and so far found that according to the County of Yuba which controls permits for wells... Marysville Citizens can have their OWN WELL on their OWN PROPERTY. Cost starts at 35 dollars a foot to drill the hole, which I think is a bit high, but that’s because they need either a Mud Rotary or a Drill that Cases the hole as it goes because of the sand soil, and $400 for the permit and 77 for the water test to see if it meets drinkable regulations. But here is the stickler, the Damn Paid-Off Corporate Communists in this State changed regulations so you have to have your well 50 foot from sewer lines, 100 from a septic system and 10 foot from the house, which kicks many people out of having their own well... Those pesky regulations are designed to force you into buying water from the local water company... No Matter what Fake Story about health or safety they spew... BUT you can drill your own up to 20 feet without a licensed driller, and that just might be enough for irrigation to keep your lawn green, if you hit water?

The Yuba County Water Agency Bond promised years ago that all Yuba County residents would reap the benefits of Bullard Bar Dam after the bonds were paid off. Despite last year when 4 of the Yuba County Water Agency scoundrels, who have since been voted out, made the edict that the Guarantee that was made when the bond was voted on, was illegal (It is Not! They just didn’t want to share the windfall profits with the people!) A new ballot measure is going to the new members for a vote this year that they better pass or Recall is in order! That may help the residents of Yuba County “Water Wise” but we in the City of Marysville still have CAL WATER'S fleecing to deal with... So after doing some math, your own well would pay itself off in about 5 to 7 years and next to nothing for a self drilled 20 footer, and you would never be held hostage to a tyrannical water monopoly ever again! That is if you have the lot size or can drill your own for watering your lawn.

Sadly, millions of Californians have decided to just sell-out and move to Free America to flee the high costs, rather than fight the City, Counties and Communist Republic of California in what seems a futile endeavor. So get used to Your Elected Masters making you live under their costly thumb. Because it seems doubtful the citizens will “grow a set” and demand the City Elected Leaders Annex Cal Water, or at the very least check into creating a Marysville Water District. Because you can guarantee the COSTS WILL BE GOING WAY UP SOON! Especially if we see another wet year like last year and you flood! Floating on water, paying an outrageous price for the water that may drown you for free soon... Now that is ironic, and just plain stupid, don’t you think?


Marysville, Ca.

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