I live in Chico but I consider the Territorial Dispatch to be one of the best local sources for news. I was glad to read Lou Binninger's report of the lawsuit that John Mistler, Charlie Matthews, and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer's Association are bringing against Yuba County over their illegal Measure K. That measure was obviously a special tax and should have been listed as such and required 2/3's voter approval.

The other issue that concerns me is the use of taxpayer money to run pro-tax campaigns. That's illegal too, but they all do it. In Chico our city and our recreation district have spent hundreds of thousands in staff time and on consultants to put together their separate tax measures. How much did the county of Yuba spend on their campaign?

You can't just vote and turn your back - you have to keep an eye on these people and hold them to the law.

Juanita Sumner,

Chico CA

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