By Richard Crist, OMD


      I would like to thank my Editor for your very good and well thought out comments about my article on "Healthcare," and for the most part I agree with you. My statement, "ObamaCare is the lesser of two evils" was stated because this healthcare program didn't do what it was supposed to do and to some extent made the problem unmanageable.


     It didn't solve the healthcare crises that faces all Americans then and today. And that's providing affordable healthcare for everyone. While trying and do that and keep all the healthcare providers happy, with all of them wanting part of the action, and keeping costs low, ObamaCare had to require everyone to belong, which a lot of people (including myself) rebelled against.


     Whether conservatives think "ObamaCare" is the lesser of two evils or not, they've been against it from the get-go, when Obama signed Executive Order # 13535 in 2010. It's repeal was the Republicans rallying cry for seven years, right up to when Senator John McCain turned his thumb down and temporally saved it. Texas Conservatives are responsible for the Court Case that has repealed Parts of ObamaCare and has put the entire program in jeopardy of being totally repealed. The Supreme Court will decide it's fate later this year.


     Liberals do like programs and regulations and conservatives don't. The problem is, contrary to what the Supreme Court says, corporations aren't human. They don't have compassion or common sense. They're designed to make the maximum amount of profit and to grow as larger as possible, and healthcare corporations are no different.


     Corporations have-to-have some regulations that protect the public from harm and from the public being taken advantage of. If not corporations will, without remorse, do anything necessary to make more profit and to expand. It's not their fault, it's what they're programmed to do, and what they do best.


     I agree that government control of healthcare has a big downside, a very legitimate concern that can't be ignored. But when I look at the Corporate Healthcare Insurance Industry, The Corporate Medical Industry, and the entire Corporate Pharmaceutical Industry; and how they've driven up the cost of someone being treated for an illness, to where it's unaffordable for everyone except the wealthy. Something different has to be done.


     It's not hard to believe that these corporations have become so greedy that they can't be trusted with our illnesses anymore, because they can't. They've taken advantage of helpless sick people, just for excessive profits, and that has-to-stop. And it seems like the only place we can now turn to is our government, which maybe another "lesser of two evils."


     Any single payer not for profit (MediCareForAll is the only one that has been suggested) will provide better coverage's and be cheaper to "administrate" than all the different healthcare plans now available for profit. The key word here is "administrate" because that's all Corporate Healthcare does. They don't provide any real healthcare services, all they do is "Shuffle Papers And Payments" back an forth between you, your doctor, hospital, and pharmacy. And look at all the profit they make for such simple work. More than doctors, nurses and other "Real Healthcare Providers." And at our expense, they've rigged it so there's minimal risk, and maximum profit.


     I totally agree it would be nice to have "True Competition" between insurance companies. And with all businesses throughout the United States, again. "True Competition" is what "True Capitalism" is all about. Many years ago when we had thousands of banks, thousands of newspapers, radio, television, and cable stations; and thousands of hardware and department stores, thousands of pharmacy's and grocery stores, just to name a few; then we had "True Capitalism" and "True Competition;" but that was yesterday.


     Today our capitalistic system is becoming or has become an oligopoly, where several giant corporations control the market for each industry.  We can thank (blame) Executive Orders from Moderate and Conservative Presidents,  Moderate and Conservative Legislators and the Conservative Supreme Court for all of this. By them ignoring our anti-trust (monopoly) laws, they've increased corporate wealth and impoverished you and me.


     Instead of having free market competition, "True Capitalism," that sets the "True Value" of a commodity or service; these Giant Corporations now set prices at "What The Market Will Bear." This means we pay more than what a product or service is actually worth. We are now paying the highest price for products and services (the maximum we can afford) rather than the least we need to pay for them (what they're actually worth). This is where we are today, and what I would like to see changed; and taking the profit out of healthcare, something that's necessary for all of us, is a good start.

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