I did not know that it was legal to camp in a tent on the city streets. I went to the bus at 9:00 am and much to my surprise there was a small tent pitched right against the covered bus stop that is located on 3rd Street right next to our new hospital. I use a powered wheel chair and I had a hard time getting by because the tent took up most of the sidewalk.

Then around 2:00 pm I had to go to the pharmacy, and low and behold he was still there. I guess it is ok to camp on the streets of Marysville, as a Marysville city police car was parked across the street and there is no way they couldn’t have seen the camp.

Now this was on Tuesday and I see he is still there. We stop them from illegally camping on the river bottoms so now they camp on our streets. What the hell has happened to our law enforcement in town? Can you call the Chief of Police or do we call the whole City Council? It’s time to clean the swamp in our own back yard.

Donald E. Lewis

Marysville, Ca.

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