I chose this city to live in, many years ago. Why here you ask? Simply because Stockton is a great western railroad crossroads. Back then 3 major transcontinental railroads and 2 local roads had busy tracks here. Today a commuter railroads is based here also. Every hour of the day, trains arrive and depart our city. Let us carry over the idea of arrivals to this Christmas. This is a time in December, when folks think about the arrival of Jesus, into our world, over 2000 years ago. Jesus came humbly to us, born in a stable, in Bethlehem of Israel. Born a Jew of Mary, Judah. However the bible tells that Jesus had god, and not joseph, as his father. Let’s read it in luke1 vs. 27-35. Angels from its heavenly home, declared to Israel, why he came. Jesus is both my savior and yours too; he is the world’s only savior from the penalty of our sin against a holy god, see Luke 2 vs.7-12, and key v.11. Finally Jesus departure from outside of Jerusalem, back to his throne in heaven, confirms his miracle arrival of being born to the Virgin Mary, see acts.1v.9-12. So at this season of Joy, Please consider, that god’s son arrived and departed our world in ways that only an all-powerful god could do. This Christmas of 2018, I thank Jesus, my savior, for his love, grace and forgiveness, his gift to me, and available to you too.

Larry Matulich

Stockton, Ca.

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