I have been asked, “can you give me 3 (three) reasons why the state of Jefferson is relevant to the northern counties of California?” Sure, let’s do it by the 3 (three) “R’s”.


*NO CA has parts of 6 (six) out of 80 (eighty) seats in the CA assembly.

*parts of 3 (three) out of 40 (forty) seats in the CA Senate.

*2(two) out of 53(fifty-three) seats in the US House of Representatives from CA.

*LA Basin and SF Area make ALL of our decisions.

*How do you feel about our votes never counting?


*CA is the second worse tax state in the Union.

* Personal Income Tax is the nation’s highest.

*Sales Tax are in the 10 (ten) highest in the nation.

*State Gas taxes far out ceed any other state.

Watch out now with the new one going in Jan.

*Property taxes are the 10th highest in the nation.

*Business Taxes rank 3rd worst in the nation.

*Why are more businesses leaving than are coming in?

*social Services are 32% (thirty-two) of the budget where 3 (three) million undocumented people enjoy these services.


*Electing our own 2 (two) Senators and Congressional Representatives.

*Electing our own Governor, State Senate, and House based on Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution.

*Make Jefferson a business friendly state with common sense tax laws and no state corporate taxes.

*Laws will stay in our counties. Not go to Sacramento to filter them back.

*Laws that make our Representatives accountable to “we the people”.

*Reduce the 570 (five hundred seventy) state agencies and bureaucrats.

*Constitutionally based laws.

*Utilization of our natural resources- time, water, farming, hunting, and fishing. So there you have it. Sounds good? You bet it does. Now tell me, why do the workers for Jefferson get lots of claps and things like, “I support you”, and “Keep up the good work, I am behind you a 100%. “And never show up for a meeting to find out what is happening and offer any support? I believe that their Time- Talents – Treasures are more important to them then Liberty. So the few go down doing all they can and get discouraged. Good by LIBERTY.

Doris Mitchell

Yuba City, Ca.

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