The Vegas Shooting is, sadly, being silenced. From what I have investigated. The government entities don't want to call this a terrorist attack, because they don't want to fuel the divide that is already at a boiling over point. So the "facts" or propaganda coming from supposed experts is basically a "Soft Ops" cover-up. But little truths keep being told by officials. The Sheriff made the comment that he wanted to know ...who or what group radicalized the shooter. That speaks volumes, since there are inside reports coming from what seem to be credible sources that were involved, that claim the shooter had radical leftist propaganda in the room he was shooting from. The Shooter was also a former Government IRS employee. Also from the actual police frequencies recorded, an officer in the parking lot of the hotel where the shooting took place, reported to dispatch that a Black Dually Truck he believed to be a Chevy, tore out of the parking lot with an undetermined amount of passengers, and for other patrols to check it out if spotted. This was observed 5 minutes after the Gunman stopped firing on the crowds.

Sadly this cover-up will be useful to the communists agenda of disarming the American People so they cannot protect themselves against threats... so we will have no protection from tyranny.

Other telling signs that this was "hopefully by Leftist thinking" a "Terrorist Attack" is the numerous hate filled statements by the left. A CBS Legal Executive had this to say; “If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope that Repugs will ever do the right thing. I’m actually not even sympathetic because country music fans often are Republican gun toters,” said Geftman-Gold. This sparked outrage from Americans and shows how hateful the Left is against America. Hailey Geftman-Gold was fired from CBS, but other Leftists on CNN, CBS, ABC, NSBC and other Communist Networks think killing all Trump Supports is OK. So they are responsible for Aiding and Abetting these whack-jobs that go on these Terrorist Attacks, because they plant the notion that killing Trump Supports or anyone who supports the Constitution and the American Flag is OK. We may never know the true facts in this case, but maybe it is time we all arm ourselves, we do seem to be in the sights "Literally" of the Leftist Communists.

RW Gless

Marysville, Ca.

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