Some remarks by many of the over 300 Mexican residents of Tijuana, Mexico recently protesting the massive amounts of mainly Central American people clogging up their border town are rather enlightening...and complete vindication of President Trump’s border policies.

One yelled out on his megaphone, “Donald Trump was right. This is an invasion.” The Mayor of Tijuana said, “No city in the world is prepared for this.” He said that when there was 2,000 or so mulling around the grounds close to the border. Stand by, Mayor, there’s quite a few thousand still headed for your town. Some were televised shouting” We Don’t Want You Here, “and “Get Out of Here.”

In talking about the “bum’s rush” of migrants at the Mexican border with Guatemala where migrants busted down that border gate allowing 6,000 or more at that time to flood past border guards into the sovereign country of Mexico. One Spanish lady from Tijuana said, “We are counting on our (Mexican) government to enforce the border with Guatemala.”

Citizens in Tijuana are saying the same things that Trump has been saying. Another man from Tijuana declared, “There are a lot of Bad People in the caravan.” A spokesman from the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) reported that “There are over 500 in the caravan that are known criminals.” Needless to say, there are undercover U.S. law enforcement people trodding North within the caravan.

Tijuana law enforcement officers jailed 34 migrants on the weekend of November 16-17 related to creating disorders, resisting arrest, drug peddling, etc., etc. Assuredly, some of those included criminal elements.

Last Monday, November 18th, President Trump closed the San Ysidro border crossing that resulted in cars and trucks being backed up for miles and several hours at the border gates because of a large group of migrants forming on the Mexican side to create a “bum’s rush” into the United States like they had done at the Guatemalan border. Some within the migrant group have upped the ante by preferably wanting to call the “Rush” a “Stampede!”

Tom Homan, former Acting Head of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) with 34 years of government service, said Tuesday, November 19th, “There has been a 3,000% uptick of asylum seekers”...and also reiterated’ that 91% of those seeking asylum do not pass the test to enter the U.S.” President Trump also declared last week that “We are not open to illegal immigrants.”

Of those that do pass have to wait weeks and even months to appear in court before a judge...and 80% of those don’t show up and simply “melt” into the fabric of American society. The majority of those illegals do not have jobs but are versed by Open Border organizations on how to apply for benefits of the benevolent U.S. welfare system. It has been estimated that it costs over EIGHTEEN BILLION DOLLARS ($18,000,000) a year for Illegal Migrants health services, schooling for the children, etc., etc.

There are many reasons why the WALL needs to be built. One reason for the taller than tall border wall is that it would curtail a massive amount of Heroin that is smuggled into the U.S. by the Mexican Cartels. It has been estimated that 90% of Heroin brought into the U.S. yearly comes across the Mexican border.

As to American troops on the border acting as backup 2006, President George Bush put 6,000 National Guard troops to the Mexican border...and, in 2010; President Obama put 1,200 guardsmen on the border...that included medical “Corps Men.”

While we’re on the subject of law enforcement, our esteemed former California State Attorney General and now our (I guess more esteemed) California State Senator, Kamala Harris, in Washington, D.C. recently compared the perception of ICE personnel akin to the KKK (KuKluxKlan) in relation to law enforcement dealings with American elements of criminals and Illegal Immigrants.

Golly, Gertrude, I heard Kamala is seriously considering to run for the presidency of the United States in 2020. I wonder if that stance could possibly be helpful to her campaign???...I certainly hope not. Come to Think About it...she might have a better chance of running for Prez of Venezuela....Hmmm!

A morsel to chew on....A vital part of solidifying a nation, especially a melting pot that we enjoy in the United States, is a common language that binds us more tightly together. When a country has different “tribes” that do not fully communicate together...there is a danger to that country of unraveling in its unity.

Almost 50% of people in the five largest Metro areas in the U.S. speak a language other than English...and 20% of the U.S. population speaks a foreign language at home.

In realizing the U.S. takes in more immigrants, LEGALLY, than ALL the rest of the world’s countries, it only makes sense to have a common this case, English, to reap the rewards of “moving up the ladder” of success and prosperity more quickly.

Keep those Legal Immigrants Comin’ In!!! ... and continue to adhere to one of the stipulations on the test to gain citizenship to the USA___ and that is a minimal knowledge of the English language. Welcome Aboard!!

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