As a member of the public attending this NYWD meeting that Charles Sharp describes, (last issue)

I feel the need to mention what Mr. Sharp did not:

When Donald Forguson started speaking, he introduced his speech with “some people don’t like me and will like me even less after what I am going to say”

This proved to be true.

The language that Mr. Forguson chose to use was in no way suitable to be uttered in a public meeting, let alone in his position as a board director, supposed to represent his constituents.

He freely used name-calling, spoke about his democratically elected successor as “the Cancer” and another customer as “the Tumor” and kept on and on spouting unfounded conspiracy theories and threatening language toward his successor.

It was shameful beyond shameful. And curious to see how none of the other elected board members stopped him or protested. Charles Sharp applauded by the way....

It came to a member of the public to stand up and remind the board of directors that this was appalling behavior and should not have been tolerated.

Donald Forguson’s response? He said:” Yeah, whatever”

It is curious to see Mr. Sharp clean up his memory of this meeting and write such a positive report, putting himself in the position of PR person for the board. How does lying restore trust?

Interestingly, again omitted from Mr Sharp’s report, director Hawthorne took a very different tack earlier in the meeting. He spoke about delivering water more consistently, allowing customers to ask questions in the meetings and how to start approaching the idea of being able to add more customers to the irrigation system.

This is a welcome development, hopefully it leads to NYWD being able to deliver water, with transparency and respect.

That is all we need.

Marieke Furnee

Oregon House, Ca.

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