I want to warn the public of the ever growing incompetence of the USPS. Over the last 10 years the Post Office has lost or delivered to the wrong address mail and valuable packages we had been expecting on an almost yearly basis. Now I understand stuff happens, but their total lack of caring about it has gotten to the point that when you call to complain they basically tell you; “Tough... too bad, get over it!” Even if your mail or package was sent signature or delivery requested or guaranteed you have none. That is worthless since my experience has been the carrier will mark the mail or package ‘Delivered” and once they mark it Delivered you are S.O.L. because as far as the Post Office is concerned, you got.

We have had literally damn near $10,000 dollars worth of mail and packages that has either been delivered to the wrong address or just plane lost or stolen by the Post Office over the last 10 years... and forget about getting a package back if it was delivered to some low life, because you can guarantee they’ll keep it or try and cash checks if they think they can get away with it! We always receive someone else’s mail, it’s getting more and more commonplace these days, and always put it back in the mailbox with the out going mail the next day. But it seems we are the exception, most low lives just keep it or throw it away apparently, which is a sad reflection of what society has become. Just recently a check I was expecting for almost 7 grand was lost in limbo and the company that sent it to me had to cancel that check and reissue it. I also just had a package I had ordered on Ebay go to God only knows where, that was delivered to God Only Knows who, and since the tracking number and Post Office says it was delivered, guess who eats that cost, yeah ME! The Post Office didn’t care, and said: “Oh well, it says the carrier delivered it, so we don’t know what we can do about it.” So I lost 100 bucks and had to reorder it. About a Year ago a $380 dollar order that also never arrived yet the carrier marked it delivered...once again to whom is the question, because we never got it, and we have cameras running 24/7 and we see all around the house... He never delivered it to our home. Over the years the Post office has steadily gotten more incompetent and totally non-responsive to this problem. Now UPS guarantees packages up to $200 dollars without needing additional insurance, and is the only way to go if you want to have some kind of guarantee, because you surely aren’t going to get one from the Post Office.

RW Gless

Marysville, Ca.

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