There was a Big Hullabaloo in past months by countries, especially in the European Union, over President Trump taking the United States OUT of the Paris Accords on Climate Change. According to Trump, “It would cost our country over Three Trillion Dollars...and we’re not going to do that.”

O.K., Wait a minute...Time Out. Three Trillion kinda rolls off the tongue a little syrupy. Let’s break it down...1,000 x $3,000 (Thousand) = $3,000,000 (Million)...x 1,000 = $3 ,000,000,000 (Billion) x 1,000 = $3,000,000,000,000 (TRILLION)...!!!

That is a lot of taxpayers paying a lot more taxes on practically everything it takes them to live on this planet.

Most everyone agrees that the climate, or you could also say the weather, is changing. But wait a New Yawk minute. Remember Al Gore in 1980 playing the Ruination Rhapsody to the world by telling us that New York Citee would be under 20 feet of water by the year 2000. Well now, according to Gunsmoke’s Festus...”Golly Bill...Year 2000 was 18 years’re quite a ways off from hooking’ up to that wagon, Al...a long ways apart. You’d better check in with a Brain Doctor.”

Yep, that would sure pave a lot of roads in our country...and probably build thousands more miles of roadway while they’re at it...and maybe throw in a 4% or 5% COLA (Cost Of Living Allowance) increase for the Seniors that hasn’t happened for the past three years. Bread and Beans keep going up...up...up. Our 50 year-old Chilluns were in diapers when a loaf of bread was 25 cents and Gas Wars saw a few 20 cent per gallon prices.


Trump Was Right!

The Brexit Exodus from the European Union by the British followed by the recent riots in Paris, France are showing the bloated bureaucrats in many countries that the peasantry is getting sick and tired of getting sick and tired of monstrously higher gas and higher taxes...hidden fees bubbling up...etc....etc.

Then along came Donald Trump and he brought the Middle America Revolution into the White House, kicked the Paris Accords out the door...and summarily took a lot of the goodies away from The Establishment.

As a result, lots of European politicians are saying, “Yes, President Trump, you did the right thing by dumping the Paris Accords. We’re going to have to look at a lot of things differently.”

Welfare Costs of

Illegal Immigrants

(Washington, D.C.) - Illegal immigration to the U.S. costs federal, state and local taxpayers a staggering net cost of $116 billion a year - an increase of some $16 billion compared to previous estimates - according to a new study released by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). The study is the most comprehensive to date on the cost to federal, state and local taxpayers of the nation's 12.5 million illegal immigrants and their 4.2 million citizen children. (Factually, 60% of illegal immigrants wind up on welfare rolls).

The report, “The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on United States Taxpayers,” examines the cost of illegal immigration through a detailed analysis of federal, state and local programs that are available to the nation’s illegal immigrant population, their U.S.-born children, or accessed via fraud. The study tallies the impact on education, medical, justice/enforcement, welfare and other government programs. The report notes that the $116 billion cost of illegal immigration falls on state and local taxpayers disproportionately – by a ratio of roughly 2 to 1 – with state and local expenditures totaling $88.9 billion and Federal expenditures totaling $45.8 billion, with only approximately $19 billion recouped in taxes. (Columnist reminder: every ONE BILLION is One Thousand Million).

“Clearly, the cost of doing nothing to stop illegal immigration is far too high,” said FAIR executive director Dan Stein. “President Trump has laid out a comprehensive strategy to regain control of illegal immigration and bring down these costs,” said Stein. “Building the wall, enhancing interior enforcement and mandating national E-Verify will go a long way in bringing these ridiculously high costs under control,” he said.

(It has been proven that over 97% of illegal immigrant traffic is stopped where a wall blocks their way).

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