Making California a sanctuary state will propel California into economic despair that will take years to reverse. The long-term effect will be devastating to our schools, healthcare and welfare systems.

Ask the question “If you are intent on crossing the U.S. border illegally, why even consider crossing into Texas, New Mexico or Arizona, where if caught you will be immediately deported. Whereas crossing into California you will be welcomed with open arms?”

By declaring California, a sanctuary state, we may as well hang a sign on our border that says “All are welcome”. Border guards, knowing that their efforts are in vain, will eventually stop enforcing the law. The legislators in Sacramento want so badly to be seen as compassionate, caring souls that they neglect to see the long-term effect this would have on the economy.

Some resolution needs to be considered for the Dreamers that we have already educated and given health care to, but it should be understood that there is a difference between compassion and stupidity.

Douglas Binderup

Dobbins, Ca.

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