My husband owes his life to Adventist Heath Rideout Hospital several weeks ago he hemorrhaged profusely. He was admitted to the emergency room, where Dr. Orchard and his staff fought valiantly to save him. They administered to him for seven hours. With as many as five assistants at a time in his room. Miraculously, he survived. He was then transferred to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, where he received the same level of expert, life-saving care.

Our family’s gratitude knows no bounds. How fortunate our community is to have such an outstanding health care facility in our midst.


On the entrance wall of my home hospital, many years ago, was this inscription: 'to build an inn for the ills that flesh is heir to is the Imperishable gift of man to man.''


Adventist Health-Rideout Hospital truly exemplifies this dedication. Thank you.


Jan Casey

Yuba City, Ca.

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