Another election is upon us, and some important decisions have to be made. I am particularly concerned about the position of supervisor of the Yuba County’s Fifth District now held by Randy Fletcher, who, according to prevailing sentiment, has just gotta go!

During the last 3 1/2 years in office he has done next to nothing for the county. He has refused to vote on many important county issues, saying, weirdly, Yuba County residents are his potential (or actual) insurance customers, thus his voting would create a conflict of interest. (So, he should have thought of that before he took the job.) It looks to me like he collects a juicy unearned salary just sitting on his hands.... Initially, in his campaign, he outlined 6-7 projects that he would take care of, just like that (such as building a dam on New York Flat Road (impossible) and eliminating all county building and planning fees (fat chance.) (I reported on these shenanigans in the Territorial Dispatch, on Feb.1, 2017.)

Going back to 2012, there was a disgraceful episode in Fletcher's past, that the public was (and is) little aware of, i.e. his involvement and promotion of the Anti-Measure-T campaign, fall of 2012.

The purpose of Measure-T was to give the people of Yuba County more power over development by giving them the final vote automatically over subdivisions in Natural Resource areas (farm land, foothills, mining land).

Similar ballot measures have worked well in protecting Ventura County against the population

onslaught of the Los Angeles area and Napa County against the population onslaught from the Bay Area.

Apparently, the idea of making it routine for people to vote on important subdivisions freaked out realtor Tib Belza and buddy Randy Fletcher. Both names were on the face sheets of 460 forms for Anti-Measure-T campaign, (lists of donor's names) The pro-Measure -T campaign was going well until the California Association of Realtors, based in Los Angeles, donated an astounding $30, 000, no doubt on the urging of Belza and Fletcher, to the Anti-Measure-T campaign. With such maneuvers, we have Fletcher and Belza going all out, using sleazy tactics, against dedicated Yuba County citizens and in favor of those who would split up prime farm land (in areas zoned for farming) and even activate the huge Spring Valley Project hated by 88% of its neighbors.

Not only did Belza and Fletcher get the California realtors to put in big money against Yuba County voters, but they engineered a nasty campaign like I had never seen before (e.g. stealing signs in the middle of the night all over the county, etc.,)...completely distorting the facts and dispersing nonsense in their campaign literature (telling the people "Measure-T mandates a county-wide election to obtain any kind of permit on rural land.)" (ridiculous, and they knew it). so, the Anti-T folks got the big money and thus the campaign experts to make a farce of our democratic process...and simply rig the campaign. It’s really sad when California realtors over-power a small rural county at the polls. Measure-T lost by less than 1%. P.S. I've known Tib Belza many years, and I have always liked him, but things changed when he came out particularly in such a way, against Measure T. What was going on? Did Tib see Measure-T

as a threat to the still-alive Spring Valley project, or to some other project?

And Randy could really do us all a big favor by resigning as supervisor to avoid his “conflict of interest.”

Hal Stocker

Challenge, Ca

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