A few weeks ago, walking down main street in a small town (pop 13000), I was approached by 2 young men. They wanted to speak to me about racism in America. One young man was black and the other one was white. I assumed there two kids might be trying for extra credits in college programs of sort. Usually I am not a sucker for such blind liberal conversations, but I found myself this day slightly in the mood; so I said: “sure! I’ll talk to you about racism! Where would you like to start? NAACP- MS-13- EBONY Magazine- LA RAZA- SKIN HEADS- BLACK STUDENTS- UNION- ARYAN BROS- BLACK PANTHER PARTY?” The two young men turned and walked away without a word after the first four mentioned groups. Well! So much for extra school extras.

Step #2 on “How to write an article in 6 steps” is to address your audience’s needs.

My articles here therefore is directed to my audiences need to pull their heads out of their asses. Yes! Racism is an absolute fact in America; and in the entire world as well. So what! Those two kids I spoke with prove that the only perquisite for going to college these days is to have a clear-cut case of crania rectumitis. And I am willing to talk racism with anyone, any time, or any place. If I'm in the mood.

Dean Ryan

Grass Valley, Ca.

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