With 4.6 million restoration project for water shed forest management for north Yuba; even with a “forest resilience bond” developed by blue forest conservation. In partnership with world resource institute and private financing secured from the Rockefeller foundation. The Betty moraine foundation, Calvert impact capital and the csaa insurance group. Why did Yuba County BoS say there wasn’t enough money for our sheriff’s department, and implement “Measure K” to finance the sheriff’s department and threaten (no dispatchers) to go to email, when the Yuba County Water Agency committed 1.5 million to this forest management plan? The ‘Duck egg collection is another waste of tax payers dollars. The ducks / geese are not raised by parents and train to fly north to Canada in summer, and instead harvest rice before we can harvest it? This just permeates the problem. The 15,000arces in the upper water shield is above Downieville. This is in Sierra County. It also prescribes burning and we don’t need any more liability from fires that got away. I hope we can retract some of these projects that are not our responsibility, and put taxpayer’s money to good use. I am all for fully funding the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department. Let somebody else run “forest management “ works plans on north Yuba water shed since we don’t have enough money to spend on our own necessities in Yuba county. Why doesn’t Yuba County Water Agency build Marysville Dam at Parks Bar instead of Sierra County getting our money? (If the BoS needs to look for a place to spend money). Marysville Dam should be located at the east of the highway 20 Bridge, which crosses the Yuba River on the way to Smartsville.

Louise Ahart

Marysville. Ca

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