The Three Amigos, House Speaker Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Majority Whip Steny Hoyer had an abrupt press conference after they walked out of a meeting at the White House on the Turkey-Kurd problem in the Mid-East.


Speaker Pelosi summed up the gathering as an opportunity for the president to have a “Meltdown”…and that’s the reason for leaving the meeting.


Representative Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Speaker, had a totally different story to tell on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show that same night, November 16, 2019, in part:


INGRAHAM: The Democrats can dish it out but they can't take it. Wow. I was expecting one of them to go like the Three Stooges. All right, joining me now the other side of the story, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. All right, Congressman you were in the meeting. Accurate description.


REP. KEVIN MCCARTHY, R-CALIF.: Not at all. You know the most interesting part. They left the meeting. Other Democrats stayed and we had the most normal meeting you could ever have. It was productive with the General, the Joint Chiefs, the Secretary of Defense and the President talking about how do we keep the homeland safe.


INGRAHAM: Tell us what happened.


MCCARTHY: The President starts out and he provides the letter that he sent to the President of Turkey Erdogan. Very strong letter not to go into this area, as he passes it around, he starts with me, we hand it to every leader. You know what Speaker Pelosi did. She doesn't read it, she turns it over flat to show in the President's face, she's not going to read his letter.


Then she starts to smile. The President calls her out, “Nancy. Why are you laughing? This is a serious item.” The General, the Joint Chief tells how he recommended to the President that he removed some of our men because they were in danger. He didn't want them to be harmed. We've got the Vice President over in Turkey trying to get a ceasefire and everything they care about is impeachment.


INGRAHAM: They were looking for a fight coming in. When I saw those three come out to the cameras. Literally,  that was like the Three Stooges.


MCCARTHY: They meet beforehand, and they say the exact same thing. When they'd ask the President a question, the Secretary of Defense goes, I had that. No, the President has to answer. And the President goes to answer - it was so amazing. I've never seen this.


INGRAHAM: But Trump has been listening to them, jaw boning about him for months and months. That's two, or three years now. I mean they’re liars. He's this. He's Russian asset. I mean these have said the most hateful horrible things about him and he's supposed to just sit there and say, how the grandkids, Nancy? How's San Francisco? How's Paul? How are they all doing?


All right Congressman, here's what your colleague Steny Hoyer, one of the three amigos said about your characterization of the meeting today.


HOYER: I worked closely with Mr. McCarthy and I tried to be constructive. I think many times he tries to be constructive, but I don't consider him an objective source of information on President Trump.

INGRAHAM: So, Americans shouldn't consider you objective, but the media should just lap up anything they say because they would never ever mischaracterize.


MCCARTHY: The idea that Schiff lied to the American public that he had proof beyond circumstantial. These people are infatuated. They're fixated on impeaching this President instead of worrying about fixing our problems. You would be appalled.


INGRAHAM: I didn't see one person on that debate stage last night and I think they know it. They've got to try to remove him from office. They know they're not going to win this election. I don't care. I'm just going to keep saying it. I think they know. And they have to come out of meeting saying, well, it was a meltdown, it was a meltdown. How many times has she said that? Back in May, they said, it was a meltdown.


MCCARTHY: This is the important part. Who is the leader? The president is the person who stayed in the room and had a discussion.




MCCARTHY: The people who left the room are the ones who can't handle it. If you're going to have an exchange of ideas, but you can't handle it, you get up and walk out.


INGRAHAM: The walkout was planned. It's like the kids who wanted a new candy machine in the cafeteria, we're going to walk out, we didn't get the candy machine. That's exactly what's going on here.


MCCARTHY: This isn't the first time she's done it. This is pattern behavior. And when she left, she made a statement that was like threatening the President. And I believe -- I took it about an impeachment --


INGRAHAM: What did she say?


MCCARTHY: She said, “You just watch what we'll do.” You could see it in her eyes. And I took that to mean that you watch what we do about impeachment.


INGRAHAM: Don't mess with granny. Don't mess with granny. She's mad.


MCCARTHY: Yes. And she's trying to make a determination without having any facts, just as she moved to impeachment inquiry without waiting 48 hours to see the letter to the Turkish President.


INGRAHAM: Was Trump mad about that vote, the Kurd vote?


MCCARTHY: Not at all. He supports it. Remember this is five things in there. The president, I'm sitting in the Oval Office, he says he supports all five. This isn't about the president. The president sent a letter to the president of Turkey and said, “Don't come in this area.” That is exactly what he said.


INGRAHAM: He said he was going to pull these troops out. Why is everyone surprised he wants to pull the troops out. He said he was going to pull the troops. He ran on it, Obama ran on it, and the American people didn't want to go into Syria. That's why Obama didn't go into Syria, they didn't want it.


MCCARTHY: You know what, I was in that same room when President Obama was president. He put a redline, and he said he was really going to --


INGRAHAM: How many of these Democrats who are complaining now complain about that? How many of them are complaining about what's going to happen to the Kurds, they're going to be in jeopardy? And no one ever talks about the poor Christians. They've been completely displaced and subjugated, and no one ever talks about the Christians.


MCCARTHY: You know why they are so shocked? They have a president now who keeps his word. The president likes to joke he kept more promises then he made. But he actually is governing exactly what he said he would do.

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