I am sick and tired of the NFL when the NFL players started kneeling I said I was not watching NFL football I would watch college and if they start kneeling I will boycott them. I am already part of the 8 to 10% of people not going to games or not watching them on T.V.

I saw on T.V. that the average ticket cost was $98.00 to just get into the game. Do the millionaire players and owners care? No they don’t, all they care about everything they do build a new field or get a raise , raise ticket prices. A family of 4 can’t afford to see a game. This is a chance for the public to show our contempt for this boycott. We pay their salary & their large new stadiums Oakland taxpayers said no. Sand Diego said no. This is time for all tax payers to say no by not watching or going to games.

I went online to see 49ers tickets prices $866 dollars for 50 yard line seats. But for us average fans top deck seats and the field looks like a postage stamp & the players look like ants are only $19.00 the choice is yours.

Donald E. Lewis

Marysville, CA

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