We need more transparency in the contract process in Yuba County! I know that most of us do not have the time or experience to monitor all that goes on between our local elected officials and services they contract for us, but it still should be available for review and input.

Yuba City is taking a lot of heat for their backbone in insisting that the garbage service contract go out for bid. I applaud them for doing the right thing. Competition is good for all of us. I wish Yuba County would do the same, but rumor has it that they are "negotiating" behind closed doors and not allowing competition.

Granted, allowing for a open bidding process is risky. After all, the current contractor owns the dump, not the county. They could and have forced other company's out by making it impossible to use their facilities. Beale AFB once had it's own garbage provider and it's own dump on the base. The base dump site was closed and competiton ended when the privately owned dumpsite for the county made it to expensive for any other company. A sad day for all of us, and it's been going on for years.

The company has changed names over the years, and yes allowed employees to become small owners, but I believe they are still the same company based out of San Francisco that threaten another garbage provider with legal action in 1986, when they tried to provided free cleanup service to Olivehurst after the flood.

The current company has good points and bad. To the good, they have provided excellent service for me and are very responsive when called, and they provided community services liking free annual cleanups to a few areas. That is good. To the bad, I don't want outside garbage coming into my community! I want to know more about the fines they received for environmental issues. I'd like to see my rates lower. I don't like the dumpsite being in the path of Beale AFB's flight path, and I don't like a company playing on community empathy for it's employee's or trying to negotiate behind closed doors.

We need to know and have a say in what our elected and county officials are doing and that's not happening! All contracts need to go out for bid, in a public, transparent process!

Debra Hecker

Marysville, Ca.

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