In August, I and many others at Marysville City Council would witness a heinous crime against the city. The entire city council except Bill Simmons, would put Crony politics before the good of the city. Whom did they hope to benefit and throw Marysville citizens under the bus for? None other than fired supervisor John Nicoletti, their drinking buddy.


    For a few years now Yuba County Water Agency director Charlie Matthews has been flipping the bill to get water from the Yuba River put in Ellis Lake. When River water is used to fill Ellis Lake instead of well water there are less nitrates making the water more clean, clear, and less stinky. The sad thing is all this council had to do was vote to let Charlie pay for the next step of the process.


     The bulk of the council kept trying to put it on Yuba County Water Agency putting some sort of algae scrubbers in and not wanting to affect that negatively. Well the algae scrubbers are unproven technology, the river water is known to work. In addition Curt Akins representing Yuba County Water Agency, along with Director/Supervisor Lahey, and Director Charlie Matthews would be for it. Curt Aiken stated that it would be good to have two things going to ensure success of the lake be coming clean.


     So how does Nicoletti play in? Well as John has failed at most everything in life he needs to make some money again out of our pockets. He will be running for Charlie's seat in 2020 according to his statement at the Kiwanis spaghetti feed. If most of you don't already know from my posts on Straight Out of Yuba episode 2, Nicoletti is drinking buddies with the mayor and a few other people on the council. 


     John of course has to go the opposite way of Charlie and say that it's a bad idea to put river water in the lake. Therefore the city council can't make Charlie, Ellis lake, along with Marysville look good, they have to go against it for John Nicoletti's sake. This was more than evident when they kept talking about getting the Levee Commission involved and John specifically since he is on it.


     When you see your public officials out and about let them know that crony politics should not be put before the good of the people. Let them know by voting them out of office and posting all of the bad they've done/doing while in office, and writing about it right here in this wonderful paper. 


     The end result was nobody would second Bill Simmons motion to take Charlie's money to fix the lake. You could tell all of their minds had been made up long before the meeting. If they can't even take free money to make Marysville a little better, what business do any of them have in office of any kind?


Zach Cross

Loma Rica, Ca.

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