I am a firm believer in higher education. After graduating from Yuba City High School I enrolled at Yuba College. A great deal of time was spent at the Marysville, Sutter, and Beale AFB campuses resulting in an Associate’s degree. This humble beginning took me on a long journey, involving several years, that eventually ended in obtaining my Master of Arts degree. Although I was able to take advantage of an affordable community college education at Yuba College, I am now faced with high property taxes as a homeowner directly because of this college. Currently, homeowners in our county (and surrounding counties) are paying on four bonds for YCCD. Now the Yuba Community College District is proposing another tax, Measure C, that will cost the taxpayers $228.4 million dollars, not including interest. This is a 30 year tax. As a father of two children, I find it extremely concerning that my two kids will be paying on a debt that is being incurred on them now, when YCCD is already taking so much money in taxes from the people in our community. I will be voting NO on C and encourage all voters to do their own research and cast a vote that is educated.



Alex Cervantes

Yuba City, Ca.

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