Recently there was a propane leak in challenge. The residents received a code red phone call to evacuate. The propane tanks are quite large and have leaked in the past (in the early 1990’s) the residents were evacuated then also. After the incident I sent an email to Supervisor Randy Fletcher. Mr. Fletcher responded to my email and stated that he was contacting the code enforcement office and to email him next week he would have further information for me. So I followed up with another email a week later. I received no response. If this problem continues eventually the town will be blown up with the people in it. Mr. Fletcher does not seem very concerned with this problem; after all it is not happening where he lives. Now that he has been reelected we can continue with no efforts from Mr. Fletcher to help with important issues that affect our community.

Laura Olsen

Challenge, Ca.

Ps. what would have happened if the propane tanks did explode? Would it have been like the horrible devastation in Paradise? Yes, it would of caused a large wildfire on top of an explosion.

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