I watched in amazement as several stuck-up starlets told Americans who support our President not to watch the Academy Awards or their Movies. I wasn’t amazed they would say something like that, but was amazed that they think America needs to watch anything they do. All that comes out of Hollyweird is remakes of remakes of movies I saw 50 years ago. I mean, how many times can you remake King Kong, or how many shows can you make out of the “Night or the living dead”? I haven’t really seen anything creatively new come out of that leftist bastion of communism for at least 30 years. Oh there have been a few flicks I enjoyed watching but those are very few and far between. So for those starlets to think they are God’s gift to the world is laughable to say the very least.

I didn’t watch the Awards, I never do, but from the news reports about it, there was little to do with awards and much to do with President Trump bashing by the communist left... And there in lies the problem, the communist left. Under a communistic agenda, you are not allowed to think for yourselves and satin forbid you think outside the communist box. So because of that, the Hollywood brain dead can’t think of anything new to create. All they can do is remake old ideas and put a leftist communist spin on it. Most of which shows queers and lezbos, in damn near X rated scenes, swearing every other word, to indoctrinate the little kids watching into believing that is the normal natural way. This was never tolerated when the Country had a little moral fiber, but now the communist left teaches this to kindergarteners in school! Sorry, but I am old or old school and still get agitated when I see people necking in public... Especially when little kids are watching. Yea, I’m the guy who will yell out “Get a Room” when I see that. And it really agitates me when I hear little kids playing in the school yard while school is in session dropping the F word like a low life... Man, when I was in School, if a kid used that word and a teacher heard them, whack up side the head and to the Principal’s office they’d go, where their parents were called and the kid would probably be suspended for a couple of days. Oh, and once you got home you were really in for it....Big Time!

Now I realize there are genetic anomalies created in life, and people can do whatever they want to or be Bi whom ever they want to, as long as they don’t shove it in my face or little kids faces! That is all Hollywood and the brain dead stars of the left have done for past 30 years. So not watching them or their perverted, communist spun movies won’t be a problem for some of us.

Ron Gless

Marysville, Ca.

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