As the District Representative for Operating Engineers Local 3, I represent 110 Recology employees. I am truly heartbroken for these hard-working men and women that the Yuba City Council voted to go straight to bid for a new garbage provider without even negotiating with Recology first.

The culture Recology has built in our community is extremely positive. I have heard nothing negative about Recology from the employees, or the customers.

Dozens of Recology employees attended the Yuba City Council meeting with me. I spoke to the Councilmembers and asked them to simply show respect for the decades of excellent service provided, and allow Recology to negotiate their contract. I pointed to all the Recology employees in the room and asked that these employees be able to negotiate for their jobs, THEN if negotiations failed, go to bid. The Yuba City Council disregarded my plea, they disregarded all the hardworking men and women in the room, and voted to go straight to bid.

If you respect the job that Recology and their employees have done for you in Yuba City, please contact the Yuba City Council by phone or email and tell them. Ask that the Yuba City Council reverse their decision and negotiate with Recology.

Ron Roman

Operating Engineers Local 3

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