by Orrin Heatlie.


How did we get to this point in California?


I asked an old timer this question and he replied by asking if I knew how to trap wild boar?  

He said “First start by placing a food trough in an open field”.  


Soon they will become accustomed to eating out in the open.  

Next, place a fence panel behind to the trough.  


Soon they will eat like it’s not even there!  Others will begin to join them.


Once they are acclimated to the changes, place another panel beside the trough and let them grow accustomed to this change.  


Repeat this until they are all but boxed in.  


Close the gate little by little each day. 


Soon they will be coming and going through the gate as if the fencing doesn’t exist at all.  The last thing to do is reach out and close the gate, locking them all inside.


This my friend is a proven and effective strategy!  


Whether it is boiling a frog, trapping wild boar or taking our freedoms away, it is all done in small increments, slowly over time so that we are all affected little by little, until one day it’s too late.  


We have now allowed ourselves to become trapped here in California. 


The democrat legislators (super majority) and this rogue Governor Gavin Newsom have closed all branches of government in around us and Gavin Newsom is standing at the gate ready to close it.  


There is a petition going around our state to begin the process to eliminate Prop. 13 to raise our property taxes through the roof!  


We already have the; Highest corporate taxes, income taxes, fuel taxes, sales taxes, DMV fees and vehicle taxes, water taxes, property taxes and the highest homeless population of the nation.


Feel those walls closing in around you?!


Well there is another petition out there this one is to recall the governor. 


It won’t fix all our problems!  But it will break us out of this trap, we have allowed them to enclose around us.  Then we will begin to turn our state around and return some sense of sanity to our way of life!


Visit and SIGN the recall petition!  Stop the insanity, put an end to this madness!

This is a movement of the people, by the people.  


Join our volunteer coalition on: Facebook, "California People's Coalition"

Twitter @2MC Recall Gavin

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