by Mark Baird
Today, September 8, 2017, was a great victory. Remember how we started? Remember how long it has taken to get where we are today? WE the people of Jefferson State are suing the most powerful political entity in the United States of America. California politicians will do anything, will say anything, will stop at nothing to deny the people justice. They have proven this time and time and time again. That is what we and our legal team faced in court today and nothing less. The State fully expected the judge to send us packing. The State's arrogance has been mind numbing up to this point and it will get worse. As I have said time and again the Nasty part of this has just begun.

Yet our legal team just stood in front of a Federal Judge and we not only survived to fight another day but, based upon all reports, we have been given leave to amend our complaint in order to answer questions which the judge will supply to us. The Judge is going to tell us ahead of time exactly what she wants to know and we will amend our complaint to supply those answers. We have been given a great gift. Fore knowledge of exactly what is required to advance to the 3 judge court!!!

Think of it!!!!! The little people have survived the best the Mono party could throw at them. WE LIVE AND WE FIGHT AGAIN. No it was not the clear cut rout that we hoped for. Our legal team left the field with no casualties and the opportunity and path to victory more clearly defined than ever.

Our Legal Team, Gary, Scott and Michael know what they need to do. We know what we must do. Fight and never take no for an answer until our Liberty has been restored in the 51st state. A state created to ensure Liberty for future generations.

I am humbled and amazed at the greatness displayed by all of the committees and all of our people in the counties of Jefferson. A United purpose. A United spirit.

As soon as the Judge issues the written order, our orders will be clear. We must prepare for the next battle in court. WE will get our 3 judge court. We will win. Our legal team will explain to the Judge that it is not the equality of the district that matters as much as it is the number of people in those equal districts that determines whether we have representation or whether we are servants and playthings for every social engineering and tax scheme our masters in Sacramento concoct for us. We must continue to raise money to aid in the suit. We have to hire expert witnesses and experts who can help us solidify our case with historic fact and statistical analysis. Lawsuits are expensive and ours is no different.

I mutually pledge to you, my life, my treasure and my sacred honor in our quest for Liberty. We will never quit and we will never take no for an answer. Please remember the fight is in front of us, and not behind. It is ours to win or to lose. As for me, I say lets win it.

I will lift up my eyes to the Lord, for that is where my help comes from. The time has come for 51

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