I’m generally up-to-speed on the national political scene and especially all the arrows zinging at President Trump and his policies. I was curious about how many Costa Ricans in Central America were in the caravans of “illegals” headed for the United States (that have reached over 6,000 caught in a logjam at Tijuana as of Thursday, Nov. 28th). Not very many because Costa Rica is a fairly prosperous country...but I ran across this frightful incident that happened Tuesday, June 19th of this year.

I’m 95% sure this story didn’t get picked up by the U.S. Media from the Tico Times out of San Jose, the capitol of Costa Rica...because it would have created a huge firestorm in the media.

According to the Tico Times issue dated June 21, 2018...in part...

“United States Border Patrol agents found an unaccompanied 6-year-old Costa Rican boy in the Arizona desert Tuesday evening. The child said his uncle helped him make the journey from Costa Rica, but abandoned him near the border and told him the Border Patrol would find him.

Authorities think the child was recently abandoned since they found the minor in good condition despite the 100-plus degree weather. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) took the boy for further processing in Tucson and contacted the Costa Rican consulate for help reaching the boy’s family.

Mabel Segura, the Consul General of Costa Rica in Los Angeles, flew down to Tucson yesterday and joined Carmen Bermúdez, the Consul General in Tucson, to help with the case. Bermúdez and Segura visited the boy this morning and said he’s doing well.

“He was calm and told us he was watching movies,” Segura told The Tico Times in a phone interview. “He said that they were feeding him and he had everything he needed.

“He also used that time to call his mother and spoke to her for some time.”

The boy’s mother lives in New York and Segura said she has a “very unique immigration status” but didn’t elaborate further. Segura says U.S. authorities told her their goal is to reunite the child with his family, but further processing is required before that happens.

Segura says the boy will be moved to a shelter while U.S. authorities investigate the mother’s socioeconomic status to make sure it’s a safe environment for the child.”

For the complete article...Draw up Wikipedia and punch in www.ticotimes.net.

This incident could very easily have become a horrifying tragedy...because of the apparent disregard of the uncle making sure the boy was picked up by the Border Patrol. It’s just another reason why the Wall Needs to be Built. Stop the people from unlawful entry and go through an open door...known as “Port of Entry” to be processed as a potential “legal” entrant into the U.S.

Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum has asked the United Nations to help out with the humanitarian crisis caused by the thousands of Caravan migrants (Over 7,000 as of Nov. 29th) that have flooded into his city from Central America.

The loony left likes to blame the United States for not allowing all the migrants to claim asylum...and be given a free pass into the U.S. Well, a free pass is what the Open Border organizers from the U.S. had told those people in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala before they joined those particular caravans, four of them at the last count.

The organizer’s sing-song tune probably warbled like, “Yeah man, all you have to do is get across the border, be picked up by the U.S. Border Patrol, tell them you seek asylum because of (this or that). Here is what to say. They will release you to travel wherever you’re relative lives or the organization that will take you in. If you don’t have a job lined up, the organization will line you up to where the welfare office is at your destination so you can receive a monthly check from the U.S. government...that is, until you can find a job (wink, wink)...Yes, Hell Yes, it’s that easy. Now, you will be assigned to (certain person) that will be your leader to help you on your way...Oh Yeah, you will have to give (person) ??? pesos to guide you on your journey.”

Then when these migrants get to the border and they experience a logjam and told by Border Enforcement that the Port of Entry has been closed ...and that they need to get in line to be processed...and it may take weeks or months because of the massive amounts of migrants (Over 7,000)...they might start to have a reality check and realize they have been lied to and that it’s not as easy as the “organizers” told them.

Alfonso Aguilar, the former chief of the Citizen’s Office under President George Bush, last week said, “Democrats should be questioning about who are putting up the money and organizing these caravans and spreading lies to the migrants that they will be able to get into the United States with no problems. The migrants are being used as pawns for a certain agenda.”

Laura Ingraham, on her nightly Fox News show Monday night, Nov. 26th, was interviewing a border patrol official and it was divulged that upwards of 5,000 illegals cross the border WEEKLY in the border regions of Yuma and Nogales, Arizona and the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. Most all are led by Coyotes that are affiliated with various gangs or Mexican Cartels pushing drugs.

The Fake News Groupies are not about to inform you about what they view as trivial concerns. Well, another trivial matter to them, apparently, is that DHS (Department of Homeland Security) has now reported the count of 500 criminals in the caravan at Tijuana has risen to over 600 Bad Guys. It’s not trivial to the massive majority of U.S. citizens, I can tell you that!!!

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