Water is the foundation resource on which communities are built.  In response to a question to my North Yuba Water District division representative Gary Hawthorne, "What will happen to the water the NYWD has permits for that cannot fit down the proposed 42" pipe?", the response was, "We will decide that with our Master Plan. Some ideas would be to sell it to fund future projects, build new conveyance systems that don't exist today to serve new customers or provide redundancy, build water storage tanks and conveyance systems to enhance fire protection, and so forth."


A master plan is certainly welcomed and overdue.  The water district is in the best position to lead this effort.  I would expect such an undertaking to begin by asking the water customers and communities, who are served by the water district, what they would like to see happen with this resource, the people's water.  The Directors of the NYWD are temporary custodians entrusted to manage this most valuable natural resource as the people wish it to be managed.  


Much like a general plan update, I look forward to the water district organizing town hall meetings and special master plan workshops giving the people the opportunity to ask questions, get answers, and to help shape this master plan for how the people's water will be utilized.


Charles Sharp

NYWD Customer

Oregon House, Ca

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