By Stephen Frank


In California alone, the added cost of “renewable” mandates on the utility companies adds $800 million a year to the cost of electricity.  That is a tax on the people of California.  Money taken from families and business, given to utilities that then give it to politically connected alternative energy companies—using climate change as the excuse to fleece us.


Lets’ be clear about what that means. First, it’s not renewable energy, it’s only renewable electricity, and more accurately its only intermittent electricity. Renewables have been the primary driver for residents of Germany, Australia, and California behind the high costs of electricity. Second and most important is, electricity alone is unable to support militaries, aviation, and merchant ships, and all the transportation infrastructure that support commerce around the world.


Everyone knows that electricity is used extensively in residential, commercial, transportation, and the military, to power motors and lite the lights; but it’s the 6,000 products that get manufactured from crude oil that are used to make those motors, lights, and electronics. Noticeable by their absence, from turbines and solar panels, are those crude oil chemicals that renewables are currently incapable of providing.”


This going to get worse.  By 2030 half the cars sold in California must be electric—Without oil, oil or nuclear power, the financial cost will be massive.  Money needed for families, for innovation will instead go to the politically connected, donors to the politicians than mandate high costs.  The good news is that Texas will welcome you—as will Idaho, Florida and most of the U.S.

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