A recent Front Page story in a local Newspaper chronicled three of the numerous errors made by or not detected by Live Oak Finance Director Joe Aguilar.


Aguilar and his company, Varinek, Trine, Day and Company were paid over $202,000.00 in the last fiscal year. This makes the numerous errors and oversights all the more alarming.


A $267,000,000.00 error not detected by Mr. Aguilar is especially telling.  It was discovered in March by this Author and presented to the Live Oak City Council that same month. The Council and City Staff chose to ignore the oversight rather than deal with it. Making a mistake is one thing but trying to cover up or not take responsibility for it, is an even more serious matter.


At this point in time, it is clear Mr. Aguilar should resign from his position. Even if he has performed adequately for a portion of his five years in Live Oak, he’s now become so controversial he really cannot be effective.


Let’s hope Mr. Aguilar does the right thing. Live Oak Residents deserve no less.  


 Rick L. Dais

Live Oak, Ca.

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