I would just like to say that I fully endorse Terry Spies for Yuba County Superior Court Judge. I spent 30+ years working for the Sutter County Sheriff’s Office and retired on June 30, 2018. My last 12 years of service were as a Captain. I was twice the Division Commander of the Operations Division. I spent 4 years as the Jail Commander working directly with judges. I spent 1 year as Commander of the Support Services Division. Prior to that, I was a patrol sergeant, deputy, and NET 5 Narcotic Agent. I have a lot of experience in the courtroom. I have known Terry Spies most of my career including the years she worked in the Sutter Courts.


Terry Spies is the only qualified candidate with the education and most importantly the experience to be Superior Court Judge in Yuba County. She has been a temporary judge in Yuba County Superior Court for the last 3-years. She is currently the Yuba County Superior Court Self-Help Attorney, Yuba County Family Law Facilitator, and Yuba County Superior Court Family Court Services Director. I believe she will continue to do a great job of representing the interests of the citizens of Yuba County. Her experience in the courts will give her the insight to be fair, impartial, and thorough in her decisions.


Vote Terry Spies for Yuba County Superior Court Judge.


Dave Samson

Bangor, Ca.

Captain-Division Commander (Retired)

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