I have known Ms. Spies for over 20 years and have found her to hold whatever office she has held in the utmost regard for doing a fair, impartial, and complete manner.  Being from the local area, raised here since an early age, she has strong ties to the community.  What she has she has earned herself and worked hard for it, completing her degrees and law school while being a single mom and working full time (not just at one job, but often two).  Having started in the courts as a clerk and worked her way up, she has a complete knowledge of the court process.  She continues to expand her knowledge of the court system and process with ongoing education.  Now that she is a sitting judge (pro tem) she has already obtained the knowledge and experience needed to be a judge.  As a clerk, court manager, attorney, and judge pro-tem, she has knowledge and experience in all aspects of the courts; Civil law, family law, criminal law, and juvenile cases.  Lastly, she has the life experiences to be firm, compassionate, and thorough. You bet I endorse her.


James Casner

Retired Lieutenant, SCSO

Retired 1SG US Army

Yuba City, Ca.

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