Richard Crist, OMD


     Trump has torn the scab off a very large, politically corrupt, wound, in government, that has been festering for decades; nicknamed “The Swamp.” He has brought the real agenda of the Republican Party into the light, and its stench is overwhelming 70% of the people in the United States. And, you’re legislators are standing around watching it happen.


     This shines light on the corruption that also infects the Democratic Party leadership, because they’re also beholden to the 1%. Remember, rich democrats are businesspeople too, and “Big-business” is all about controlling government for their pursuit of profit and more profit, which comes form the environment, deregulation, and from your wallet.


     It’s time for the people of the United States to fully understand that the amount of money in politics equals the amount of corruption that’s taking place. The more money it takes for a candidate to get elected, the more power the wealthy have in making choices for you.


     Rich people and corporations aren’t usually charitable. They don’t just donate; they make payments to a politicians campaign, to non-profit originations, to charities, and educational institutions. These payments are buying influence and favors, and they expect a good return on their investments; just like any other investment they make.


     You have to wakeup and use your common sense. If you want politicians to work for you, don’t support the ones that give tax breaks to the wealthy, reduce your health coverage, gut public education, poison your food and the environment, and who continue to make war, which you and your loved ones fight, die, and pay for. The wealthy 1% are the only ones that really profit from war and they usually get exemptions so they don’t have to risk serving.


     All these politicians either pay for their campaign (they are the 1%) or take money from PACs, Political Action Committees that are set-up for the sole purpose of funneling money from the 1% to candidates they want to control. Hiding facts like how much, to whom, and from whom? It’s time to remove the wool they’ve pulled over your eyes.


     It’s time to get involved, investigate your candidates, and vote in 2020 for someone that represents your views, your needs, and your economical interests. Vote for a candidate who is arms-length away from “Big-Business;” that means don’t vote for billionaires, most incumbents (you don’t get change with the same crowd), or anyone who take money from PACs.

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