by Richard Crist, Nevada County


     PG&Es bogus "safety shutdown" was to protect the safety of their company and the safety of their stockholders investment from the possibility of another expensive fire due to equipment malfunction. Do they malfunction from high winds or a lack of maintenance to that equipment. Or is this shutdown just a test to gauge peoples reaction for future shutdowns, as some out-of-state news outlets reported?


     It's certainly not for the safety of the public to whom it serves, why should PG&E start thinking about that now? Either way PG&E keeps on failing the public, and has therefore violated its Trust to the public. This shutdown of power throughout Northern California is just another example of PG&Es misdeeds.


     Instead of being ready, willing, and  able to serve the people, PG&E has chosen to become self-serving putting the interests of their company and stockholders above that of the public. When a "Public Utility" shifts their duty away from the public, this public utility then loses its franchise to use public property, and all other rights including its virtual monopoly on the energy market.


     The immoral character that PG&E has displayed in indiscriminately removing power from everyone has essentially discriminated against the elderly, the sick, the poor and disenfranchised rendering them destitute without an alternative means to provide power for necessary needs for survival.


     Over the years all the people, young & old, rich & poor have accepted the services of PG&E and the people have a legal right to demand that these service be continuous, with reasonable efficiency, and with reasonable fees for those services. This shutdown was not reasonable, nor was trying to provide an alternate source of electricity reasonable.


     Having to buy a generator, buy and store fuel, is not a reasonable fee to replace electrical services that PG&E arbitrarily withdrew from the public. What if you could not afford a generator and the cost to run it. Or if you couldn't find a generator (they were all sold out), or find the fuel to run it (there were no gas stations open), For most people, they had to toughen up and do without power.


     Shutting down a large portion of California because of the possibility that PG&Es faulty infrastructure (mismanagement?) might malfunction and cause a fire is not sufficient reason to deprive millions of people the essential need of electricity; and if this was a test to see how people would react, then the management of PG&E needs to be replaced with competent and forward thinking people, to replace this group of clowns. And, if that doesn't happen then PG&E needs to nationalized. Being able to arbitrarily shut down the powers-grid is to much power for a private company to have, especially one ran by clowns.


     PG&E also has to stand accountable for all the hundreds of millions of dollars in losses that the public has incurred, and what businesses and local governments have incurred. This is a dark time for PG&E and this shutdown is saying that they haven't learned any lessons from recent misdeeds, they need to be ashamed of themselves and they need to payback $-for-$ for this atrocity that they needlessly caused.

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