It seems to me Pelosi should be impeached. She wasn’t elected to go after President Trump. Pelosi was elected to help people in the United States of America, to have a better life and to take care of issues important to our people; such as: health issues, the homeless issue, the drug problems( both legal and illegal), senior issues, high cost of hospitals, 75% of Veterans are homeless, meat from without country of origin labeling – 2 of our Biggest Packers in the USA are from South America and John Batisita Sobriano was arrested and jailed for bribing meat inspectors and he is still importing meat to the USA and 67 people went to the hospital last year with E.coli.


If that isn’t enough problems Pelosi should be leading our government down a better path to prosperity in the USA. Pelosi is wasting time and money going after President Trump when the population elected him – but we did not elect her, and the next vote will take care of changing the President, if the people don’t want to keep him. How do we get her to do her job, instead of wasting time and money in Congress when she was elected to do her job not chasing after the President.  Shame on her. She’s a disgrace to our country and an embarrassment to President Trump, to the rest of the world.


Louise Ahart

Marysville, Ca

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