By Richard Crist, OMD


    PG&E has reduced the people of Northern California to live as if they were living in a Third World Country. Instead of using modern technological advances to create ways to monitor their power lines and equipment for faults that might cause a fire, they have chosen to use the no-technology approach of just shutting off the power when there’s any sign of high winds.


     The people in PG&E’s hierchie who thought up this antiquated idea need to be immediately fired for their lack of confronting a problem in a way that best meets the needs of the public, which PG&E is “mandated by law to serve.” These people, who were in charge, are the reason that these power lines and equipment got into this state of disrepair. That by itself should be reason for their removal. Let alone the fact that they have implemented this harebrained idea that virtually cripples mass areas of the population, causing more harm than any possible good for the people.


    Blacks Law Dictionary states “The test of a public utility is whether it has held itself out as ready, able, and willing to serve the public;” and  “To constitute a True Public Utility, their devotion to the public use must be of character that the public, which it serves, who has accepted the service, has a legal right to demand that service be indiscriminately continuous, efficient, and affordable or they will be subject to the police power of the state.”


     PG&E has not and is not fulfilling their obligation to the public. Instead they’re serving themselves and their shareholders, with this ill-thought-out and disastrous plan. It’s time for this giant, self-serving, mismanaged, bankrupt, corporation to be broken up into smaller more people oriented municipal companies. Like SMUD who has had no blackouts; the public needs a company who will honor their mandate to serve their needs, and getting rid of PG&E management and shareholders is the first step. “BREAK THEM UP”

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