We've had a business in Yuba City for 31 years, and during that time I’ve called Recology to remove everything from a mattress to needles and syringes that have been dumped in my lot. Within a day they have always been removed. The same goes for the old railroad right of way, across the street from our shop, where even discarded cars have been removed by Recology! How many cities can say they have a refuse collector who goes to those lengths for their customers?

I’m also a member of the Rotary Club of Marysville. We’ve put on the Sodbuster’s fundraiser event on the Friday night of Rodeo weekend for the past 7 years, and one constant that has always stood out, is the presence of Recology Yuba-Sutter. Every year the employees of Recology provide much of the supplies and manpower to cook the dinner, a huge feat. The Appeal did a great job covering the Rodeo this year. It’s truly amazing that community leaders like the Rosser family, and community stewards like Recology, come together to put on such a fabulous class act and community event.

Sodbuster's and the Rodeo are just a couple of the hundreds of events Recology has been involved in, around our area, for over 40 years. I would venture to say Recology has been engaged in some way, shape, or form with over 75% of the numerous fundraisers in our close-knit community. Recology employees live and work here, raise their families here and contribute untold community service hours for the betterment of our area. Their commitment to fellowship and stewardship is unmatched.

Unfortunately, the Yuba City City Council has decided to put Recology’s refuse collection contract up for bid, without even first negotiating with Recology, a decision that went against advice from their own City staff, against public opinion, and against consultant recommendations that they paid upwards of $150,000 to receive.

Recology has been a model business citizen, so why make a change without first having a discussion with them? Let's not push Recology aside like some refuse! Let’s stand together and send a message to negotiate with Recology. As the saying goes, “Let's Get This Done!”

With Sincere gratitude,

Mike & Gayle Cowley/The Frame Shop

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