The trouble with what we see on our TV screens at home is the violence and disorder that is being caused by the police not doing what they were hired to do. If they were told to stand down by higher ups then they should be arrested for not doing the duty they were elected or paid to protect the public.

It is just like Marysville if they arrest to many people of one race then they are told not to bother if they use the streets and sidewalks as a bathroom. It’s against the law to camp on the river bottoms unless you are homeless. Then if you do the county and city will pay thousands of dollars to clean up the mess you made and find you a home. I don’t know if anyone has looked around Marysville in the past few days but I can see a lot of places where that money could go. Remember this is our tax dollars, the government does not make money. They just spend it.

Donald Lewis

Marysville, Ca

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