This is the information from the internet that is assumed is fairly accurate.

Area of the Oceans is 139,000,000 square miles.

Through a combination of direct satellite observations and modeling, they determined the total volume of ice tied up in the glaciers is nearly 41,000 cubic miles, but each cubic mile of ice will only yield .918 cubic mile of water. Water expands when frozen; that’s why ice floats.

Using this information: If all the glaciers melted and became ocean water the average

depth of the oceans would rise by: [41000*.918/139000000] * 5280 = 1.43 ft.

Where do climate change/global warming disciples get between 2.5 and 6.5 feet!

Charles Schumacher

Marysville, Ca,

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# MrCharles Sharp 2019-01-01 11:12
The science is not in question, only the politics of how to mitigate climate change. And this denial only in happening in the U.S. For the rest of the world, the discussion is long over, it about implementing practical measures to limit CO2 emission. The U.S. is a greedy and dominating and the home of Big Oil, which has much to loose if found liable that use of its product is has created the all this CO2.
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