by Charlie McNiff

The caravanS... that’s plural, folks, with a capital “S”...coming from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador primarily, has ballooned up to around 12,000 people with their intention of touching a singular foot on United States soil...thereby giving them a “right” to gain asylum in this country.

There or even some lawyers from “Open Border” organizations in this country that have been responsible for organizing these caravans. And some of those have the audacity of suing the United States government on grounds that this “class action” group has the constitutional (?) right to have asylum in this country. How crazy is this? They are from a separate country. They have absolutely no constitutional rights from the U.S. Only citizens of the United States has constitutional rights.

At this writing, November 15th, the early arrivals to the border of California number about 1000...and the count will continue to multiply as days become weeks...and months.

Why California?...Well, Gee Whiz, that is where the real promised land is located. Over 33% of the welfare recipients in the United States live in the (Great?) State of California. All kinds of Free Stuff.

The “community organizers”...or more aptly named “illegal organizers” of the invading hordes will be helping those tens of thousands how to get on the welfare rolls.

Yes, Matilda, the working word is “invading.”

Each caravan, four at first count, has been led at the front of the pack by one of their group carrying the fluttering flag of the country they came from... be it Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala or whatever Central American country they originated from. That, to me, is hoisting allegiance to their OWN country but wanting to get into the U.S. for the “free stuff”...albeit a considerable amount of them would be looking for work ... here again illegally.

This “bum rush” of people cannot be allowed. It is a blatant tactic by the far left with their Open Border mentality to undermine the political structure of this country.

If this “bum rush” tactic is allowed to happen, you would be inviting the far left to unleash the torrential storms of mobocracy to chip away at the pillars of our democracy...such as considering a person innocent before being proven guilty...that could create a downward spiral of law and order in society as we know it.

The lefties tried to get their foot in the door during the Senate Judicial Committee Hearings by trying to proclaim Judge Brett Kavanaugh GUILTY without a single shred of evidence to back up the falsified claims.

The ANTIFA THUGS would be given license to inflame mobs to loot, pillage, destruct, fire stores and automobiles, etc., etc. You thought the Ferguson and Baltimore riots were bad?...Think again...those riots would seem like pre-schoolers playing in a sandbox compared to the thuggery that would ensue.

Legal immigration?...KEEP BRINGIN’ IT ON!

The United States of America has been the most welcoming country in the world for those that want to come here...legally. In the past 17 years there have been over Seven Million Four Hundred Seventy Thousand legal immigrants (through ports of entry) that were openly embraced by the United States from four specific areas to trod on U.S. soil and go through the process of becoming citizens. According to the Sources Center for Immigration Studies, those 7,478,000 people came from Mexico (4,050,0777), Caribbean (1,130,330), Central America (1,181,830) and South America (1,117,620).

Whoa Nellie... there was also 214,282 from Canada not included in that four area mix.


Don’t Bawl and Bellow about the United States as being a racist country. Far from it.

And that doesn’t even consider the over TWENTY MILLION (20,000,000) OR MORE illegals that have dismissed our laws with a Ho-Hum attitude and consider themselves as victims.

Shame on those that have set up sanctuary cities, which permit criminals to be deported countless times only to re-enter the country illegally over and over again. Only to commit more crimes that include robbery, rape and even murder. That is not a society of freedom loving people where the norm used to be where you didn’t have to lock your doors at night, or be fearful of walking the streets at night, or be afraid of bullies (like ANTIFA) that get their kicks out of terrorizing people. So let us take care of this problem and restructure our immigration laws that adhere to our bill of rights and sense of civility. When we cease to be a sovereign nation with enforceable borders this country would eventually descend into a bottomless pit of despair akin to the very few elite lording over the working poor (middle class long gone).

Who would want to live in a world like that... oh yeah, I guess the elites would.

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