By Richard Crist, OMD


     To understand what's going on with the healthcare system in the United States, you have to follow how the two political parties, their officeholders, their candidates and the corporate media are treating this issue. It's very interesting, not that complicated, but might be a little confusing when following the money trail to clarity.


     The Insurance Industry is one of the largest, richest, most powerful and profitable industries in the United States, spending second only to Big Pharma on lobbying congress and on campaign payments to candidates that support them in keeping the "Status Quo" (to remain the same) on their monopoly of being your third or forth largest expense in your budget. Usually after rent, auto, and food, but sometimes before them.


     Thanks to the exorbitant amount of data that produces an excessive amount of confusing statistics that drive up rates. These companies have unaccountably enjoyed unprecedented wealth and high profits through tax breaks and deregulation; thanks to your elected officials in Government.


     With their ever-increasing ability to exempt themselves from high risk claims, thanks to candidates they've supported and lobbying efforts in changing rules, regulations, and laws to their benefit; what's also called deregulation. And, to do all of this they support candidates that are "Conservative" or "Moderate;" because they support the Status Quo.


     The Democratic Primary is a perfect example of what's going on. Pay attention to what the Democratic Party leadership (DPL), their moderate congresspeople, the candidates they support, and what the left-winged corporate-media are doing. You'll see the majority of them support "Obamacare," a very flawed insurance system that has usually been proven to be better than anything else available (the lesser of evils).


     The DPL is against "MedicareForAll," a system that would drastically take the profit out of healthcare, would benefit practically everyone in the working/nonworking class (80% of the people), and equal to or better coverage's. It would be financially disastrous to the Insurance Industry, who are quietly lobbing against it through candidates they've contributed to. If they lose healthcare they might have to chose between penthouse offices, high salaries, and bonuses; or reducing lobbying and other donations (payments) that keep them in power.


     The DPL and the left-wing corporate-media, support moderates Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, and Amy Klobuchar, who take PAC[i] and WORM[ii] funding. They support "858[iii]-Private Corporate Health Insurance Companies," 225 under Obamacare, with their "Healthcare Plans." While the media and DPL are against Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who don't take PAC or WORM funds and are for "MedicareForAll." So who's for the Corporate Insurance Industry and who's for the people?


     When you throw the Republican Party and right-wing corporate-media into the mix it's a "No-Brainer." The media and the entire Party, minus their constituents (you-the-voter), they're 100% united for the Insurance Industry. Just like the moderate DPL, their moderate congresspeople and the moderate candidates they're supporting for 2020. In 2020 politics moderate and corporate are synonymous, both point to the same goal; the status quo. This issue is all about "Corporate Profit And Greed" vs. "What's Good For The People," and only one will win.


     So who pays? Cost estimates, for MedicareForAll, are from 22 to 30-trillion over ten years. When stated that way it sounds gigantic. To get-real look at it annually, 2.2 to 3-trillion per year, which is better but still very big numbers; until you take into consideration that you and everyone else spent 3.65-trillion in 2018 (36.5-trillion over ten years) for healthcare, and more in 2019. Looking at those numbers there seems to be a savings of 650-billion, or 6.5-trillion over 10-years, if Bernie is right, and much more, 14.5-trillion over 10-years, if Elizabeth is correct.


     Those numbers don't take into consideration the working/nonworking public will have no more healthcare payments or deductions from their paychecks and no more co-pays, saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars per year. There's more, everyone will be covered, no matter who you are, or what you have. This is starting to look like a great deal for you and the rest of the 80%, so where's the ketch.


     For you it's a winner, which you deserve. It's a gigantic loser for the Insurance Industry, and a big loser for WORMs and other rich people, they will have to start paying their fair-share, which they deserve for living and prospering here; and long overdue. These losers will be trying very-hard to convince you that "MedicareForAll" is "Socialism" and "a bad deal," for you it's neither, so don't listen to them.


Editors Note:  Conservatives do not believe that Obamacare is the lesser of evils by any name. "MedicareForAll and "Socialism" both are dependent on bigger government and more regulations. The concern is very legitimate that government control of your healthcare is a great loss in personal freedom. Liberals like government programs and regulations. Healthcare needs an overhaul but; in the private sector, starting with catastrophic coverage. Government can get out of the way and let true competition between insurance companies take place.

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